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This page is a list of the different types of victory messages in Town of Salem.

Most commonly, a win is achieved for a faction (Town, Mafia, Vampires or any Neutral Killing role) once there are no living members of the other factions (killed, lynched or converted). Some Neutral Benign and Neutral Evil roles may win independently of any faction because they have different goals.

A win may occur at the beginning of the day (after the nightly deaths have been announced) or after a successful lynch. The suicide (by leaving) of the last opposing player will not immediately trigger a victory. If all remaining faction members die at the same time, it is a draw by wipeout.

If there are no deaths in two consecutive days late in the game, a draw by timeout will occur despite opposing factions being left alive. A kingmaker may also occur if three players are left alive and one will choose who will be the winner (e.g. a Executioner, Godfather and Serial Killer, where Executioner is the kingmaker). This is usually frowned upon by the community.

A stalemate may occur when only two players are left alive who are unable to kill or lynch the other (e.g. a Serial Killer versus the Godfather) or one can prevent the other from killing indefinitely (e.g. an Escort versus an Arsonist). In most cases, this will not lead to a draw, but to an automatic victory for one of the remaining factions. This win normally goes for the faction with the lowest win rate.

Faction Victory Edit

A faction victory is achieved for either the Town, Mafia, Vampires or any Neutral Killing role if at least one member of one faction is alive while all members of the other factions are dead (by any means). In case of a faction victory, all members of this faction win, dead or alive.

Town Victory Edit


If there is at least one Vigilante alive who still has bullets left, the Town will not win until all Witches are dead as well. This commonly occurs in Vigilantics. In a one versus one situation, a Transporter will win automatically against a Mafioso.

Mafia Victory Edit


In a one-versus-one situation, all members of the Mafia will win against an Escort. Additionally, the Godfather wins automatically against a Transporter.

Vampire Victory Edit

Vampire Wins Screen

In addition to killing or lynching, Vampires can also win by converting the last Townie to a Vampire. In a one versus one situation, a Vampire will automatically win against a Transporter, but not against a role blocker, such as an Escort.

Serial Killer Victory Edit


In a one versus one situation, a Serial Killer wins automatically against a Transporter, the Godfather, the Mafioso, or a Vampire.

Arsonist Victory Edit


In a one versus one situation, an Arsonist wins automatically against an Escort, the Godfather, the Mafioso, a Vampire or a Serial Killer.

Werewolf Victory Edit


Most deadlocks do not occur with the Werewolf, as they will kill role blockers, Transporters and ignore Night Immunity. In a one versus one situation, the Werewolf wins automatically against the Godfather, the Mafioso, a Vampire, or a Serial Killer. However, a Doctor can force a draw by healing themselves when the Werewolf attacks. Since the Werewolf cannot attack on two consecutive days, this will cause a timeout.

Draw Edit


A Draw occurs in two different situations:

  1. Wipeout: All remaining Town, Mafia, Vampires, Neutral Killing roles and/or Witches die in the same night.
  2. Timeout: The game ends because there have been no deaths for two consecutive days. There will be a notification on the preceding day when this is about to happen.

In both cases, only Survivors, Executioners and Jesters can win provided they fulfilled their win conditions. An Amnesiac surviving a Draw will not win. If the Vampires bite the last non-Vampire on a night where the game would otherwise end in a draw, the game will end in a Vampire Victory, not a draw.

Non-Faction Victory Edit

If all remaining faction members die in the same night, one of the following victory messages will appear. The message does not mean that all players with that role have won. Additionally, these roles may also win during a faction victory, even without their own Victory message.

Witch Victory Edit


A Witch Victory is the result of at least one Witch surviving when all faction members are dead. This commonly occurs in Vigilantics. Only the living Witches will win. Witches do not win during Town Victories or during any Draw.

Survivor Victory Edit


A Survivor Victory is the result of at least one Survivor surviving during a wipeout. Only the living Survivors will win. Survivors can win during any faction victory. Survivors also win in the event of a Draw.

Executioner Victory Edit


An Executioner Victory is the result of at least one Executioner winning by having lynched their target on an earlier date. Winning by becoming a Jester and being lynched does not apply. The Executioner does not have to be alive to win. Executioners can win during any faction victory. The executioner cannot win by having their target lynched while they are dead.

Jester Victory Edit


A Jester Victory is the result of at least one Jester winning by being lynched on an earlier date. If anyone besides the Jester wins, their victory message will appear instead. Jesters can win during any faction victory. This also occurs, in certain conditions, if the Jester is lynched and haunts a player with a certain role that causes a deadlock to be broken (e.g the Mafioso is haunted while being the last member of the Mafia).

Neutrals Victory Edit


A Neutrals Victory is the result of no faction winning except for Jesters and Executioners. If anyone besides these two roles win, their victory message will appear instead, excluding the Survivor.

Stalemate Edit

In the event that the final two players happen to be of opposing factions, the stalemate detector may activate, rewarding an automatic win to one of those players or factions. If a Jester was lynched during the day, the game will not end the same day, because a Jester's haunt can break any deadlock. Below is a table which lists situations where the stalemate detector will automatically end the game to prevent a draw.

vs. Arsonist Werewolf Serial Killer Godfather Mafioso Vampire Transporter Escort /
Arsonist Arsonist Arsonist Arsonist Arsonist Arso
Werewolf Werewolf Werewolf Werewolf Werewolf
Serial Killer Arsonist Werewolf Serial Killer Serial Killer Serial Killer Serial Killer
Godfather Arsonist Werewolf Serial Killer Mafia Mafia
Mafioso Arsonist Werewolf Serial Killer Town Mafia
Vampire Arsonist Werewolf Serial Killer Vampire Town
Transporter Serial Killer Mafia Town Vampire
Escort / JailorJ Arso Mafia Mafia Town

J If the Jailor has executions left, the stalemate detector will not grant an automatic victory to their opponent.

V The stalemate detector is bugged and will not grant an automatic victory to the Vampires, allowing the remaining Townie to force a draw.

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