“Oh my god what just happened I can’t take it I—”

“Calm down, Ghosty. Calm down. It’s okay, just tell me what happened.” Ghosty had just barged into Desert’s house, and was full of tears. Two Kirbys had carried Ghosty in on his legs.

“It’s not okay! They died!”

The door flung open. “Desert, you called?” It was Spicy, who was wearing their normal hooded jacket and a pair of basketball shorts. Their shades were in his shirt pocket, revealing his red eyes. They also had a scarf now around them. “I was busy talking to Sondz whe- oh.” Spicy noticed the situation at hand. “Uh, Ghosty? You chill mate? I thought we were gonna go convert the library articles to colour paper?”

Ghosty looked back.

“Yami’s dead.”

The Investigator looked around, inside Yami’s house. They didn’t find much, only a few hastily written documents on their desk. Rex was concerned. Yami’s body had only been discovered a few hours ago, and only him and Ghosty knew so far. There was no signs of injury, and nothing could be told as to how they'd died. All Rex knew was that Yami had no heartbeat now. If Yami’s death went out too fast, there would be a severe breakdown in leadership. And no way could they have that.

A glass jar fell onto the floor, shattering into pieces. Rex had accidentally banged the bookshelf when getting up. “Damnit, more things are broken. Not going well.” Suddenly, he noticed something.

That hadn’t been a glass jar. It was a locked chest. And the glass lock had shattered.

Rex hesitated for a few moments, and then slowly, inched his fingers towards the lid of the chest. He opened it up, and began to look for clues.

“…hmm?” He picked up a piece of what seemed to have been a shard of a shattered urn. He took out his magnifying glass, only to slowly see the implications. He immediately shoved it into his pocket, and headed towards the bar.

The urn was a symbol.

The Mafia.

“How? I can’t believe it!”

“It-it’s true, her body is-is still there, in-inside the h-house.” Ghosty was sniffling. “I-I just found out.”

Desert’s eyes started rolling around. “Who would’ve done this? Have you gone and seen yet?”

“N-not yet, the d-door is still l-locked.”

Desert’s eyes glinted. “I think we should go see for ourselves, but I don’t know how we’re gonna find where they are…”

Spicy raised his eyebrows. “What are you suggesting? Because I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to head into their house. That’s private property. You can get exiled for that, you know.”

Desert sulked. “Yeah, I guess. But how are we gonna find out any more information?”

“Well, you can always go to the bar,” said a new voice. The skeleton got up, and smirked when he saw the newcomer.

“Hello, Sondz.”

“…hello, Spicy.”

There was an awkward hug after that.

“What do you mean, ‘were you involved in something’?”

Rex took a sip of his beer. “You know very well what I mean, Haw. Tell me. Was the Mafia out last night, working anywhere?”

Hawaiian gave a confused look. “Are you saying that we’re killing people? They’re anons, they literally come and go. Besides, we only deport them outside the town gate.”

“Hah,” laughed Rex, with little humor. “I’m not talking about anons, mind you. Who I’m talking about is much larger than that.”

Hawaiian squinted his eyes. “What the hell do you mean? Stop speaking in riddles, Rex. We’re both Admins, you can say what you want. Yami’s always been friends with the Mafia.”

“…that’s the problem. Your friend?” Rex dropped his glass, which shattered into millions of little pieces, and went up to Hawaiian’s ear.

“She’s dead.”

“She’s dead?”

“Yeah, I thought you got that from our conversation,” inquired Spicy. “When did you start listening outside our door?”

“Hem, it’s not you and Desert’s door. It’s Desert’s house, after all.”

Spicy rolled his eyes. “Whatever. The point is, Yami’s dead, and we’re gonna go to the bar to see if anyone knows what happened.”

The four walked into the bar, and saw that, well, not very many people were there. Only a few: Zed, Rex and Haw, FirePyre (who was busy trying to negotiate with Vert about the whole standing on the counter thing), and some anons. Zed looked up from his phone, and nodded his head. “Hey guys.”

“Hey.” The four walked down to a table that was one over from Rex and Haw, and sat down.

“Four champagnes please,” Desert demanded. The waiter went to get the drinks. While he was out, Desert gave Spicy an odd look. “What is it with you and insisting we get champagnes? We’ve been doing this, every day , since you’ve come to Salem.”

Spicy shrugged. “Wrong question for the wrong time. Anyhow, Ghosty, how’d you find out?”

Ghosty was finally recovering from what happened. “I saw from her window. Her body was literally on the ground.”

“Doesn’t she usually have her windows closed?” Sondz suddenly asked. “And who else knows?”

“Rex. He went into the house after I told him, but I didn’t see him after. I just ran over to you guys.”

Spicy put his shades on, hiding his eyes. “Well, it could be the staff. After all, if Yami dies, then someone else could take charge. Meaning that one of the Admins would become Mayor-”

“What the hell do you mean she’s dead?” Haw stood up, one eye twitching. “Rex, this isn’t funny.”

“It’s not. I literally discovered her body an hour ago.”

“Well why didn’t you call me over?”

Sondz looked uncomfortable. “Great, now everyone knows that Yami’s dead.”

“Because I wanted to find clues first! And you know what I found?” Rex laid a shard that he found onto the table.

“Your honor that you’ve been looking for.”

Haw was thoroughly pissed. He thought Rex trusted him like his own brother, the two investigatives of the Town and Mafia, but now he backstabbed him?

“We’ve abandoned that a while since, Rex,” Hawaiian said through clenched teeth, “and I don’t know what you’re trying to say.”

