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  • I live in Chelsea, England
  • I was born on January 20
  • My occupation is Writer, Artist, Host
  • I am whatever gender you want me to. It doesn't matter if you call me "him" or "her", although "her" does have its advantages.
  • SpicyJusticeLass

    New UI for classic game modes:

    New UI for coven game modes:


    Chaos Coven game modes:

    Devs are also apparently workin'! We saw Naru and TurdPile lel:

    Now there are shadows to the text???:

    Attack types...:

    Necromocinin. This was at n1, so Coven always has an advantage when they play more late game:

    There are still "controlled by witch" stuff!:

    Great death message:



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  • SpicyJusticeLass

    "Hey! Watch where you're going!"


    Bang! Ah, another one bites the dust. I laughed, and reloaded my revolver. "Gee fucking hell, these anons sure know how to be annoying. Say, you got any more bullets, Vert?”

    “You’re asking me, the melee man?”

    “Ehh, figures.” I jumped up, and flipped onto the sniper stand. “You coming up?” It was one of those days where me and Vert would bet on who could get rid of the most shady looking guys. I’d stand on the ceiling of the garage, and he’d be walking around with his broom. Whoever won?

    Would get five bucks. Oh yeah, and we were out of Town.

    “Aaaand bang! Ah, a bit off. Right eye instead of left eye.” Grumbling to myself, I took out my phone, and opened the message history with my friends.…

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  • SpicyJusticeLass

    Join my Discord? On message wall.

    Also, there are a few stories right now that are derivations of the whole SoE franchise (so like the bar), and these include Addfire's stories, HAWAIIANpikachu's new story, EclipsaButterfly's Salem Academy, and stuff.

    Go check them out! (not paid promotion)

    She was puzzled, completely baffled by the situation at hand. What were they to do? Was the Mafia ideas of this Town being disgusting, really right?

    She’d spent an hour in her house, trying to think of a new idea for a new fanfiction. Unfortunately, nothing other than the murder at hand was coming to mind. She looked at her cabinet, and she wistfully smiled. Back to the sinful teenage years, of reading fanfiction, and well…was this really the right choice?


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  • SpicyJusticeLass


    My name is Spicy, and despite me only roaming around for so little time, I've already jumped into the action (far too quickly, and amazingly), and now I think it's time: we post our own ranking system.

    So, here's them.

    An has remembered they were a -> Your target wants to be lynched. They must be a ! -> You were stabbed by a !

    Variation: Take out the Amnesiac part if it's of a lesser degree.

    Your target sticks to the shadows. They cannot be seen by the Lookout, because they do not visit! -> You died to the Veteran you haxed on!

    You have chosen to haunt the ___ tonight. -> Achievement Unlocked! "Haunt the Overpowered" +250 EXP

    You were under attack but someone fended off your attacker! -> ...they were killed by a Bodyguard. They were eith…

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