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    Role Idea Collection

    October 31, 2016 by Ulithemuli

    I wanted to collect links to role ideas that have been posted here in the wiki forums! Not all of them, of course. Just some I personally liked enough to comment on!

    - Dog Tamer by Pr meZ: Can protect multiple targets at the same time, but can protect the same target only twice. Balanced with different strengths and weaknesses.
    - Surdus by Seth1299: Target can receive no chat messages or whispers, but can still chat or whisper. Simple role, useful effect.
    - Burglar by Mosquitosid: Read a target's current last will. Also simple role and useful effect.
    - Hobo by KennyAriesInfiniteXV: Can visit others at night and is immune to all attacks, but will die if their target dies. Encourages teamplay with Mafia, Neutral Killing or Town Protective… Read more >
  • Ulithemuli

    Testing Grounds

    June 6, 2015 by Ulithemuli

    abilities yada yada these are abilities

    sec 2 stuff


    Veteran a normal link.

    a template link.

    Veteran colorful text with the SPAN tag.

    colorful text with the DIV tag.

    Veteran "red" text with the FONT tag.

    Veteran "45BF00" text with the FONT tag.

    Veteran "onlybig" class text.

    Veteran "onlysmall" class text.

    Veteran copypasted from Veteran template.

    |summary = A corrupt cop who takes the law into his own hands. |abilities = Choose to take justice into your own hands and shoot someone. |investigator = Your target owns weapons. They could be a , or . |consigliere = Your target will bend the law to enact justice. They must be a . |priority = 4 |attributestext = If you shoot another Town member you will commit suicide over the guilt.
    You can only shoot you…

    Read more >