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She had never envisioned her life like this, and she never asked for it. One night, many moons ago she was bitten. Merely a Lookout at the time, she became much more ever since. To some it was a blessing, and to some, a curse; she hadn't decided yet. But she knew it was a full moon, and she knew that meant she needed to feast. Skulking through the alleys of Salem, the Vampire stumbled across the Escort, paying a visit to a nearby home. The Vampire felt bad for her, but she must feed. She lunged out at the Escort, reaching her prey before it even knew what was going on. Sucking the life out of her, she left the mangled, lifeless corpse in the alley. The Werewolf's howl could be heard in a nearby home, but that didn't concern her. She was really on the Lookout for the Vampire Hunter, who reeked of garlic. He would be carrying his stakes and holy water, as the Vampires would be active this full moon, but it was for naught. The Hunter was too late to save the Escort, so soon enough he'd have another problem to worry about. She morphed into a bat and took off into the air, looking down on the town below. As the faint beams of the sun began to peek out, she looked down upon all the residents of Salem, her soon to be meals. (credit)


Basics Edit

  • You are Detection Immune (not suspicious to the Sheriff).
  • You are not Night Immune.
  • You will know the names of the other Vampires and can talk to them at night. A Vampire Hunter will be able to listen to the Vampires' chat at night.
  • At night, Vampires can vote which player should be bitten.
    • If there is a tie, the target will be chosen at random among the targets with the most votes.
  • If there are four Vampires, the Vampires will not be able to bite another victim until there are fewer than four Vampires.
  • The Vampire who has been turned last will be the one who visits and bites the target. They are known as the "youngest".
  • If the youngest Vampire is role blocked or jailed, no one can be converted that night.
  • If a Vampire bites any member of the Mafia except the Godfather, that member of the Mafia will die. This does not count as a conversion; you will be able to attack again the next night.

How Vampires Affect Other Roles Edit

  • The target will not be converted in the following situations:
    • The target is immune to Vampire bites: Vampire Hunter, Witch, Executioner, Godfather, all Neutral Killing roles, and any person in jail. Only in these cases, will the youngest Vampire will get a notification of the target being immune.
    • The target was healed by a Doctor. There is no notification for the youngest Vampire in this case, except the number of Vampires not increasing.
    • The target was protected by a Bodyguard. Additionally, the Bodyguard and youngest Vampire will kill each other.
    • The target was an alerted Veteran. Additionally, the Veteran will kill the youngest Vampire.
    • The target was any member of the Mafia except the Godfather, they will die instead of being converted.
  • Visiting or being visited by a Vampire Hunter will cause you to die from being staked in the heart.
  • A Bodyguard's or Survivor's vest does not protect from Vampire bites.
  • If a revealed Mayor is converted into a Vampire, they may be easily exposed as their vote will only count as 1 instead of 3. A converted Mayor can also receive whispers, and everyone else can see this.
  • If a Vampire Hunter eliminates all Vampires, they will turn into a Vigilante with 1 bullet. Should an Amnesiac remember that they are a Vampire, the Vigilante will not turn back into a Vampire Hunter. They will also be able to be converted into a Vampire.
  • If you try to bite a Veteran on alert, you will be shot and killed. The Veteran will not be converted.
  • If a Vigilante is converted the same night they shoot a Townie, they will not die of guilt.
    • If the Vigilante is bitten the night after they shoot a Townie, they will die of guilt.
  • If an Amnesiac is bit by a Vampire the same night they try to remember a role, they will become a Vampire. The bite has higher priority.
  • If an Executioner's target is converted into a Vampire, the Executioner will remain as his current role with the same target.
  • If a member of the Mafia other than the Godfather is bitten, they will die. This does not count as a conversion, so the Vampires can attack again the next night. If attacking a Mafioso and in the same night attacked by a Mafioso, the Mafioso will die first.
  • Strangely, if a Transporter forces a Vampire to bite another Vampire, there is no message for either party. The Vampire will not get a "Your target was immune" message and the bitten Vampire does not received a "You were attacked" message. The next night, the Vampires may bite again.


