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The Vampire Hunter was a normal person, just like everybody else. There had always been rumors of vampires, yet he did not believe in them.

One day, he heard reports of people acting strangely and being incredibly sensitive to light. He then started hearing about sudden disappearances and vampires taking over towns. At this point he knew that they must be real. There were so many towns people, good people, whose lives were taken by force and turned into a race that seeks to feast on the blood of others. "If this continues, soon everyone will become a vampire. I must stop this!" he said to himself.

Others had tried to kill vampires with normal guns, yet they were converted before they could succeed. He vigorously studied the history of vampires, their weaknesses and strengths. Armed with a bag of garlic, some holy water, a wooden stake and a silver knife, he packed up and left his town, travelling to other towns that had been overtaken by vampires. He was determined to end the vampire bloodline, before it was too late. (credit)


Basics Edit

  • If there is a Vampire Hunter at the start of the game, there will always be at least one Vampire.
  • Vampire Hunter is not a unique role.
  • You can visit other players at night. If your target is a Vampire, you will kill them.
    • Visiting the same target the Vampire goes to on the same night will not lead to the youngest Vampire nor the target being staked by a Vampire Hunter.
  • If a Vampire visits you at night, you will not be turned into a Vampire, but instead you will be notified of their visit and you will attack them, killing the Vampire.
    • If role blocked and visited by a Vampire, you will still attack the Vampire.
    • If you visit a Vampire on the same night that they visit you, they will be listed as killed by a Vampire Hunter twice.
  • You can read the Vampire chat at night. You will hear it even if you are dead. This ability is similar to the Spy's ability to read the Mafia chat.
  • If a Bodyguard is protecting a Vampire, the Bodyguard will kill you if you attack the Vampire.
  • If a Vampire is jailed, you will not be able to stake them.

Turning into Vigilante Edit

  • Once all Vampires are dead, you will become a Vigilante.
    • You will only have 1 bullet instead of 3.
    • The transformation is irreversible. You will not turn back into a Vampire Hunter if an Amnesiac remembers a Vampire role.
  • Bugged: if you were an Amnesiac and become a Vampire Hunter after all Vampires are dead, you will not turn into a Vigilante.

