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  • I live in the second box in the alley by the all night liquor store.
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is Boat Captain Exxon Valdez
  • I am male last time I looked
  • Town Drunk

    They recently added "End Game Screen" a listing of who you played with at the end of every match. You can see Player ID, alias, and role. So how is this working for you?  To begin with, I am seeing less offensive names in the game. But I am making a list of players who are team quitters;

    For example, maatt20 - quit as GF and cost his team the win. I was playing as Jester so it didn't matter to me, but I don't want to play with a jerk. Other jerks who quit (suicides) early are; smithwick, dav12123, Ezkel, Xaepher, bizarrospur, and Nimawei. These players quit because they got medium or other equally bad reasons. If they had stayed their team could have won the match.

    So this allows me to compile a team quitting moron list. But it also allows m…

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  • Town Drunk

    End Game?

    January 21, 2015 by Town Drunk

    Thish is your old pal Town Drunk. I have played the "Town of Salem" for almost a month now and really enjoy the concept that "Blank Media Games" came up with on the original game Mafia created by Dmitry Davidoff in 1986. The game concept is great and the software plays well in my browser.  I hope they make tons of cash.

    However some of the players are ruining the fun of this game. They are being racist, vulgar, and cheating. The cheaters enter into a party of three or more people and play the game knowing who and what their roles are via cells, skype, facebook chat, etc.. They throw the game for one member of their party to earn an achievement. Some do it just to be spiteful and wreck the game.

    Personally, they are lucky I am not part of "Blan…

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  • Town Drunk

    Be the Better Player

    January 14, 2015 by Town Drunk

    Hello everyone, thish is you pal Town Drunk here with another informative blog. Pull up the bucket over there... wait! no better not I used that one last night. Grab that wooden crate and have a seat. First let me say, I am NOT the best player of "Town of Salem". But you can be a better player than most out there. If you need tips there is already a whole section on that here on the wikia. This is about self improstra... imposit... uh self development.

    There is the button menu; Full Screen, Report User, Music Toggle, Chat History, and Peronal Will (death notes if you are a killer). I just want to focus on the last two Chat History and Wills.

    Using this will make you the better player by reading "who said what to who". You should also look at…

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    Comparing This to Clue

    January 11, 2015 by Town Drunk

    A friend stopped by my box the other day. He says, "Town of Salem is a lot like Clue.". Well in a way I suppose, it could be, but then again Clue is about 5 people catching 1 killer. Town of Salem is about roughly a dozen people trying to stop multiple killers who continue to kill them. I haven't played Clue lately because it is so boring. But then this got me to thinking...

    Would it be possible to repackage "Town of Salem" as a board game? I am not talking about it in the legal sense and I have no means to create a board game. I am saying how would you get 15 people sitting at a table unless you own a much bigger box than I do? uh where was I?  

    So now you take 14 of your friends down to Burger King™ and sit down to play this game. Plenty o…

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  • Town Drunk

    You can easily win as serial killer, I have several times, just ask my dead wives. oh You can't... ok ask me. Did you ask,"Hey Town Drunk, how can I win as serial killer?"? Pull up the bucket over there and I will throw out my pearls before swine.

    As serial killer you are immune to night attacks, this means if someone tells the town you are immune you need to convince them you are the executioner unless he is dead and say second executioner playing in all any mode. Then you need to quickly redirect it back at the plantaphile... the complantmer... the accuser, saying they must be mafioso or godfather, since they attacked you at night. Unfortunately some towns love to hang executioners! I was serial killer in a town and just because of night …

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