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“ughhhh…” Rex finally got up. “I drank way too much…” He was definitely having a hangover. And it wasn’t even that long ago, like two hours. “Where the hell is everyone else?”


Rex realized there was someone else in the room. “Who’s there?”

“It’s me...old pal.”

Rex’s eyes bulged. “Why are you here? I thought—”


Rex had been killed.

“Haw, you know this is a foolish decision on your part.”

“Octo, listen to me, please. I need to head to the library with Zed and check that everything is well for the work in the library.” Haw was trying to compromise with the Godfathers, one who was having lunch and another standing up, looking at that salad sternly in the eye. Octo looked back at Haw.

“What if Zed kills you? There’s no way we can spare having him do that to you!

“I can handle him. Don’t think just because you’re the Godfather, that you’re the only one who can kill. I have my weapons too.” Octo’s eyes peered towards Haw’s belt, where his dagger sat, well-hidden but easily accessible.

“…alright then, Consigliere. Remember, we might not kill anymore, but the Mafia still has honor to defend.”

Haw smiled, and bowed. “As you wish, Godfather.”

There was a banana. His name was Sondz.

And he didn’t know what kind of feelings he should feel currently.

He was first told that a murderer had killed Yami, and then Ghosty said he found ashes on the chopping block. What was he to believe anymore? All he knew, was that so far Yami had died, and that Ghosty and Rex were the first ones to find out, that being Ghosty looking through the window, and Rex going inside to look for clues. He paced back and forth between his room, getting absolutely no inspiration whatsoev-


Why did Ghosty consult Rex first? It was obvious that Hawaiian was the more superior of the two brothers, rising to position as the Mafia Consigliere, and both were Admins anyway. Hawaiian would be the blatantly first choice to go to!

Sondz halted in his tracks. That banana-brain started thinking.

What if Ghosty was the culprit?

It was something he didn’t want to believe, but it would line up with how he found out Yami was dead. He most likely was leaving the crime scene, and that would explain his alibi of “looking through the windows”. It would also explain why Ghosty went to Rex first and not Haw, since Haw would most obviously look through and find out things immediately. His paranoia was either a lie, or just an extension of hoping to not get caught.

But what would he benefit from killing Yami?

Sondz started to panic. Maybe this was a bigger conspiracy than he thought. He immediately took out his phone, and called the first person he could think of.

“Chengsha? Where are you, I need to talk to you about something immediately.”

“And, I quote: ‘Thy art a bogey lard tard!’ What an idiot!”


“Hey, you two Lookouts. What are you up to?” It was Vertroyer, the Janitor, but also the deadliest Moderator in the bar. Who literally had a bed in one of the chambers inside.

“Oh, nothing. We were talking about something we saw last night; it was simply hilarious. Am I right, man? Am I right?”

“Hmm. That’s cool. Who were you visiting?” Vert began to mop the floor, noticing the glass shards that Rex had left behind.

“That is confidential information.”

“Hmm. Maybe I should make that clear.” Vertroyer turned his broom around, revealing the blood that was stained at the end of the mop. “Who. Were. You. Visiting.”

“O-okay Vert! Fine! Fine! We were visiting Venera!” Vertroyer continued to mop the floor, and got to work on the tables that Octo and NOSCOPESWEG, well, had fought on. He couldn’t help but grumble at the chairs thrown around. Sometimes he just wished the two Godfathers had more mind than fist.

“Venera? Why would you two be up in zer business? Ze’s not great with visitors, you know.”

“Ze? I thought it was a hi-”

“Dude! Respect people’s pronouns!”

“Oh, fuck, I’m sorry Vert. I thought-”

“Eh, no big deal,” grumbled Vertroyer. “Misunderstandings happen. So what did you two boys find out there?”

“I think Ghosty had headed in there? And Sondz, though the two didn’t see each other.”

Vertroyer chuckled. “Interesting. Anything else?”

“I’m pretty sure we were hearing some talk from the Fallen Investigator. He was going all Old English in his bedroom.”

Vert laughed. “Oh, Spicy. Probably he’s working on that school play they needed to have.” One of the Lookouts seemed interested.

“The Fallen Investigator’s a scriptwriter?”

“Apparently. I didn’t know that either.”

Suddenly, the doorbells jingled. “Vert, someone told me to hand this letter to you.” The Janitor looked quizzically at the paper. He seemed to have a look of understanding after reading it, however.

“I see then. Good work.”

Hawaiian waited patiently at the library. It was already 5:00 in the afternoon, and he should be getting dinner now. He’d been previously playing blackjack at the Disco, and had won quite the lot of coins. Of course, he’d already had a ton, so this wasn’t too surprising to him.

Still, he was a bit shocked.

“Hey Haw. I see you beat me here.” It was Zed, who was in his casual clothes; blue Letterman jacket, with brown sweatpants. He still wore his Sheriff hat that Yami gave to him, however.

“Hey Zed. Didja ge- is that coffee?” Zed happened to also be holding a cup of hot brown liquid, and only till now did Haw notice that Zed was losing attention. “Zed. Zed. Zed zed zed zed zed.”



“Wh-what? I’m here!” Some coffee spilled onto the ground. Zed seemed to be not on his best today.

Hawaiian sighed. “Let’s get to the conference room before you trip, fall over, and die.” And with that, Hawaiian proceeded to walk over to the conference room.

Only to be stopped by a set of phalanges.