Which Roles to Convert & Not to Convert Edit

  • The most important thing is to find targets you can convert, and to avoid ones you can't. Never try to bite anyone you suspect of having permanent Night Immunity, such as an Executioner.
  • Your highest priority are semi-confirmed Townies that cannot visibly confirm themselves, such as the Retributionist, Medium, Lookout, Doctor, and Bodyguard. They can lead remaining Town members to false direction.However, if your target is fully confirmed, is it not in your best interest to bite them, as they probably have Town Protective roles on them.
  • Around the transition to the late game it may be helpful to convert semi-confirmed roles such as Transporter. If someone starts to ask why nobody is blocked or transported, Vampires may pretend one of them has been blocked or transported.
  • Consider converting Jesters, Survivors and Amnesiacs around the middle of the game when their roles are confirmed. Converting them can also be decisive late in the game in order to prevent them from siding with the Mafia; if the Mafia would otherwise have a majority, converting these Neutral roles is preferable to converting Town.
  • Town Killing roles such as the Jailor and Vigilante are double-edged swords. They can kill Mafia and/or Neutral Killing roles (which are enemies), but they also can kill Vampires. It is advisable to keep them intact until they start to suspect Vampires.
  • A Sheriff or Investigator can help at finding enemies, and the Sheriff in particular is unable to find Vampires, so it might be best to not bite them until after most of your enemies are dead.
  • Be careful converting a revealed Mayor or confirmed Spy unless Vampires will have majority afterwards. Their identity can be immediately re-confirmed during the day (The Mayor's vote would be counted as 1 instead of 3, the Mayor will be able to send and receive whispers again, the Spy wouldn't hear whispers anymore). Their identity can also be tested during the night phase(the Doctor would be able to heal the previously revealed Mayor who is now a Vampire, and the Spy will not be able to read the Mafia chat). If the converted player is careful, however, they can usually avoid actions which reveal them and benefit from the established trust of the town.
  • It's advisable not to convert a known Veteran as they may be on alert and the Vampires may lose their youngest. If you do manage it, however, the Veteran can become a valuable Vampire, as no evil wishes to visit a Veteran.
  • Try to spot and avoid the Vampire Hunter as the youngest Vampire will be staked after visiting him.
  • Do not attack people who attract too much attention, they may be Veteran baiting, watched by Lookout, jailed by a Jailor, or killed. Try to predict who will not be attacked. Visiting completely silent people is not a very good idea either as they are often enemies who are immune.
  • If someone acts like a Jester, do not visit him immediately because they may be killed by a Vigilante or Jailor. Even worse, they may be a Veteran trying to bait enemies.
  • If an Executioner makes their move early and it plays out terrible, consider converting their target. Not only does this confirm the new Vampire as town, and they can claim what ever is needed to get someone else lynched. However, if it looks like Town may believe the Executioner, or the Executioner might actually be what ever role they are claiming, your new Vampire might be lynched, which both outs the fact that Vampires exist and wastes your night biting them.
  • Remember that whoever you convert ends up on your side; therefore, you should try to convert people who seem alert, intelligent, and serious about the game, both to get them on your side and to remove them as enemies. Unlike other roles, Vampires sometimes get to choose who their teammates are.
  • You can bite Mafia members to kill them; doing so doesn't count as a successful conversion, meaning you can bite again immediately the next night. If you have a confirmed Mafia member, you should seriously consider biting them. Things to keep in mind:
    • If you have four Vampires, you will not be able to bite at all. Against a Mafia of four people or more, this could leave you completely helpless. Therefore, once you have three people, it is often better to focus on biting people you suspect of being members of the Mafia rather than converting people; killing a Mafia member every night is worth more than a fourth person.
    • Sometimes, revealing one Mafia member can let you get others lynched; for instance, if someone is almost lynched, and you suspect that they're a Mafia member, you can bite them to kill them, then call for lynches on the people who wouldn't help vote them up.
    • It's also important to bite the Mafia when there's a danger of them hitting a majority or plurality. As long as your Vampires haven't been exposed, you can always bite Town later; but if the Mafia gets a plurality or, worse, a majority, then it'll be too late for you to win regardless of who you convert.
    • It's generally better to leave Escorts, Sheriffs, and Spies unturned until the very end; Spies and Sheriffs might only focus on the Mafia, while Escorts are more likely to find and lock down a Mafia Killing role than they are to find your Youngest (since they can easily see when a role block results in no Mafia kill, while there's no indication to the Town when they block your Youngest.) If the Town consists mainly of these, it might be best to shift your focus to the Mafia.
    • On the other hand, be cautious about deliberately biting Mafia members if the town doesn't yet know Vampires are present, since that will alert them and may lead Investigators to reveal anyone who came up with a Framer / Jester / Vampire result. And if there is only one Vampire, you should usually bite to convert, since you're in danger of losing to a random death.

