Ahh... Salem.

It Was a town of cold blooded murder.

That is, until Recently, when the town started to lose interest in killing, and more about hanging out, making DR games, and just relaxing.

Being the Narrator, i must tell you who these people are.

First, Here is the mafia.

Addfire, the disguiser.

Vertoyer, the Janitor.

Hawaiian, the Consig.

Sondz, The blackmailer.

And the leader of the mafia, Octometaknight.

The mafia, once being part of the international Crime group, now dropped out of their work and now own the bar along the streets of Salem.

Oh look, it's the town!

Zedkiller, the Sheriff.

Rexnator, the Investigator.

Yami riku the Mayor.

Playful the Bodyguard.

And Uli, The Transporter.

The town usually gets up to a day of keeping the peace in salem. granted, this has been tough, but they managed to do it over the years.

Finally, we have the neutrals.

Firepyre the Baker.

Ghostyguy the Jester.

Venera the Arsonist.

mattbab the Serial Killer.

and Spicy, The Fallen Investigator.

The Neutral roles hung around at the bar alot, as well as seeing what everyone else has doing on their message boards.

life was good in salem.

Until that day...

All of our heroes had expirienced their share of the day, and were unloading what they collected from the day. gossip was also shared at this time of day, they sat down and started talking about their share of news to report.

if only they had known what would of happened...

Of course, before the town, mafia and neutrals came to peace, it was a whole world of hate. the mafia gunned down their victims with no mercy, and the town's random lynching did not help. the neutrals were in on it to; killing, lynching and hating. many believed that this were the darkest times of the wikia.

Now let me tell you the story of how the bar came to be. before octometaknight was the godfather, and yami was the mayor, their used to be different players before them, keeping their roles intact.

Upon an agreement, and the sacrifice of many lives, the mafia, neutrals and town made a pact. to never harm each other.

Well, that was SUPPOSED to be the pact.

Until today, when our story takes place...

To Be Continued

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