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Communicating with other players is possible during the game, in the lobby, in a party with friends and in private messages with friends.

During Gameplay Edit

During the day, players can chat with each other. If a player was blackmailed the previous night, they cannot talk.

Members of the Mafia, along with any Vampires, can talk to each other during the night. A Spy can read the Mafia chat while a Vampire Hunter can read Vampire chat. However, no names except "Mafia" and "Vampire" are shown. A known glitch is that when a Disguiser disguises as a Vampire, the Disguiser can read the Vampire chat along with the Mafia chat.

If a player is dead, they can talk to other dead players and the Medium, who appears in chat as the Medium.

If a player is jailed, they cannot write in the Mafia or Vampire chat, but they can still hear others talking in it. They can only talk to the Jailor directly, who will be called "Jailor" in the chat.

Whispering Edit

During the day, living players can whisper to each other. Other players will only be able to see who has whispered to whom. Only a Spy or Blackmailer can read all whispers, even when dead.

To whisper, write in the chat, "/w (player name or number) (your message)".
/w John Smith I am the Sheriff!
/w 5 I am the Sheriff!

Alternatively, players may use "/whisper" or "/pm" instead of "/w". Be sure to put a space in between the command and the name/number you are whispering to, as well as a space after the name/number.

It is highly recommended to type the player's number instead of their name. Not only is it faster, but there is an issue of whispering to a person with a similar name as another. For example, if you choose to whisper to "John Harthorne", the game might accidentally send your whisper to "John", who is a different person.

While other players will not be able to see your message, they will receive a message that you have whispered to the other player, e.g. "Fred is whispering to John Smith." That said, you should be careful about how many times you whisper, as players might get suspicious of you. However, you shouldn't worry too much about getting suspicion, unless the game you are in has a lot of neutrals.

You will be unable to whisper (and talk) during the day if you are blackmailed.

Notes: Typing "/help" or "-help" in the chat will pull up a message to remind you how to whisper to another player. You cannot whisper to yourself, because that would be weird.

Uses for the Town Edit

  • Whispers are used to test if a player is a Spy; if they can accurately recite a whispered message, they will be confirmed. Be aware that a Blackmailer can also read whispers.
  • You can whisper your role to any confirmed Townie, forming an alliance of trust against the Mafia and Neutrals. This is most often done with a revived/resurrected Townie, as their role has been confirmed by death. It was also used to give roles to a revealed Mayor, until an update came upon, where the revealed Mayor was not allowed to be whispered to.
  • If you are a Town Investigative, you could whisper your role to players you have determined to be Town members, gaining their help when trying to lynch someone you have found to be evil.
  • You can ask other players to use their ability in a certain way, e.g. role block someone you suspect to be the Godfather.

Initiating a whisper might make the Mafia or Neutral killers believe you are a Town member sharing information, making you a high priority target.

Uses for non-Town Edit

  • As Mafia, try to kill or lynch all confirmed Spies in the game before having a nice conversation with your fellow Mafia members.
  • As a Blackmailer, you can read all the information in the whispers and provide them to your Mafia and benefit them with it. Blackmailers are effective faux-Spies, being able to do anything that Spies can.
  • As an Executioner, you could whisper your target, acting like a Town Investigative or trying to make them look suspicious.
  • As a Jester, you can use whispers to spread misinformation, making you look suspicious once you are discovered, or use 'failed whispers', eg. "w/ I am mafia, join my team".
  • As a Consigliere or Witch, you might have figured out another non-Town member's role and could ask them to team up with you.

Town Investigatives or role blockers may visit you at night because whispering attracts attention. Additionally, you will reveal information to a Spy or a Blackmailer if you ask someone to team up with you.

Ignoring a playerEdit


Players may choose to "ignore" a player. If you ignore a player, you will not see any words that they say in the chat. If they attempt to whisper to you, you will see that they have sent a whisper, but you will not see the whispered message itself.

To ignore a player, type "/ignore (player name or number)". Example:
/ignore John Smith
/ignore 5

To be able to see a player's messages again, type "/unignore (player name or number)". Example:
/unignore John Smith
/unignore 5

Note: Ignoring a player only lasts for that particular game. The moment you exit a game, any ignored players will go back to not being ignored.

In the Lobby Edit

In the Custom Mode lobby, you can type /repick to vote for replacing an inactive host or one that is not preparing a role list that you want to play. You can do this in any lobby, though it's only helpful use is in Custom Mode.

Chat Filter Edit

The chat filter can be enabled or disabled in the "Chat" settings in the main menu. It replaces many offensive words by different words. The table below contains some examples.

Swear Word Replacement
Allah Akbar Lord Almighty
A** Pillion
Autistic/Retarded Savant
B**ch Snap Crackle Pop
Bulls**t Son of a Gun
D**n Gee Golly
D**k/P***s/C**k Doodle
Douche(bag) Codswallop
Dumb*ss Bumfuzzle
F**k Tarnation
Hitler Fopdoodle
KKK Raggabrash
Stalin Fopdoodle
Nazi Townie
Sh*t Flummery
Nympho Harlot
Sl*t Harlot
Retard Zounderkite
Vagina Rose
Clitoris Bindlestiff
Blowjob Premarital relations
Handjob Premarital relations
Porn Malarky
Pussy Kitty
Bastard Child born out of wedlock
Scrotum Breeches
Jizz Fusty
KYS (kill yourself) Kick the bucket
Suck it Plant a flower
Boobs Bosom
Tits Bosom
Wh*re harlot
Transexual Non-Binary
You are garbage/trash or You suck You are a great player
Slave Hard worker
(only when preceded with "You are/ Are you") Gay an upstanding citizen
Cr**mpie Pumpkin Pie
Go to hell prithee transport thyself to tarnation
Fuk Balderdash

Message Rejected for Vulgarity Edit

There are several words which are deemed too offensive and as a result are completely censored. Attempts to use these words will result in the entire message being removed and a warning message being displayed to the player. Repeated use of these words can result in an automatic suspension on the player.

If the player receives a warning from closing their Last Will, they should immediately open their will and find the text with which the filter has issue. The system may pick up some words or names as trying to bypass the filter. This also applies to a Death Note.

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