Strategy Edit

  • If you become a Vigilante, follow the strategies on the Vigilante page, but remember that you only have one bullet.
  • The Investigator's results for Vampire Hunter are pretty laissez-faire. If someone else claims Vampire Hunter, they are either a Survivor, a Witch, or an actual Vampire Hunter.
    • If someone else claims to be a Vampire Hunter, you can test them whenever a Vampire dies by asking if they've become a Vigilante yet; they should convert the same time you do. If they answer the question incorrectly, they're lying. You may not want to bring public attention to it immediately, however, as a Vigilante is a powerful Town role, you will make yourself a target.
  • Check down the list, then if you end up checking everyone check them all again, they might have been turned since you checked them, perhaps even as you were checking them.
  • If Vampires are talking, pay attention to what they are saying. Vampires may lie to fool you; however, they're somewhat less likely to do this than the Mafia is to a Spy, since the worst they can generally accomplish is making you waste your visits.
    • If they mention that someone is immune to bite, it's most likely true. Write it down in your Last Will, but remember that calling them out reveals you as well.
    • If the Vampires argue over who to convert or discuss their victims, this can often reveal who they've turned into a Vampire. This is a much more common mistake than you would think, since Vampires need to vote on who to convert. Pay attention to what they say; even if they don't name exact names, you can often figure out what they're arguing over based on context.
    • Try to figure out talking Vampires comparing their writing style to that of players in day chat. Pay attention to the usage of emoticons, word capitalization, spelling, etc.
    • If Vampires stop talking after several nights of discussions, it may mean that there is only one Vampire left.
  • Try to figure out who the Vampires are most likely to turn and focus your visits on them.
    • Look over the list of people to convert on the Vampire page, and follow that yourself when deciding who to investigate.
    • Vampires can only convert non-Mafia, non-Night Immune and non-Witch roles. If you suspect someone falls into any of these categories, skip them. Even if it's not true, they're less likely to be Vampires, since the Vampires will probably have reached the same conclusion as you and avoided visiting them.
    • Anyone who was confirmed as a Townie, was possibly converted by a Vampire, especially if they are an important role.
    • Jesters and Survivors are frequented targets for Vampires, since they're convertible and unlikely to be protected.
  • If a Mayor has only one vote and can whisper or is receiving whispers, this means they've been turned into a Vampire. (However, in this case, the Town will often notice and lynch them for you.) Conversely, as long as the Mayor has three votes, and can't send or receive whispers, they are not a Vampire. A good way to always be sure is to make the Mayor always make the first vote, making it easier to figure out if he has turned.
  • A Survivor or Bodyguard's bulletproof vest provides no protection from Vampires. If someone claims to have used their bulletproof vest against a Vampire's conversion and not have been converted, they're lying.
  • Pay particular attention to the Last Wills of Lookouts. Anyone who was visited by a confirmed Vampire may have been converted into a Vampire. (And if you are certain the visit was when the visitor was already a Vampire and they weren't turned into a Vampire themselves, then they are likely evil and should be called out.)
  • Try and bait Vampires in:
    • "I hate my role, can a Vampire convert/bite me?" sometimes work although experienced players may suspect you to be a Vampire Hunter, in which case they are less likely to attempt to bite you.
    • Claiming Survivor or acting like a Jester can occasionally lure a Vampire into trying to bite you; however, it carries a high risk of getting you lynched by the Town, executed by the Jailor, or shot by a Vigilante. Therefore, this is best saved until near the end of the game when it's possible evil roles are near a majority.
      • Claiming Survivor near the very last night (ideally at the very end of the day when there's not enough time for you to be lynched) can sometimes swing a Town victory by luring the Vampires to attack you while making the Mafia ignore you and target the Vampires instead, hopefully turning you into a Vigilante in time to swing the game with your final bullet.
  • A Bodyguard will kill you (and you will kill them) if you visit a Vampire they're protecting; however, in this case, whoever you were trying to stake is confirmed as a Vampire. Always list your visits in your Last Will, especially your most recent one, so people will know who the Vampire is in that situation.
  • A Doctor can heal Vampires you tried to stake. If you get a message saying you staked someone, but no Vampire shows up dead the next day, it means a Doctor accidentally healed a Vampire. You may want to reveal to alert the Town to this, though most Doctors will be reluctant to reveal themselves just to expose a Vampire. You could also try targeting the Vampire again (assuming you targeted them rather than them visiting you); however, the Doctor may heal them a second time, incorrectly assuming that they were targeted by an evil role.
  • Vampire Hunter is not unique, if a Vampire Hunter is dead and you have to say your role and people claim it's unique, these people have a high chance of being Vampires. Check them as soon as possible!
  • When you become a Vigilante, consider not revealing this fact until you use your bullet. While Vampire Hunters are unharmful to everyone but Vampire, a Vigilante presents a direct threat to the Mafia and Witches, both of which will hunt for you as soon as they know your new role. You may not want to shoot right away, so it's better to lull evil roles into thinking you are still a Vampire Hunter. However, if a Consigliere or Investigator checked you and it became public, shoot the next night.
  • Remember that your ultimate goal is for the Town to win, not simply to kill the Vampires. This means that under some circumstances (when you need the Vampires' votes in order to keep the Mafia from getting a majority), you might be better off waiting to kill confirmed Vampires.
  • Vampires will occasionally try to be "merciful" by biting surviving Townies so everyone can win together. You can exploit this kindness to eliminate them even when outnumbered four-to-one; since there is a maximum of four vampires, they'll have to lynch one of their own and reduce their numbers to three to free up a spot to convert you. If you then stake anyone other than the youngest on the night they attempt to convert you, you can eliminate two Vampires in one night, leaving the last one remaining without the majority needed to lynch you and letting you stake them on the following night. Note that this requires both knowing what night they'll attempt to convert you and either luck or knowledge of who the youngest Vampire is; if you're planning to use this strategy, you might want to discretely probe for that information.

Bugs Edit

If you died as a Vampire Hunter and are resurrected by a Retributionist after all Vampires are dead, you will not turn into a Vigilante.

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