This is a TLDR version of what's new in the game for players who may have taken a break from the game and have missed important changes!

Version / Date Added Information
Mar 8th, 2017
Arsonist change: Players will not be notified if they are doused, with the exception of Arsonists who are doused. Doused targets come up as Bodyguard, Godfather, or Arsonist.

Spy change: If a match starts off with at least 1 Spy, each night all alive Mafia members will see, "You feel that someone can hear your conversations." If the match begins with no Spies, alive Mafia members will see, "You feel that you can speak privately."

Daily Brew: Earn prizes every 7 days you've visited the cauldron.

Taunts: Buy taunts from the shop to taunt players during the game.
Dec 12th, 2016
Transporter change: Transporters can no longer select a player to be both targets for a transport.

Amnesiac change: Amnesiacs can no longer remember to be cleaned roles.

Steam change: Users who have linked their account to the Steam version will earn double Merit Points for everything they do and earn, and they will receive the Steambot3000 Avatar. Accounts linked after the release of this patch also receive 2000 Town Points instead of 1300.
Nov 21st, 2016
Disguiser change: The Disguiser is basically an entirely new role. The Disguiser now can disguise each night. In the event that the Disguiser dies during the night he disguises or he is lynched the day after disguising, he will appear in the graveyard as the role he disguised as. If an Investigator investigates the Disguiser on the night the Disguiser disguises, the Investigator will see the Disguiser's results to be under the role the Disguiser has disguised as. The Sheriff will see the Disguiser as a member of the Mafia, no matter who he disguises as. The disguise only lasts for that night and the following day.

Witch change: The Witch can now see the role of the person she's controlling.

Voting phase change: There can only be up to 3 trials per day.

Merit Points: Merit Points are the new main currency. Town Points became premium currency, meaning they can only be earned by spending real money.

Turkish Queues: The game has gained popularity with the Turkish community, so they now have their own queues to freely speak Turkish in.
Oct 21st, 2016
Executioner change: A Jailor can no longer be an Executioner's target. The Spy can be an Executioner's target once again.
Aug 3rd, 2016
Investigator change: Investigative results for all roles have completely changed!

Mayor change: The Mayor can no longer whisper or be whispered to once he has revealed.

Blackmailer change: The Blackmailer can now read whispers.

Vampire change: Vampire bites can now kill all Mafia members, except for the Godfather.

Statistics and Leaderboards: Players can now view their own stats and see leaderboards for each statistic.
May 2nd, 2016
New game mode: Ranked Practice was added. In addition, players must play 10 Ranked Practice games and at least 50 games in general before being allowed to enter Ranked.
Nov 16th, 2015
Jester change: Jesters can no longer abuse the glitch to not haunt any players.
Nov 7th, 2015
Two new roles: Vampire and Vampire Hunter

Werewolf change: Werewolf is now immune every night.

Executioner change: Executioner cannot have the Spy as a target.
Jul 23rd, 2015
New role: Forger

New game mode:Rainbow Mode

Scrolls: Use scrolls to increase your odds of becoming a role.

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