Salem, England.

It was a truly extravagant place, where people lived in peace, and lots would happen every day. Constantly, there’d be news on how Salem, Massachusetts was being haunted by horrible Witches, Arsonists, and the Mafia; here, they lived in peace.

Well, sort of. They at least tried to not kill each other. They certainly pranked each other a lot, and memed around.

See, the Mafia here was different. They were less of a secret, mass-murder terrorist group that planned to take over the Town; no, they were just in charge of the bar. Well, most anyway. There were also quite a few differences.

First off, the Mafia had two Godfathers, Octometaknight and, as they called him, 360NOSCOPESWEG, and the two? They were brothers. They’d inherited the family wealth from their father, who never left a last will (some accuse Vertroyer’s father to have done such a thing, the bastard cleaning up the wills as he was), and so they took lead of the Mafia together. There weren’t many members of the Mafia anymore, only three that were still active: Hawaiian, Addfire, and, as mentioned before, Vertroyer.

Hawaiian was the Consigliere, constantly taking note of others and often going to the library to administer any errors. He was an Admin, a citizen with leaderly powers. Despite him being a main part of the Mafia, he usually sat with his right-hand brother: Rex the Investigator. Rex was like Hawaiian, an Admin, but they were much more unbiased, and lacked a steel heart, unlike Hawaiian. Both would always head to the library, checking up on all books, and always being able to reverse any changes that certain citizens (many times anons, those who didn’t live in Salem) made.

After Hawaiian was Vertroyer, the Janitor. They’d been originally pretty lowly, with no particular position whatsoever. But after a while, people began to notice how Vert was a pretty amazing person, and it’s true; Vert is well known around these parts. He constantly would lurk in the bar, making sure to tidy up anything that people claimed (by many times cleaning those thoughts up).

There was also Addfire, the Disguiser. She was a lot livelier than the other two, never quite close to his Mafia bretheren, and always lurking somewhere in the bar. People would tend to forget her role, but certain people would always take note, and those were her best friends. Once, Spicy had even offended Template:Addfire a bit, simply mentioning that he’d forgot the profession (or role, as some old-fashioneds called it) Disguiser when trying to memorize the Mafia.

The Mafia was overall, not big on killing. They didn't even have a Mafioso. They usually lurked around in the shadows, and just tend to tidy up the place; overall, they were just making sure certain authorities not get violated.

The only other side in the bar was, of course, the Townies. There was always Venera, the still kinda sociopathic Arsonist (who used to be a mod, but ze took leave for a while), and MattBab, a fellow ex-Serial Killer (some say he’s a butcher now), but other than that, there’d be no more staffs in the bar. However, there were plenty of Townies.

First, was the leader of the Town, Yami riku. They were the Mayor, although technically the second (she claims the first one was originally a Disguiser), they’d rose to become the most respected authority within the Town (and the bar). They never came often, only making certain announcements (by standing on the counter, which of course, Vert would hate because he’d have to clean the dirt off) and to keep the rules (and sometimes Mafia) in check. However, they’d always come in whenever a new honored Townie had arrived.

After Yami and Rex, the most respected Townie would probably have to be Zed the Sheriff. They’d only recently become a moderator, who had all personal privileges, so basically a nerfed Hawaiian (as some would joke); however, they’d constantly be in the library, literally hiding on the tops of shelves and jumping down to tear every page out, and write everything back in. Those moments were always fantastic, a true spectacle to watch. He’d even close the library, just to mass-proofread the articles and books, which had happened for two weeks straight.

There was also Uli the Transporter. They were also an Admin, although nowadays, not many consult him. Still, he’d always go over to greet the newcomers, always welcoming them for their first time either in the bar, or in the library. He might not be visited as often, but he’s still fairly important.

There was also Playful (though those who knew her called her Felicia), the Bodyguard. They were pretty normal as a citizen, but had won the Townie of the Month honor in November last year, and so they were proud of that, winning the honor she’d always wanted. She always lived a normal life, lived as she lived, and hadn’t died. Easily, the easiest life of all.

And then. There was.

The Baker.

Truth be told, everyone always thought the Baker was a myth. In fact, no one would care to remember who the prophecy had predicted: “A young man, walking home into the sunset…and a red hot, blazing personality.”

Until FirePyre revealed as Baker.

See, the Town of Salem:Townie of the Month certificate was something special; sure, you could claim a role, but only when you got this certificate, could you properly reveal, like a Mayor would. They also got a special doormat at the front of their house. Anyways, FirePyre had asked Uli if this was okay, and they missed each other at different hours (sadly). But after a while, they finally settled on it: a croissant, hanging down from the Baker’s door like a mistletoe.

In fact, many people had become staff of the town because of that certificate: Rex, Ven, Vert and Fire all won it before, and they became staff soon after, always there to take care of the bar and the library. However, some didn’t need a staff position to get have honor. More examples? They'd be Ghosty and Desert.

The lord of the Kirbies, Ghosty, who’d always host random role-playing sessions at his house, or as some called it, “The Pink Mansion”. It was literally all pink. Just pink. Then there was Desert, who’d just won last month, and got to wear a tag around on their shirt, saying he won ToTM. He hadn't revealed his role yet, but he was rumoured to be perhaps a Retributionist? He wouldn't tell..

The table that Ghosty and Desert would sit at usually had two more seats; one for Sondz, and one for Spicy. This month, the two were competing for Townie of the Month, although Spicy himself even said it, that Sondz would probably win. They’d recently had a conflict, and they hadn’t seen each other in a couple hours (which was rare). Despite that, however, there was most likely no big issue. They soon texted memes to each other, and things were once again all good between them.

Sondz was a banana. No one could ever see his tracks, but he was, well, mysterious. Some described him as a random derp, some would say he was horrible. He had once whispered to a Lookout that he had all the secrets, and that he knew everyone's dark past. Except Playful. Because Playful hadn't a past that was anything else than sin.

Spicy had arrived quite late to the Town, only about a month ago. However, he'd came with a flash and a bang, revealing himself immediately as the Fallen Investigator, the arguably most useless role yet the most powerful role ever predicted by the prophecy, second to only the Baker. Wearing a red fedora, with red eyes covered by dark shades, and a gray hooded jacket? He was one word: "Badass".

Anyways, Desert, Ghosty, Sondz and Spicy, would usually walk around the outside of the bar, seeing the random posters of new roles that people posted. They’d usually leave a sticky note, and then with the creator’s approval, bring it to the pitfire in the middle of the Town. If they didn’t raze it, the next level would usually be the mods, and then Hawaiian. Somehow, they’d managed to keep the peace in the bar for quite a while, and not have to deal with any nuisance newcomers.

And so that was Salem, England. And peace would roam around.

Until one day, when a certain door opened, and a very troubled one entered another's house.

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