After an event that awakened their souls within, they made their way to the mafia's HQ. However, some of them were still doubtful of their own capabilities. They wondered whether they actually can defeat YIS or not, but they needed an opportunity to test their limits after they have expanded.

Soon, they made it to the main gate of the HQ, which had a platform on top of it. On top of that main gate, the Godfather and the Witch were standing with smug looks on their faces. YIS was nowhere to be seen.

Godfather: Welcome! Welcome! To your doom! You're just in time for the duels!

Mann: Duels? What duels?

They switched their view to what was in front of the gate, and they noticed a selection of minions and opponents there. They looked nothing like what they've fought before. They were all unique and had a dangerous vibe leaking off of them.

Meanwhile, Haw and Rubik were thinking about these duels. They both thought it was the most suitable chance for them to test their abilities. They both looked at each other, smiling, and nodded at each other with the same idea in mind. Haw looked back at the Godfather with a glint of confidence in his smile.

Haw: We accept!

Godfather: Wonderful, excellent! (whispering to the Witch) Send them to their tombs.

The Godfather turned around and walked away, disappearing out of sight. Leaving the Witch behind to take care of the duels...and the Iron Shield.

Spicy: Duels?! Why did you agree to this mumbo jumbo? We gotta find YIS and kill him!!

Rubik: Calm down, we need to experiment with our newfound powers. Wouldn't it suck if you just got defeated the same way as before just because you didn't know your limits? Plus, the Witch and her minions are enemies just like YIS, they should all be defeated. 

Spicy couldn't argue with that, and thus, they proceeded in turns for their fights.

Witch: Let the duels commence!

Playful was first to fight, and the Witch had already chosen a minion to fight her.

Witch: Arkice, eliminate her!

Arkice was a dark being with blue traces all over him, and he was also hovering in the air. He had a glint of blue and arcane energy in his eyes. He wasted no time, and instantly brandished an arcane sword, then dashed in Playful's direction. Playful took out her gun and started firing, but Arkice deflected all her bullets and sliced her gun in half. She jumped back to avoid his attack.

Arkice slashed his sword repeatedly from afar, firing waves of arcane energy towards Playful, which she dodged... barely. Arkice then shattered his sword and his hands glew pure blue. He put his hands together and pointed them towards Playful, then fired a massive projectile of blue energy. Playful panicked at the power and velocity of the projectile, causing her to make a move that was supposed to lead to her death... but it didn't.

She fired a beam of darkness and shadows towards the projectile, and for the first time in history, it didn't dissipate. It broke through the projectile and started engulfing the environment. It then spread at a rapid pace towards Arkice. He hovered around, making sure he wouldn't get hit. Multiple shadow stakes emerged around him, and one of them pierced through his gut. Soon, all sorts of melee weapons and spikes came out, completely destroying his body and leaving nothing but holes and little ash remains.

There was no hope for him, the blue glint in his eyes faded away, and his body turned into ashes then dropped to the ground. The shadows retracted and returned to Playful's soul. She looked at her hands and the dark energy surrounding them. She closed them, and smiled at the Witch.

The Witch was surprised to see that the shadows have dominated over light-based powers. However, she was not impressed any more than that and dismissed the win as "beginner's luck".

Next up was Mann, who walked in with his ravishing suit and fedora on his head. The Witch had sent another minion to fight him.

Witch: Murder him, Kardon!

Kardon was a creepy humanoid with red eyes, a knife in hand, an uncomforting smirk and a necklace with a little red crystal attached to it. He slowly walked in Mann's direction. Suddenly, he started sprinting towards Mann with his knife pointed at him, only to receive a headshot and drop to the ground near him. Mann blew on his revolver and was smiling at his opponent's corpse. He turned away with dashing confidence, until he heard a horrifying laugh.

He looked behind him to see Kardon slowly rising back up, hole in his head still present. His red crystal necklace was slightly glowing but Mann was too shocked about his revival to notice. Mann fired three bullets at him, but Kardon dodged two then sliced the last one in half, then started running towards him. Mann fired a bullet in his leg, crippling him, then another one through the heart. He dropped on the floor once again. 

This time, Mann didn't look away, he reloaded his revolver and watched the corpse very carefully. Kardon rised once again, having the same smirk. Mann noticed the the slightly glowing crystal on his necklace, and it all added up to him. But before he could react, Kardon dashed towards him with a slash that slit his throat, followed by another slash that cut off his head. Mann's body dropped to the floor. Kardon started laughing in the most ominous way, he laughed so much and so loudly... or perhaps you could say... he laughed too loudly.

A bullet came from behind, piercing his heart and breaking his crystal in one shot. His cruel smile devolved into a lifeless set of depressed lips. He fell his final fall and met his fate. Behind him, Mann was standing behind the carcass, revealing his dead ringer and mocking his opponent.