“Ahh!” Hawaiian jumped, and by instinct took his knife out and tried to stab the pursuer. But Hawaiian’s target was smarter. He jumped into the air, holding a white ivory revolver. Only did now, Hawaiian realize his visitor. He smiled. “Hi there, Spicy.”

“Sup.” Spicy fell gracefully to the ground, and took off his fedora. “I believe you two are heading to the conference room, yes? For what matters?”

“Ah, we were just going to talk about the new plans, for the whole school nearby, you know?” Hawaiian swallowed. He couldn’t let any panic flow through the Town.

“Mmhmm. But that has nothing to do with you entering Yami’s house.”

“Well, you know, I was gonna go consult her about something.” Hawaiian was bluffing lies right out of his ass.

“Mmhmm. Hard to consult dead people though, right? Last time I checked you were a Consigliere?”


“Why do you know, Spicy?”

Spicy rolled(?) his eyes. “Haw, you know we’re all here for the same reason. We’re trying to find the murderer in Town, but we don’t want to open it up to the public and cause hysteria.”

“…fine. Who else knows?”

“Well, we found some possible evidence of suspicious behavior in the Town. Means that Playful is gonna have to join the meeting though.”

Hawaiian’s expression softened. “Of course Playful can come in. Hell, they’re probably the most loyal Townie I’ve seen in a while. I mean, not even Z-”


Hawaiian really wanted to slap that goofy and peaceful smile off of Zed’s face. “Zed, wake up damnit.”


Suddenly, a mysterious hand took Zed’s half-full mug of coffee, and poured it on his face. “AHHHHHHH”

“Who the hell is there.” Spicy’s hand shot out to attack the offender, only to be blocked by a suddenly appearing Playful. “Playful, this is a threat that we’re seeing, let go!”

“It’s me guys, chill chill chill. Also, I’m getting in on this crap, sick and tired of waiting.”

It was naturally, the Disguiser. Addfire.

“So you say that Ghosty killed Yami?”

“…yes. I would like to believe so.”

“Sondz, you know that Alex wouldn’t do such a thing,” Chengsha told Sondz. The two were at Chengsha’s house, and Sondz had talked to her about some of the suspicions he had.

“He can hide anything with those Kirbies! Hell, he’s a fucking Lord of the Kirbies, and I have no idea how he even got here to Salem!”

“Didn’t he descend from the sky?”

“Pretty sure he was smuggled in, same way how his mom smuggled his ass out.”

Chengsha gasped. “Sondz! What is wrong with you?” All Sondz could feel was utter anger. The goddamn betrayal of that wisp, he should’ve known.

“Ghosty is what’s wrong with me. Hell, if I get a chance, I’m going to murder him.”

“You’re turning into a murderer, Sondz!”

“…” Sondz sighed. “You’re right. I shouldn’t let my emotions control me.”

“You’re a banana, since when did you ever have emotions?” Sondz chuckled. He felt some of his rage dissipate.

“Heh. Thanks, Chengsha.”

“It’s alright, Sondz. Don’t scream about things you haven’t encountered yourself, you know.”

Yeah. But he’d encountered Ghosty before.

He felt like he was gonna have to encounter him again.

Desert was gathering materials for his next experiment. Hopefully this time, he’d be able to strike something new. Failures were adding up and repeating, and it’d frustrated Desert to the point where he had a writing block for his own creative writing.

He wrote in his diary.

It appears that there has been chaos ensuing within the Town. Yami has been murdered in cold blood, and I’ve managed to succeed in my plans. They listened to me, keeping the murder in check. Sondz will be followed up later on tonight on the plan, and thus I will be able to ki—

Desert heard a click. His eyes narrowed, looking through the glass. He shook it around, and tried to see if any new findings were occurring.

Suddenly, a gun shot through the window. Glass was broken. Desert began to panick. It was it, they were onto him. Last month hadn’t been enough. He tried go up the loft to hide in the attic, but when he almost got there? He felt a surge of pain pull in his leg. “Fuck!”

There were poisonous, thorny vines hanging down from the ceiling. Desert fell, only to be tangled by this vegetation that he’d never noticed before.

Desert knew that he couldn’t beat the clock, but he still managed to pull out a crumpled piece of paper, and a pen. He furiously wrote everything down, his powers and role, his suspicions, and who he’d trust and bear faith in after he died. But before he could finish, the paper tore.

So did his skin.

He managed to hastily write a few notes on the ceiling, before passing out and losing consciousness.

Desert slowly bled to death over two hours.

“Uli, I got a request for you. I need to get rid of my brother.”

The chair swiveled around, revealing a man with a white lab coat, and grey hair. “Tell me why, and my compensations.”

“He’s been taking all of the adminly powers, he always leaves Town for what he calls errands, and the order in the Mafia is falling apart. No one listens to me anymore.” The young Godfather reached for his pockets, and laid on the table a blank check. “Give me a price first.”

“Hmm. To take out the Elder Godfather…I’m afraid eight grand is needed for starters. If you want to get him quicker, you’re gonna have to sweeten the pot.”

The young Jim gritted his teeth. “I’ll pay you ten grand pounds, and you kill him in one week.”

Uli smiled. “Are you sure, my dear friend?”

A gun popped out. “Listen, Uli. I can murder you right now, and no one will even notice your death. If you don’t take the deal, I’ll…” He couldn’t find his words. “…I’ll burn your library.”

Uli’s eyebrows wrinkled. “If you make such a threat, then perhaps I’ll accept ten grand. I’ll take payment when I’ve finished.”

“So it’s a deal?”

“…yes, my young boy.”

The two hands shook. Something was about to unravel in the Town.

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