(dear Lord, why am I making this)

Hello there, random user! I assume that you're either new around here or stalking my blog again! Haha! I'm Venera, and now I'll take you on a wonderful mini-tour of this hellhole known as the Town of Salem Wiki!

The Forum

Now, the forum is an entire section of this site dedicated to users like you! Comment on them! Play a game with others, or maybe suggest a role idea! (warning down below)

What Happens in Salem

Have the world's best game as Survivor? No one cares! But if you DO want to engrave it onto the wiki, be sure to share it here and watch as others either congratulate you or utterly despise the gamethrowers that cost you the game and a bit of your sanity!

Fun And Games

This is where you get to goof off and cause general mishap! Make a game or participate in one! Maybe you've got some kind of stupid Roleplay battle between a mod and a chat logger, or--wait. that's enough talking for now. *AHEM*

General Discussion

Here's where it gets a bit serious. At least, to the other users around here. Ask questions about the game, suggest new ideas, or simply comment about stuff that you might want people to take a little more seriously!

News And Announcements

Want some information on the latest update for the game assuming you play it? Check out here for constant update about major changes to the game! Set yourself on fire in rage at the latest Jailor nerf or feel pretty damn neutral about the newest Chaos role!

Role Ideas

Good fuck, I have to talk about the Role Ideas Board. Yup. *breathes in*

Got an interesting role that can apparently change up the game forever? Why not suggest it here?

WARNING: The following people are ToS Personnel dedicated to absolutely slaughtering your role idea. The following content is not considered safe for scrublord under the age of 13. *cough cough*


Dongarinos AKA Momo


There are more role reviewers, but these guys are the main threats. Approach with caution and a small bribe of $250 or more and be prepared to receive hate.

Minority warning ends here.

Live Chat

Live chat is the main hotspot of the wiki, where users from around the world can join together and talk in somehwat-real time (if you have lag, sucks to be you)! Here are some of the users you will most likely encounter!

Light Bomber- Kinda has to be here and log the chat, but he's welcome to a little conversation and making you shoot yourself in the knee at his riddles. Ugh.

VeneraSurvivalGuid101- Yes, me. No, I'm not flaunting myself, it's just the truth!

Playful Trickster 101- Also known as Felicia, Playful is usually around in chat looking for someone to talk to! Mainly me so she can crush my bones, though ;-;

Ulithemuli- FINALLY, someone with INFLUENCE around here. The legend of this wiki, the one that's been carrying this wiki on his back ever since it was a little baby BOI *airhorns*. While he is humble about it, no one can deny that he's the MVP of the administrators.

Addfire- Ze likes to pop in and out of chat, so ze's kinda like a collectible. Just keep walking in circles until you find zer then GO FOR THE KILL-

Cripes, GTG again. Review that noise and tell me what you think!

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