An ex-captain of the Salem militia is infuriated by the increase of crime on the streets – HIS streets!

Although the Vigilante was fired for his violent and rash methods of war, he still has a strong sense of justice, or so he tells himself. As the death toll in the Town rises, his anger only grows as he finds the killer's identity obvious. That night, he makes his final, heavy decision: If the law won't take down this fiend, he'll have to do it himself. He fishes the pistol out of the end table beside his bed, loading it with his two remaining bullets. One to kill, and one for backup. He usually doesn't miss, but it pays to be cautious.

Using the shadow of night as his disguise, he sneaks into the suspect's house to find him cleaning a bloody knife. "I knew it!" the Vigilante tells himself, his lips curling in disgust at the sight. Letting out a quiet, steady breath, he raises his gun and pulls the trigger. His target hits the floor, all signs of life disappearing from his now limp body. Pleased with the results, the Vigilante slips back into his home and climbs into bed. He sleeps soundly, feeling as if a heavy weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

The following morning, a panicked frenzy meets him in the square. The Doctor has been discovered dead in his home after performing surgery on a wounded patient. Nausea washes over him. He has killed a fellow Town member. Self-preservation pins his lips together during the day, and misery drags his feet back home that night. He finds his gun resting on the end table, just where he had left it after slaying an innocent soul. The weight returns, crashing down on him heavier than before. One bullet left. (credit)


  • You cannot shoot during the first night, unless a Witch happens to control you. In The Coven, the Vigilante can't shoot during the first night, even if he is controlled by the Coven Leader.
    • The Coven Leader not being able to control the Vigilante may be a bug.
  • On Night One, you are given a message saying: "You decided not to use your gun." and are prevented from shooting that night. This also appears if you are jailed.
  • You have three bullets and can shoot three people maximum, dealing them a Basic attack.
  • A Witch can force you to shoot a target (common in Vigilantics):
    • You will be forced to shoot if you are controlled during the first night.
    • You will not shoot if you already shot a Townie the previous night or if you have no bullets left.
    • You will shoot yourself if the Witch/Coven Leader controls you into yourself. The death message will show that you were shot by a Vigilante.
  • In some cases, you will not commit suicide after shooting a Town member:
    • If your target was jailed or healed.
    • If your target left the game before the night ended.
    • If you are turned into a Vampire the night you shot a Town member.
    • Your target was a Disguiser disguised as a Townie.
    • If your target was executed in jail. Your initial attack will fail and you will not lose a bullet, but the jailed target will be notified.
  • You can be killed by a Bodyguard protecting your target or by a Veteran on alert.
  • If you are attacked and killed the same night you kill a Town member, it will not say that you died of guilt. However, if you are revived, you will die of guilt the following night.
  • If you are revived by the Retributionist after dying of guilt, you are able to shoot again.
  • If you are revived by the Retributionist after you have exhausted all your bullets, you will not be able to shoot again.
  • If you shoot someone who has been cleaned by a Janitor and they are a Town role, you will still die the next day from guilt. However, the message shown when you shoot a Townie is not shown, and it is shown that you can shoot again. However, it will fail and you will die.


