"Do you really think this will work?"

"I'm sure about this, Spicy.. trust me." Said rocket, looking over to the Worried skeleton.

"i know, but Addfire x Snowy might not be a good ship." Said spicy, but rocket declined the non-ship.

"Addfire x Snowy is a great ship! it just-" but he saw Addfire and snowy enter the Bar, and he fell silent.

"just look at them together. writing blogs... they would be perfect for each other!" Said rocket, watching as Snowy and addfire worked on their latest blog post.

"IDK rocket, are you SURE this would work?" said spicy, watching both of them.

"I got a plan to make them get shipped. all i need is then to be together for alot."

"Should we get involved in this? let's just let them get along together." asked spicy, as a kirby brought them Some more wine.

"no. unless we can somehow get someone else to do it, or make it turn into a love scheme by themselves..." said rocket.

Suddenly, he had a plan.

"spicy, do you think you can write a letter to snowy telling her to come here tonight?" asked rocket.

"i can... but who do you want it to be signed by-"

Addfire and snowy stood up, and left.

Rocket's started grinning.

"Sign it from Addfire."

"... nope." said Spicy, and he left.

"welp... guess i'm doing it myself." Rocket said.

9:14 Pm, The Bar.

Addfire saw snowy at one of the tables, waiting for her. she went over to talk.

"Hey snowy! thanks for inviting me!" Said addfire.

"hey ad- wait, you invited me, not the other was around." said snowy.

"nope, you invited me. i got the letter from you." addfire said.

"...i got a letter from YOU." said snowy, starting to lose her temper.

at that moment, the wine came out and they started drinking like mad.

eventually, they were both seriously drunk.

"snowy... what tiem is it?" asked addfire, sluring her words.

"addfire fuxk off, i'm drunk and i need to say that i liek... someun" said snowy, completely drunk.

"..." they both thought.

They leaned in closer...

"i love the blog posts you maek."


"i love how you throw spears at vandals."

They got as close as possible.

"...i love you."

They kissed.

Outside, rocket was watching from the window.

"Mission completed." he said, and left.

A few days later, addfire and snowy were to be found holding hands at the bar. everybody thought they were just good friends, but nobody exept rocket (and maybe spicy) knew that the shippers had been shipped.

Rocket sat down at spicy's table and ordered them both a victory drink.

"see? i managed to ship them! was pretty easy."

"you got lucky, dude. if they had-"

They looked over and saw snowy and addfire kissing. they saw rocket and spicy looking, and quickly blushed and looked away.

"The ship has officialy been made."Said rocket.

"...i can actually agree with you." spicy said.

The End

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