Identifying the Vampire Hunters Edit

  • The Vampire Hunter is immune to bites and will kill a Vampire if either they visit one, or is visited by one. As a result, it is a high priority to find the Vampire Hunter before they cause any damage.
  • A good way of getting the Vampire Hunter to reveal early is to make them think there are already 2-3 Vampires in the game. Like the Spy, the Vampire Hunter can read anonymous messages sent by the Vampires. On Night 1 create a conversation and play both ends. Talk about how crazy it is that there are already this many Vampires in Night 1. This will put pressure on the Vampire Hunter and they will more often than not share any suspicions they have with the Town, revealing their role to you. Remember that in Ranked Practice or Ranked, only one Vampire is possible at the beginning of the game.
  • A second method of tricking the Vampire Hunter into revealing his role is to mention a false name in the night chat. Say something like 'Get Player X' and instead, target someone different. Not only does this portray Player X as suspicious, but also reveals the Vampire Hunter when they report to the town. If the Vampire Hunter does not report his findings and instead finds the target to be human, they will assume that this person is immune and therefore still suspicious.
  • If you do choose to frame a player, do not bite them as that player may be lynched or killed by the Jailor or Vigilante.

General Tips Edit

  • It is important to focus on removing anything you can't convert as quickly as you can; if the Mafia has four people, for instance, you could attempt cooperating with the town to eliminate them or try to kill them by yourself. You will need the numbers of the Town or Vampires to lynch the Godfather if he does not get killed. Likewise, the Vampire Hunter should be eliminated at all costs as soon as possible.
  • If you spot a Vampire Hunter, all Vampires should try to lure Town into eliminating him without revealing his true identity. For methods to do so, see tips for Executioner.
    • Extra caution must be taken, however, since he can simultaneously test and kill you if he suspects you're going after him; reporting to a Mayor in chat or discussion with the Jailor is the best way to throw him into suspicion.
    • If you do manage to get a Vampire Hunter killed, immediately claim Executioner by thanking the Town for giving you a win; this will make them less likely to conclude that you're a Vampire. Remember, Vampire Hunters are not unique, so if there's a second one, they're likely to go after anyone who seemed too aggressive about killing the first.
    • Remember, in tight role lists such as Ranked, only one of you can claim Executioner. If the Vampire Hunter gets lynched, smart Townies could realize that all of you are Vampires, causing your team to get lynched.
  • Since Vampire Hunters can hear Vampires talking to each other at night, it's recommended to keep night discussions to a minimum and, if you absolutely have to, alter your writing style (that includes spelling, usage of emoticons, word capitalization etc.)
    • Advanced players may attempt to trick the Vampire Hunter into wasting their visits on non-Vampires; however, this tends to be less valuable than tricking a Spy is to the Mafia. Vampire Hunters don't have to reveal to follow up on leads; you can't kill them even if they do, and a successful trick usually isn't going to make them kill an enemy for you.
  • If your target was immune to biting, always write it down in your will. As soon as you die, the suspicion may raise about the person you mentioned as immune-to-biting. This will allow you to help the town lynch criminals without revealing yourself, which in turn helps the Vampires. The only downside is that the immune person you hit might be a Witch, who can win with Vampires.
    • They may also be an Executioner; however, unlike the Mafia, it's sometimes dangerous for Vampires to side with an Executioner since his target may be someone who was converted to a Vampire.
