They recently added "End Game Screen" a listing of who you played with at the end of every match. You can see Player ID, alias, and role. So how is this working for you?  To begin with, I am seeing less offensive names in the game. But I am making a list of players who are team quitters;

For example, maatt20 - quit as GF and cost his team the win. I was playing as Jester so it didn't matter to me, but I don't want to play with a jerk. Other jerks who quit (suicides) early are; smithwick, dav12123, Ezkel, Xaepher, bizarrospur, and Nimawei. These players quit because they got medium or other equally bad reasons. If they had stayed their team could have won the match.

So this allows me to compile a team quitting moron list. But it also allows me to friend players, who I enjoyed playing with, and want to play with again in future games. So this feature is a double edged sword. It pins down the trolls and trouble makers and allows us to make positive friendships to improve the game. Good job on adding this needed feature BlankMediaGames!

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