Mann: Did you forget about this?! You foolish underdeveloped peabrain! Hahahaha *snort* ahahahaha *snort* *snort*

He walked away from the battlefield as the Witch stood astonished at what levels deception has reached.

Eclipsa the totally-not-an-Undyne-the-Undying-ripoff summoned a white glowing spear in her hand and proceeded to the battlefield to meet her opponent. 

Witch: Necroknight! Break her skull!

An armored skeleton with no helmet and green energy emitting out of his eyes and body was riding a skeletal horse with sharpened teeth and infested with green necronic energy as well. The skeleton held a spear made up of infernal underworld material and enchanted with a magic wrath.

Eclipsa summoned a barrage of spears towards Necroknight, but the skeleton sent a wave of green energy with a swing of his spear, destroying all of Eclipsa's projectiles. The horse started galloping towards Eclipsa, and the skeleton raised his spear in anticipation of her death. She summoned spears from the ground under the skeleton, but he commanded his horse to jump high, right over the spears.

Eclipsa summoned another batch at where he was going to land, and the spears pierced through his horse, killing it. The skeleton jumped off and rolled on to the ground, spear still in hand, ready to fight her. He charged in an attempt to stab her, but she parried the attack. He then raised his hand towards her and fired a few cursed bones. They all hit her armor, and the green energy exploded a short while after, throwing her back by a distance. 

He then planted his spear into the ground, sending a wave of energy through the ground and towards her. She noticed the shaking of the earth and jumped high to avoid the wave. She then summoned another barrage of spears from the air , falling towards the skeleton. Necroknight raised his spear and rotated it at a great speed, deflecting all the white spears she summoned. 

She took a diving pose in mid-air with the spear pointed at him, and landed with the spear breaking right through his. She then hit the center of his skull and completely shattered it to pieces. The skeleton fell in shambles. Eclipsa was panting from the intense fight, but she stood up shortly after, moving her left eye brow at the Witch. The Witch still seemed unimpressed, and called for the next duel.

Ghosty was running up next.

Witch: Gartz! Demolition time!

Gartz was a titan 20 times as tall as Ghosty, he had 4 faces on his head and tends to rotate between them every now and then. He had 4 arms and red plates of armor all over him. He also had a giant sword sheathed by his waist. Ghosty hovered up to the titan and teased him, like the child he is.

Ghosty: Bring it! Come on fatty!

Gartz tried punching Ghosty many times, but it was useless. Ghosty was a wisp after all, such attacks wouldn't even touch him. Ghosty, cocky as all hell, summoned a goat and threw it at the face of the titan. The goat kicked the titan and barely did anything. Gartz took the goat and slammed him hard on the ground, leaving only his remains and a lot of splattered blood. 

After that, all the red plates on Gartz started glowing, and heat started emitting out of them.

Ghosty: Fuck...

A massive infernal blast of fire and flames hit Ghosty, sending him all the way to the ground with gigantic damage. He was so crippled he couldn't even hover in the sky anymore. The giant then pointed his blast of fire to the sky, and took out his sword. He brought his sword in front of the fire and the sword started blazing red with flames. He started walking towards Ghosty for a final blow.

Ghosty: Fuck's sake...

Ghosty started taking the battle seriously, and with all his might, sturggled to stand up. He stood up eventually, but the titan was drawing close. He pointed his finger at Gartz, and started summoning... a kirby. The kirby ran towards the titan, then another kirby spawned, and did the same. A few more spawned, did the same. Another dozen, a couple more of a dozen... soon, hundreds of kirbies were all running towards the titan. They all summoned their jetpacks and swords and flied towards the titan, attacking him in the process. Thousands and thousands of kirbies followed , the sky was covered with them and the titan couldn't keep up. The number of kirbies attacking him from below were so much that he was floating in the air.

Ghosty summoned a massive goat, almost the size of Gartz. He ordered the goat to ram the titan with his horns as fast as possible, and that was exactly what the goat did. The impact was so powerful, it broke the titan in half through his belly, and the goat went right through the titan. The goat was behind the titan now. Ghosty summoned a special kirby who in turn, brandished a sword that grew to half the size of Gartz. Ghosty took the sword, jumped from behind the goat and performed a final vertical slash on Gartz that cut both his front and back faces in symmetrical halves.

A massive explosion occured as the titan was slain, and Ghosty landed on the ground with his army of kirbies surrounding him. The sword shrunk to it's normal size, and Ghosty raised it to the air, signifying his victory.

The Witch was actually shocked at how this turned from 0 to 100 very quickly. She did not expect her massive titan to be completely slain by a ghost.

Unreal was fighting in the next duel, The Witch didn't use one of her available minions though. She threw a potion to the ground in front of Unreal. A dark, cosmic copy of him formed. She laughed at Unreal's reaction, which was literally -_-

They both drew their pistols out and started trying to shoot each other at point blank, but every time one would shoot, the other would just hit the pistol away before it shoots. The bullet always ends up hitting somewhere else because the pistol would never be situated correctly with the other side causing disruptions.

