A friend stopped by my box the other day. He says, "Town of Salem is a lot like Clue.". Well in a way I suppose, it could be, but then again Clue is about 5 people catching 1 killer. Town of Salem is about roughly a dozen people trying to stop multiple killers who continue to kill them. I haven't played Clue lately because it is so boring. But then this got me to thinking...

Would it be possible to repackage "Town of Salem" as a board game? I am not talking about it in the legal sense and I have no means to create a board game. I am saying how would you get 15 people sitting at a table unless you own a much bigger box than I do? uh where was I?  

So now you take 14 of your friends down to Burger King™ and sit down to play this game. Plenty of room and free toilets!! Next to deal out the random roles, you would need cards shuffled and drawn at random. But since you are not playing on a computer how would players know who is who? How would the jailer arrest people? How would the serial killer kill without people knowing the player's identity?

There are some major obscy... major obstri... major barriers along the way making a table top version. While I believe it could be done, it would be too much work to make a board game. Not to mention you would need to find 14 friends to play with and not get kicked out of McDonald's™ while playing it and cursing at your friends for killing you on the first turn.

As it would turn out this game was a large party game played in Russian colleges back in the mid 1980s. It was originally called "Mafia" created by Dmitry Davidoff in 1986. Later renamed "Werewolves " with rule variations by Andrew Plotkin.  At the end of the day Clue will remain boring and Town of Salem will always be played on a computer network. 

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