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  • I live in Chelsea, England
  • I was born on January 20
  • My occupation is Writer, Artist, Host
  • I am whatever gender you want me to. It doesn't matter if you call me "him" or "her", although "her" does have its advantages.
  • SpicyJusticeLass

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    It was a beautiful day.

    Flowers were blooming, red, white, all colours over Town, and a certain citizen smiled with happiness.

    His name was Jim Holden.

    "Brother, you ought to stop foolin' around and start doing actual work, you know."

    "Nah, Octo. I know what I can handle." Jim was standing on his house's balcony, and looked out towards the town. It was small, and not a lot of people lived here. Secluded from the rest of England, Salem was certainly an odd place.

    But it was also a place filled with magic and power. Five years ago, Jim and his brother's father had died, and the two sons had…

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  • SpicyJusticeLass

    New UI for classic game modes:

    New UI for coven game modes:


    Chaos Coven game modes:

    Devs are also apparently workin'! We saw Naru and TurdPile lel:

    Now there are shadows to the text???:

    Attack types...:

    Necromocinin. This was at n1, so Coven always has an advantage when they play more late game:

    There are still "controlled by witch" stuff!:

    Great death message:



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  • SpicyJusticeLass

    We're revamping stuff. Story is on Wattpad, [1]. Have fun!

    Leave likes, comments, and follow meh

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  • SpicyJusticeLass

    Got some heavy stuff this weekend, so I won't be able to update on Friday. But if we can reach 10 comments of persons on here...maybe you'll get some on Sunday.

    Discord and Table of Contents are on my Message Wall and User Page!

    “…” She came to consciousness. Darkness was all that she could see. Where were they?

    They had no idea, other than the fact that they were restrained all over, literally being unable to move. Almost no clothing anymore, nothing—just bone chilling wind, making her shiver. Fear once more, kicked into her. This was it, this was her end. She’d get thrown into a bottomless pit, and phoom!

    She’d die.

    She heard random murmuring. “Hey, did you hear about the new hostage? They said that she’s got a fine juicy body, mate.”

    “Mmm, de…

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  • SpicyJusticeLass

    You know, I’ve been thinking about it. This month has started off with some tense action, and I’ve seen a surprising lot happen. Insecurities, fear, hopelessness…

    Isn’t that the scariest thing in SoE? Not knowing what to do, and in the end breaking yourself? Some might say I’m just a silly Fallen Investigator, but I’ve seen many deaths pass over under. Whether they be in real life, emotional, social, anything; we’re all fighting back against that one enemy. And it’s not Evil.

    It’s fear.

    The fear of being killed, being humiliated. The fear of not being able to do anything, and that you’ll be left behind in the dust. The fear that something will happen, and you’ll lose everything. The fear…

    That everything you’ve done will be forgotten.

    That “you…
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