I get stuck playing this role a lot. I am a beautiful woman skilled in distraction... I am a what?  It sounds like I am a transvert.. a transvesp... a trans... a male prostitute in drag.  I don't like this role much because it has no defense and is an offense. I leave notes in my will as to who I visit and how much they paid and what service was rendered. But that doesn't help. There was a game with three escorts and you can guess how much that helped.  

One time while playing this role, I got arrested. The jailor asked "role please or die?" after I responded the jerk executed me and later after my death said the role wasn't "critical to winning". Damn police... Then I confided in the doctor what role I played. He left it in his will and I died after the doctor's will was read.

So this is a role that is very questionable. Not just in the description but in the abilities... more like inabilities. I see many people just quit out when they get this role. Maybe it should be upgraded or replaced? I don't know, back before I became a nobody, I recall many prostitutes that carried small guns or knives for protection. Maybe they could replace it with a Flasher? Flashers and streaking was all the rage back a hundred years ago. I remember streaking myself, I had to stop when all the men at the police station wanted my phone number.

I get this role a lot, but I never quit and I play it to the best of my ability.

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