This actually happened to me in a game and I would just like to ask what you would have done in my situation. I am Jester, there is a Investigator, Veteran, and Godfather, and all roles of all players are known publicly. The Townies are trying to lynch the GF but want me to vote with them. I don't because then I lose. Meanwhile the GF votes me and tells them to lynch me and that he would vote guilty, because otherwise lynching me would lead to them losing. Nobody is lynched and that night the GF kills the Vet(Who had no alerts). Now the GF manages to convince the Invest to vote me onto trial, and says if the invest votes Guilty along with him, he won't kill and will let me decide who wins. GF votes, and a few seconds later the Invest does, and they both said guilty. The question here is do you kill the Invest and let the 2 mafia in the game win, or the GF to let the several Townies win?

I chose to kill the Investigator, but not just because I flipped a coin. To me, it seemed the GF had put being a decent human over a guaranteed win, and he had even offered the Town the chance to lynch me with him voting guilty so they would win, but they refused. Additionally the Invest and vet had gotten mad at me when I refused to vote with them. In the end the GF seemed to act as a better person so I let him win, and true to his word he did not attack the Invest as he had voted guilty.

What would you have done?

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