At one point, neither side blocked the other's pistol. They both shot each other's pistols point blank,destroying them,  and they had to move into a fist fight. The movement of the two were identical. Neither could get a hit on the other because they would constantly block each other's attacks subconsciously. 

Eventually, Unreal got sick of this stale fight and picked up an orange from his bag. The evil copy did not have a bag of oranges and was confused at the sight he had witnessed. Unreal punched his copy's jaw with his other free hand, causing it to drop. He then shoved the orange up his mouth and punched it in to his throat. The evil copy couldn't breath or react, he tried to get it out but Unreal continued the attack.

He constantly punched his throat as the orange was in it, causing blood to drip off his neck and slowly grow into a flood of red liquid. Even though the evil copy was dead, Unreal was too into it, and kept punching on and on and on until he stopped bleeding. He picked another orange from his bag, chewed on it , right through the skin and walked back to his team.

The Witch had her spine shivering at how brutal that fight was. She really wished now that she didn't throw that potion and just sent some overpowered minion.

Hunter was coming in for the next fight. The Witch wanted to make sure that he was dead, since the W/L ratio of these duels did not look very good for her.

Witch: Juggernaut, rise!

A set of black, separated knight armor on the ground slowly rised and combined to form Juggernaut. One yellow eye glowed while the other remained in the darkness of the helmet. He was three times the size of Hunter. 

Juggernaut opened his metal hand open, revealing the inside of his gauntlet. He fired a group of missiles towards Hunter. Hunter took out his bow and fired a few split arrows at the missiles, detonating them mid-air. Juggernaut continued to fire a few more salvos, Hunter continued to finish them off until he ran out of split arrows. A missile salvo was able to hit a zone near him and the explosion radius threw him off to the ground. Juggernaut then hulk-jumped to where Hunter was, picked him up and started bashing him to the ground.

He then swung him a few times in the air and punched him with his metal fist. The force of the punch threw him away as he crashed on to the ground. His bow, quiver and whatever arrows remained in it were broken. A few of his arrows were spread over the battlefield but they were useless now that his bow is broken. Juggernaut marched towards Hunter, closing in on another punch straight to his gut.

Hunter was enraged, his lizard half took over again. His teeth sharpened, the pupil of his eyes became thin like that of a dragon and they were glowing red. He jumped at the metal beast and shredded his metal fist to pieces. Juggernaut was too slow to react, his helmet was ripped apart into metal pieces. Hunter scratched, ripped and tore through the rest of his opponent. 

There was nothing but wreckage of metal across the battlefield. Blood was dripping from Hunter's mouth, probably because he bit himself while rampaging. The Witch's spine froze like ice at this sight. Even powerful mechanical creations couldn't stop such ferocious acts from happening.

Rubik was coming next, and he was thinking a bit about the titan he summoned a while back. 

Witch: Zarnius! I will not tolerate failure this time!

I mean, it honestly didn't matter, she can't exactly do anything to dead minions so..... Anyway, Zarnius was a massive bahamut dragon with purple traced all over his wings, and purple glowing eyes as well. He flew to Rubik and started flaming the whole battlefield in an attempt to kill him. Rubik fired  an ice arrow towards the bahamut's mouth, but it melted in his fires. 

He raised his hand and raised an ironwood bark wall. The fire was slowly eating through the wall, but this gave Rubik the chance he needed. He then raised a swarm of bushes to hide in, and he slowly starting casting the spell to raising the ent.

By the time the bahamut had finished burning the bark wall, he started randomly flaming the bushes as well. The wall of flames were so high he didn't notice the ent rising from the ground to his side. Zarnius felt a massive impact on his jaw, crippling him from breathing any fire. It was the ent Rubik summoned, and it wasn't a typical easy-to-burn one.

The dragon turned to attack the ent with the claws, but his bark was too tough for his claws to leave a scratch. The ent threw another powerful punch at the dragon's chest , followed by an uppercut that sent him high in the sky. Zarnius used his wings to fly away, but Rubik launched a fire arrow at his wings shortly after, burning them and causing Zarnius to crash onto the ground.

The ent then picked Zarnius up, jumped high in the air, and smashed him so hard into the ground, his neck was snapped and blood started scattering out of him like a fountain. The dragon was now motionless, and dead. The ent returned to the underground now that it's job was done. Rubik walked back to his team.

The Witch was legit pissed now, and was losing her patience.

The duels continued, and the most epic ones have yet to come.


P.S This WAS supposed ot be the longest and most epic chapter, but with google crashing on me three times while writing, I ran out of patience and released it like this.

Sorry for the long delay, hope you like it.

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