Selecting Who to ShootEdit

  • Like all Townies, the Vigilante works best as a team player. Communicate in whispers to known Town Investigative roles so that you shoot only evil-doers with your bullets.
  • Compile a list of non-Mafia members in your Last Will so that you can be sure you do not accidentally shoot a confirmed member of the Town.
  • Even though you're on the same side, Transporters pose huge risks to a Vigilante. If you've identified someone as evil, there's a good chance a Transporter has, too, in which case they may be transporting your target with themselves or a confirmed Town. There's little you can do about this risk, but if there's a confirmed Transporter in your game, consider whispering them before you shoot someone who looks evil so they know not to transport them that night. Be careful of Blackmailers, though, as they could expose you to the Mafia.
  • If you are unsure of who to shoot, try and think "who is acting like a Jester?" They might be a Mafia or a Neutral role trying to not get lynched, so you are more likely to shoot someone who is not a Town member. Your target may be an alerted Veteran, though.
  • If you are fairly certain someone is an evil role, such as a minor bit of evidence against them or if they claimed a role that was an enemy to the Mafia, and they haven't been attacked, is useful especially in cases where the Town will lose majority if you don't shoot can clear up and expose false claims, along with confirming some Townies.
    • The downside is that some players may random shoot someone, even if no evidence is against them. Even if they hit a Neutral or Mafia member, in most game-modes, there is a high chance of them killing a Townie. Although this is not gamethrowing, it is frowned upon by most people because of the chance a Townie can get killed.
  • One strategy if you need to confirm yourself or have is to announce you are a Vigilante and ask roles from everyone, similar to a Mayor game. This works better than others' roles, as those who refuse usually get shot. The downside is you may get attacked by the Mafia, or worse, get controlled by a Witch to shoot a confirmed Townie.
  • Don't be afraid to shoot someone who claims a Neutral role if you think they could be a threat for the Town, because a Jester can kill an important Town member via haunt, and Witches can throw off the Town from collecting valuable information. Additionally, Mafia members sometimes try and fake Jester, giving you another reason to shoot any Jester claims.
  • Although randomly shooting early-on is not explicitly gamethrowing, it is heavily frowned upon and you may be reported anyway. Just don't do it.
  • Late in the game, you may be forced to shoot somewhat more blindly, based on circumstantial evidence or someone you suspect is probably Mafia. This should be avoided early on, but if you're certain the Town is about to lose its majority anyway, then it's preferable to take a risk rather than just let the Town lose. In this situation, you should rely on everything that has happened up until then to try and make the best possible guess:
    • Generally speaking, anyone who votes a member of the Mafia up to the stand is unlikely to be a Mafia member themselves. Guilty votes are less meaningful, because Mafia members are likely to vote guilty if it's clear someone can't be saved, but may try to drag their feet in the hopes that they won't get voted up to begin with.
    • If you can eliminate almost everyone from consideration as possible Mafia based on those voting patterns combined with wills from Sheriffs, confirmed Town, and so on, you should shoot whoever is left.
  • If someone is almost voted up, but the vote fails, it might be worth shooting them, even if the evidence against them is weak. This is because if they are actually a member of the Mafia, shooting them can turn the entire game around by casting suspicion on anyone who refused to vote for them (and giving you valuable information for your remaining shots). However, the accuser could be an Executioner.
    • This is especially applicable when the Mafia is near the majority. Consider the possibilities:
      • It's unlikely that the Mafia would have risked outing themselves by aggressively trying to vote someone up on their own when they're near (but not quite at) a majority, especially since they'll shortly win naturally by killing people. Additionally, if the Mafia is near a majority, smart Town members will know they must lynch someone, even if the evidence is weak. Therefore, the people voting against that person are probably not Mafia.
      • Conversely, if the person being voted up was not Mafia, the Mafia (being near a majority) would have joined in as soon as the Town started to vote up the wrong person and easily lynch them.
      • Therefore, if an effort to vote someone up fails in a near-miss in the late game when the Mafia is near the majority, it's usually a sign that both the person being voted up and some or all of the people who refused to vote for them are part of the Mafia, and you should usually risk shooting the person who was voted up.

When You Shoot a Townie Edit

  • If you shoot a fellow Town member, you may not be completely screwed. Check the next night to see if you can shoot. If you can, they were a Disguiser masquerading as a fellow Town member. Be sure to announce it out loud or write it in your Last Will.
  • If you make a mistake and shoot a Town member, don't reveal who you are the next day! The Mafia or any Neutral Killing might waste a night killing you, even though you're already doomed.
  • If you shoot a target that is cleaned on the same night, and you die of guilt, the Town will gain valuable info that the cleaned target was in fact a Townie, as you can only die of guilt from shooting someone from the Town. Even in death, you can still be useful.

When Your Target is ImmuneEdit

  • If you shoot somebody immune, make sure to inform the Town. Many of the town's enemies have at least Basic defense, and outside of someone jailed, or a Bodyguard protecting themselves, there are no immune Town roles.
  • If somebody is being accused of a night immune role like Serial Killer or Godfather, it's sometimes a good idea to attempt to shoot them. If they are immune, you will be given a message that their Defense was higher than or is at least Basic. You can then write your findings in your will.

Surviving the Day PhasesEdit

  • Secrecy is the key. The Vigilante is an enormous threat to all non-immune Mafia, and other evils, so don't reveal your identity until asked by Investigator or if your target had Basic Defense or higher.
  • If you are aware of a Witch in-game, be careful when stating you're a Vigilante, as doing so gives the Witch a very fun toy to play with. Under no circumstances should you reveal that you are the Vigilante unless you ask a Transporter to transport you or not to transport your target, or you know an Escort can prevent you from shooting good Townies.
  • If you're going to shoot anyone, you can call "Vig shoot (name)!". It's an indirect call for anyone not to touch the target (especially Transporter). Don't tell "I am going to shoot", it's important to keep calling "Vig" to imply you are not the Vigilante and you can shoot your target anonymously. However, some experienced Mafia members may notice the double-bluff and attack you.
  • If you are playing Coven and you're Vigilante, when anyone claims Vigilante, don't Counter claim. Instead, simply shoot them the following night. This prevents that the Coven Leader knows who you are, and therefore there are much lower chances of the Coven Leader Controlling you to kill a Town member.