Hello everyone, thish is you pal Town Drunk here with another informative blog. Pull up the bucket over there... wait! no better not I used that one last night. Grab that wooden crate and have a seat. First let me say, I am NOT the best player of "Town of Salem". But you can be a better player than most out there. If you need tips there is already a whole section on that here on the wikia. This is about self improstra... imposit... uh self development.

TOS menu bar

Button Menu

There is the button menu; Full Screen, Report User, Music Toggle, Chat History, and Peronal Will (death notes if you are a killer). I just want to focus on the last two Chat History and Wills.

Chat History

Using this will make you the better player by reading "who said what to who". You should also look at who votes guilty the most and the quickest. Why? Because the mafia know exactly who NOT to vote for, so they are quick to elect townies to be hung and vote guilty quickly. Mafia abstain or vote innocent on mafia members being hung. Chat History allows you to review the trials.

TOS chat

Click to Read

If you examine this chat log you will see I was playing the mafia framer John Willard and the executioner said he was attacked last night, I asked how did you survive then?

He made the fatal mistake of telling them about his immunity. "Oh so you are SK, GF, or EXE?" We then got him lynched. I used psychology to outwit the townies in the remainder of this game. Even though the GF got hung, I ended up being the only mafioso to survive.

Thus a mix of reading the chat log and convincing the townies you are on there side is a great benefit. Using vulgar language and accusing other players will get you dead that much quicker. You are better off to tell people, "I don't know.".  Townies should also be cautious about exposing their role. When asked by others than the jailor, when you are arrested, "I will only tell my role to the jailor." is the best response. If the jailor is already dead you need to rephrase it.

Will and Death Note

TOS wills

Click to Read

If your role is investigative keep notes in your will. Some serial killers will tell the town in the death note who is immune to their attacks. Be creative and don't draw pictures of a penis or other vulgar stuff in your will. Nobody really thinks you are "cool" by leaving troll faces in your will either.

Here I am playing as Lookout. I kept notes on who I was "window peeking" and unless the chat said something I made up my own notes. Nothing vulgar, just something funny and creative. Later I was shot in this role by the veteran... never peek in the veteran's windows.

This brings me to my next important point about wills and death notes

The Graveyard

TOS graves
It would seem that nobody pays much attention to who is in the graveyard or bothers to click on their name and examine their will in greater detail. I was playing the serial killer and the jailor arrested me and I killed him while in jail. His will read Town Drunk is SK... and I survived. I practically confessed and yet they hung an escort instead. All three mafia were dead, the medium is screaming my name at their trial and they just ignored all the facts.

ALWAYS study the wills of sheriff, jailor, and investigator. Leave important information at the top of your will. No vulgarity, if you want people to take you seriously.

Ok pal, I hope that helps! If you happens to has any loosh change floating about in you poscket leave some in my tin can.

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