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  • SkullyANDUnknown9580

    RoIe Ideas

    February 8, 2015 by SkullyANDUnknown9580

    I got bored, so...yeah.

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Abilities: Change roIes with someone every FuII Moon.


    • If you change roIes with someone, the roIe wiII onIy Iast untiI another FuII Moon (which is when you get to change your roIe again).
    • You can onIy change your roIe three times.
    • Changing to Betrayer again after the Iast FuII Moon doesn't count.

    Goal: Survive untiI the end of the game.

    WIN Conditions:

    • Murder Town
    • Murder Serial Killers
    • Win with Arsonists
    • Murder Mafia
    • Win with Witches
    • Win with Survivors


    • You can onIy switch roIes with other NeutraI roIes, but onIy WerewoIves, Arsonists, and Witches.  Survivors wiII not succeed.

    Sheriff: Not Suspicious (excIuding FuII Moons).

    Investigator: Your target enoys tricking peopIe.  They couId be a este…

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  • SkullyANDUnknown9580

    Since people fail at Mafia, and I have won as Mafia millions of times, I decide to do this. ^^

    As a Godfather, your two goals is to give orders to Mafioso and kill everyone in town.  If you don't give Mafioso orders, the Mafioso may have the option to kill you.

    It's best to hold out and not kill until someone reveals their role to Town.  Yet again, you have to be active, and, if there's no kills within three or more days, the game ends.

    -If the Mayor reveals himself/herself early in the game (which might not be likely, but it happens), it's best to make quick waste of him/her.

    -Remember, Mafioso has the ability to kill, and if you don't give orders to him/her, you will have the probability of getting killed (if possible.  I tend to tell my Maf…

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