“Well guess what? You guys have been looking for this for ages now, and I don’t know what you want to try and get this small, worthless—”

“Did you just call the Mafia worthless?” Hawaiian was yelling literally in Rex’s ear. Rex was deathly pale now.

“I, no, I wasn’t-”

“Rex. Quit it. If we’re brothers, then don’t hid from me. And you know what you’ve done? You’ve backstabbed me.”

And with that, the Consigliere walked out.

“Begone with you, Rex.”

Hawaiian was angry beyond thought now. Rex hadn’t bothered to tell him firsthand, that Yami died, and only tried to work through it himself. He felt betrayed, disgusted, and he was tempted to shove that little magnifyi-


He couldn’t let himself be controlled by his own emotions. Yami was dead, and the Town needed leadership. He couldn’t fall to the emotions.

In the distance, he heard someone yell his name.

That could wait, as for now? He needed information. He opened Yami’s door.

“Haw! Can you hear me or not?” Spicy was concerned. “He’s not responding. Crap, he’s really triggered.”

“…I think we should let this go for a while. Nothing else has popped up, and I’m not sure if we can really find anything,” Sondz suggested. “Besides, don’t you and Ghosty have library work to do?”

“Yeah, I suppose we should get to work on that…” Ghosty tried to muster a smile. “Come on, Felix! Let’s go and murder some black and white papers!”

“Eh, I guess we can do that while we wait for Haw to get back.” With that, the two departed, one floating and another sprinting on the air, both with surprisingly fast speeds.

“Damn, look at those two. Faster than Buzz Lightyear himself,” Desert mused.

Sondz laughed airily. “Desert. You know what we should do, since those two nuts are out of the way?”

“Ice cream?”

“Gang gang! Let’s get at it!”

Rex sat alone in his seat. He was drinking away to his beer, goofily smiling at the clock. After all, he’d already lost his sworn brother. Why should he give a damn?

“Rex? Can you come over here for a second? I need to talk to you.”

“Ehh, just cooome over heeh.” Rex was drunk and wasted at this point. Zed walked over, a bit unimpressed.

“Rex, you can’t be drunk on the job, right? There’s gonna be fights over if the Investigator should continue being Admin if you do this.”

“ehh don’t worry aboutttt itt”

“Rex. You’re wasted, you know that right?”

“nooo I’m not”

Zed sighed. “Come on, Rex. Lemme carry you back home.”

“nooo I want moooar beee-”

Walking in, Spicy and Ghosty were ready to stain the pages blood-red. They’d volunteered to redesign all of the articles of the books present, and Yami approved, so they began their work. It was tedious, ripping out one page, scanning it and rebuilding it into something that would be much more readable. They dried the pages after inking them, and lay them on the trees outside to dry.

They’d usually have to shoo away the anons who tried to rip apart the pages with a pistol and a revolver, but this time a Lookout had volunteered to watch. Spicy and Ghosty were working hard, reading through everything to make sure it was perfect, the grammar wasn’t off, the printer wasn’t failing, everything.

Everything had to be perfect.

Ghosty was busy screening one of the older pages, named “Serial Killer”, when he heard a cry, that someone was dying. His nerves were tensing, and he slowly turned around.

No one was there.

“Spicy? Was that you?”

Ghosty put down the page, and drifted over to see what happened. But he couldn’t find anything. He headed out the library.

“Someone there?”

He continued to wander around. When his eyes moved to the chopping block, laying in the middle of the Town, he gasped.

There were ashes. It was black, sooty, and Ghosty bulged his eyes. That hadn’t been there before, had it? He backed away, obviously terrified of this new finding, and he ran away. The killer is going to murder this whole Town.

Ghosty was starting to lose it.

“Ah, the joys of being able to scan these papers now, eh?” Desert tapped on one of the papers that Spicy was revising.

“Leave me alone. Your ice cream is really tantalizing, seriously.” Spicy was furiously revising the page, adding new notes and punctuation there, and he’d already wasted five pens. The sixth was almost wasted.

“Hey. What’s that over there?”

“What?” Spicy looked up. While Spicy was distracted, Desert smeared a small bit of ice cream on the paper. Now the draft was a bit more…salacious.

“I thought I saw Haw leave Yami’s house.”

Spicy rolled his eyes. He narrowed his eyes at Desert, and chuckled. “I might be red-eyed, but I can see what’s real and not, mate.” He went back to his draft, and continued to scribble new notes and references. Suddenly—


The paper was torn.

Spicy was in disbelief. He slowly looked up to Desert, and took off his shades. And those red eyes…

They were a-blazing. Red wisps were drifting away from his right eye, while his left eye had completely disappeared. Anger had materialized.


“Dude, what the hell are you talking about? You teared that yourself!” Desert was trying not to laugh so hard.

…you know what you did.” Spicy pushed him away, and picked up another sheet to rewrite. Desert tried to get back, closer to Spicy, but a red ivory bone emerged in Spicy’s left phalanges. “get the fuck away if you want to live, mate.

“O-okay, jeez…” Desert slowly backed off, and started to walk away, probably to go find an article to read. Meanwhile, Spicy was still pissed. Desert had just ruined all of that work, for a prank.

A prank.

Two weeks ago, he’d already seen his own book be vandalized by an anon. They’d literally ripping every page out, and tearing them apart, leaving it all over the floor. Hawaiian tried to stop them, but they started arguing, which eventually turned into yelling, and the anon even wrote ugly messages on Haw’s house. Thankfully, Haw was able to get his shotgun and kill that anon, who was now directly violating the law.

If you can’t beat em to talk, you beat em with gun.

Spicy smiled. He’d get his revenge soon enough.

Soon enough.

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