Role: Exiler

Alignment: Town (Council)

Sheriff: Your target is not suspicious

Investigator: Your target seeks justice, they must be a Sheriff, Retributionist, Executioner or Exiler

Consigliere: Your target exiles people, they must be an exiler

Abilites: -Exile a person at night -The exiled person will appear dead to the town. -If the exiled person wasn't a town member, the exiler will be able to exile another person -If the exiled person was a town member, the exiler will turn into a jester

Attributes: -Night Immune -Able to communicate with other exilers at night

Story: The former mayor sat in his chair, with the same, depressed look on his face, nobody ever knew why, until the night of his "death". The mayor seemingly was killed by the mafia, the town was in horror and started a widespread panic, the mayor returned and admitted his lies, revealing that he had lost his ring, only to his horror, there was another mayor elected, he tried his hardest to regain his power, but it was not possible. The former mayor bashed into his house in anger, and revealed his stern, strict face again, he was no longer the mayor, he was the exiler.

Role: Dueler

Alignment: Neutral (Evil)

Sheriff: Your target is a Dueler!

Investigator: Your target owns weapons, they are a Veteran, Vigilante, Mafioso or Dueler

Consigliere: Your target kidnaps and duels people for a living, they must be a Dueler!


-Able to capture and duel people (Day ability)

-If the captured person is a non killing role, they will die

-If the captured is a killing role, you will die


-Night Immune

-Able to talk with the captured person until the end of the night

STORY: The Dueler lures a person into their home just at sunset, nobody knows why, and nobody will probably never know why. Rumour says he duels them in the night honourably in a fight to the death. But once, when the vigilante was dragged in for a duel, the dueler was found dead, to the relief of many. STORY CREATED BY HUFFINGKLEA22

Role: Historian

Alignment: Town (Investigative)

Sheriff: Your target is not suspicious

Investigator: Your target works on paper sneakily, they are a Forger or a Historian

Consigliere: Your target can view last wills, they must be a Historian!


-View last wills of people who are still alive at night

-There is a small chance that your target would have a reveal if they have a death note


-Your target will know that their last will has been revealed to the historian

Story: The forger sat back on her chair, pondering if what the mafia did, would destroy her hometown of Salem, she made the decision, and ran from Salem, the town knew the next day that she had been missing, and they searched the woods around for her, no luck, the next night she returned, to everybody's surprise. But she no longer works for the mafia, after a full day of pondering, she decided, she would be a part of the town.

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