  • If you need to accuse your target immediately during the day, you can pretend to be a Vigilante who couldn't shoot a person at night and found they were immune. But this can be dangerous if an existing Mafia or Serial Killer have missed a kill, since the Town might assume you're an evil killer; additionally, if you accidentally accuse a Witch in this manner, you'll immediately be outed as a Vampire. And regardless of the outcome, this is likely to attract hostile attention from the Mafia; if your target was a Godfather, it is recommended to ask for protection since you are a "confirmed Town role".
  • If Vampires are not explicitly guaranteed in the role list and you end up as one as a result of an "Any" entry, try to hide as long as possible (In ranked the possibility of a Vampire being in the game is 4%, meaning most players will assume there is none until they are revealed.). The only way Town can learn about presence of Vampires is through a Vampire or Vampire Hunter dying or by you biting a Mafia member. If none of these things happen, the Town will generally be unsuspecting until it's too late to resist. An added advantage to this is that Vampire Hunters claims are more likely to be lynched if the Town doesn't believe Vampires are present.
  • If a player has Night Immunity, say it in the night chat. The Vampire Hunter will hear this, and you can cooperate with the Town, getting rid of the Mafia or Neutral Killing who threaten both of you. Additionally, the Vampire Hunter will probably say this out loud, revealing him so you can avoid him.
  • If there is no Vampire Hunter alive, it may be in your best interests to form a truce with the remaining Town members to vote off Mafia and Neutral Killing. Being honest with proven Townies and whispering them your role and the name of other Vampires can earn their trust, and most players will gladly take the secondary win as a Vampire over losing as Town. Do NOT let this turn into gamethrowing, though. Townies lynching other Townies to get converted is against the rules.
  • Keeping a fake will of your converting visits may help if there are inexperienced players in the game. This can to lynches against players who could be a nuisance to your team. However, if someone is immune to bites, it's best to tell the truth about their immunity.
  • Vampires have much more leeway to lie in their will than most other roles. Remember, your goal should be to help the Vampires win even after you die; spreading confusion or getting the Town to focus on hanging non-Vampires helps with this.
    • You can claim to have been any role you like prior to being turned into a Vampire; use this to try and get a non-Vampire lynched by putting together a false will with a list of visits. Claim to be a Sheriff and list random non-Vampires as Mafia. Claim to be a Lookout and say you saw a non-Vampire visit someone the night they were murdered. Claim to be an Investigator and accuse someone of a suspicious role list, like Framer/Vampire/Jester. You can even claim to have been a Spy, though this is less likely to work (since spies have more trouble accusing directly, they need to be "Spy-tested" and since any genuine Spy can out it as a lie.)
    • In fact, simply claiming to be whatever role you were before you were converted (Such as Sheriff or Investigator) is almost always the best way to claim. Continue writing your last will you wrote before you were converted and then adding in fake information might work, especially if they lynch an evil written in the top of your will. This works especially well in ranked, due to the rarity of Vampires in the game.
    • You can accuse anyone you like of being immune to conversion; this has two benefits, since it both throws them under suspicion and makes everyone think that there are fewer Vampires than there really are.
    • Even very transparent ruses are often surprisingly effective, since if your will implies that a non-Mafia is guilty of something, both the Mafia and the Vampires will use it as an excuse to hang them, and will probably only have to convince one or two Town.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the Version 1.5 update, all Mafia were immune to Vampires. Now all Mafia other than the Godfather will die rather than be converted.
  • The Vampire is the most recent role added to the game.
  • The Neutral Chaos alignment is exclusive to only Vampires.

See alsoEdit

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