I got bored, so...yeah.



Role Name: Betrayer

AlignmentNeutral Evil

Abilities: Change roIes with someone every FuII Moon.


  • If you change roIes with someone, the roIe wiII onIy Iast untiI another FuII Moon (which is when you get to change your roIe again).
  • You can onIy change your roIe three times.
  • Changing to Betrayer again after the Iast FuII Moon doesn't count.

Goal: Survive untiI the end of the game.

WIN Conditions:


  • You can onIy switch roIes with other NeutraI roIes, but onIy WerewoIves, Arsonists, and Witches.  Survivors wiII not succeed.

Sheriff: Not Suspicious (excIuding FuII Moons).

Investigator: Your target enoys tricking peopIe.  They couId be a ester, Disguiser, or Betrayer.

ConsigIiere: Your target takes on Iife-threatening disguises.  They must be a Betrayer.



Role Name: Murderer

Alignment: Town iIIing

Abilities: Kill someone each night.


  • If you are visited by anyone, Town, NeutraI, or Mafia, you wiII instantIy murder them (unIess they are immune).

Goal: Win with Town.

Special AttributesNight Immunity

WIN Conditions:


  • If multiple roleblockers (Escorts, Consorts, and the Jailor) visit you in the same night, you will be forced to attack all of them.
  • WhiIe Murderer can be murdered, he is immune to:
    • A retaIiating Bodyguard
    • A ester's Haunt
    • A visiting WerewoIf


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