The Forum makes laying everything out hard... so I did here in the comfort of my own profile.

Before we continue, here is a redone full Investigator's results list including all the new roles I have.

  • Your target is a leader among men. They are Mayor, Godfather, or Vampire Hunter.
  • Your target is an excellent observer. They are a Lookout or an Auditor.
  • Your target owns weapons. They are a Vigilante, Veteran, Mafioso, or Mercenary.
  • Your target is skilled in using magic. They are a Retributionist, Medium or Witch.
  • Your target collects information. They are an Investigator or a Consigliere.
  • Your target is a protector of the Town. They are a Jailor, Bodyguard, or Sheriff.
  • Your target loves tricking people. They are a Jester, Disguiser, or Framer.
  • Your target has proficient penmanship. They are a Filer or a Forger.
  • Your target wants to live to see something happen. They are an Executioner, Survivor, or Amnesiac.
  • Your target is covered in blood. They are a Doctor, Serial Killer, or Vampire.
  • Your target works in secret. They are a Spy or a Blackmailer.
  • Your target is a manipulative beauty. They are an Escort or a Consort.
  • Your target is covered in hair. They are a Barber or a Werewolf.
  • Your target smells like gas. They are a Transporter or an Arsonist.
  • Your target smells like cleaning supplies. They are a Marketer or a Janitor.
  • You were roleblocked! (This means you've found an Assassin, but you'll think you were actually roleblocked. You won't see this parenthesis message but still).

Framing now gives Investigators the Jester, Disguiser, or Framer result. Since Framer is there, it isn't entirely impossible in Classic making it a working new message.

STILL VERY WORK IN PROGRESS. LIKE, THIS WHOLE PAGE. More roles will be added, and the Invest results list above will change too.

Town Roles


Alignment: Town Support

"You are a reporting organizer who keeps track of and brings up information,".

Abilities: At night, you can type up a message anonymously.


  • All living players will see this message the next morning.
  • When it is sent, the first thing said after the death reports will be your message.
  • When it is displayed, your message will be listed as sent by 'Filer'.

Goal: Whatever Town's goal message is.

With all the changing done to the Investigator results, this will be the way Forgers don't get insta-lynched. It will be kind of hard for Forgers to prove that they're a Filer though, seeing as the town may ask the Forger to leave a message. Of course, that's no problem when you're the real Filer! With this, you can revive information that the stupid town in your game seems to be forgetting. Do they not remember how Cotton Mather was immune and don't want to check the wills again, or they're just too incompetent? Bring it up in a Filer message!


Alignment: Town Investigative (Its complicated)

"You are a professional barber whose soothing voice can make them reveal information,".

Abilities: (Day) Choose one person to cut the hair of at night.


  • While this happens, you can engage in light conversation with them in a chat.
  • You will be told their alignment at the end of the night if it is not on a full moon. (To prevent OP-ness)
  • If you are roleblocked, the alignment message will not appear.
  • You are not a roleblocker. The person you've selected can still do their night ability.
  • Veterans who activate their night ability will not kill you as the Barber met them first.
  • The person you select will not be immune at night.
  • The Mafia will be informed that the member chosen is getting a haircut.

Goal: Town's goal message.

You are basically a Jailor who isn't a Jailor. You can still get info, talk at night, and ask for roles. The difference being: You learn SOLID information about what someone is, you cannot execute, and you cannot prevent people from doing their night ability. The second and third message is what makes this role an investigative, and less a killing or support type. But, if you do get a Mafia or Vampire, they cannot speak in their chats. That is the only thing that you CAN stop. Barbers can easily get people to talk with their soothing light talk and make them forget what they're supposed to hide.


Work in progress.

Mafia Roles


Alignment: Mafia Killing

"You are a professional killer trained in the art of stealth working for the Mafia,".

Abilities: Kill independently from the Godfather's target at night.


  • Your visit will not be seen by Lookouts.
  • You will not be promoted to Godfather if all Mafiosos are dead.
  • Investigations and interrogations by Sheriffs on you will claim the Investigator/Sheriff doing so was roleblocked.

Goal: Kill everyone who will not submit to the mafia.

Basically, this is an independent mafia killing role who is untraceable and light as a feather, so good at killing that they are unseen doing so. This makes tracking down an Assassin that much more frustrating though. Lucky for Town though, they don't become Godfather should he die. A giveaway for the Assassin is that when investigated or interrogated, the person trying to get info will be told that they were roleblocked. This may just be coincidence... or it could be the telling that you found an Assassin.


Alignment: Mafia Support

"You are a silent eavesdropper who observes and listens to conversations for the Mafia,".

Abilities (Day): Do not participate in Mafia chat, but instead see who visits your target. If your target communicates in a chat at night (Med, Jailor, Vamp, or the player Jailed), you will hear it but cannot speak in it.


  • The Jailor's prisoner is listed as 'Prisoner'. You can hear the chat if you visit them too.
  • Dead players will be listed as their name but the Medium will remain named as such: 'Medium'.
  • You can visit Mafia members and hear the Mafia chat, but their names will not be listed. Visiting a Mafia member means you can see who visits them.
  • If all Mafia Killing roles are dead, you will become a Mafioso.

Goal: Kill everyone who will not submit to the Mafia.

You just secretly eavesdrop in on conversations if available, and can see who visited at night. It's like an evil Lookout on steroids. His goal isn't really to 'look out' as the Mafia doesn't need to know that stuff, but instead to 'find roles that talk'. THAT can truly benefit the Mafia, as most talking roles, not counting the Mafia, are Town, or enemies.

Neutral Roles


Alignment: Neutral Killing

"You are an acclaimed gunman who works for whoever he wishes,".

Abilities: At night, choose someone to kill. A second ability, during day, is to pick a side: Town or Mafia.


  • Since Neutrals get cool individual role name colors, the Mercenary's is a light tan.
  • Your attack is stopped by Bodyguards.
  • Once you pick a side, your role name will become that color once killed.
  • When you have chosen a side, they will not know, but everything they do to you is stopped.

Goal: Choose a side and accomplish that team's goal.

Basically, you are a neutral killer who can choose to side with whatever he wants. Its like a Survivor, but once done, there's no going back. All you have to do to win is survive to the end of the game, so voting with the majority works wonders. Don't help Town too early though, you never know if the Mafia will take majority, and if YOU'RE their next target. They don't know if you've sided with them either, so they might just kill you if they find you, thinking you may have sided with the town. If you did side with Mafia, you will see their names in the 'Mafia' box (it will appear), but your name will not be there as you are an 'unofficial affiliation'.

  • If you chose to help the Town during the day, you will be immune to:
    • Escort Roleblocks. (The Escort will not be informed their target was immune to roleblocking).
    • Vigilante Attacks. (They will be told their target is immune).
  • If you've sided with Mafia during the day, you will be immune to:
    • Mafioso/Assassin/Godfather Attacks. (They will be told their target is immune).
    • Being Blackmailed.
    • Consort Roleblocks.
    • Being Framed, Forged, or Cleaned. (Grouping them all together here).
    • BTW, if you side with Mafia, the Sheriff will see you as a Mafia member.

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