Below is a list of Custom Stories for RocketLauncher's Creative Role Writing Event.

They are sorted by order of submission, not by quality.


CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

Faithfulness, that simple word described how the Bodyguard acted. His faithfulness knew no limits, he would protect anyone who asked for his protection without any fails, despite his life would be the cost. No matter if it was an obedient Mafioso, a psychotic Serial Killer, a mysterious Arsonist, a bloodlust Vampire, or even the rampaging Werewolf, he would stand before them and brave enough to raise his gun.

The training he had went through for the past ten years made him strong, both mentally and physically. Initially, he was an soldier who was sent onto a war, but he stopped fighting after his wife died on the war. Since then, he was struggled to make a living, but he decided to helped others by selling protections. The paid went well, by far no Bodyguard's target had been attacked.

However, one night, it was a very chaotic night. The Doctor was busy preparing her tools to visit her neighbour, she didn't even paying attention towards a man who brought a gas can. The Bodyguard was hiding near by, and when the Arsonist was about to doused the house, the Bodyguard immediately dashed and tackled the Arsonist towards the ground. "You've got some guts to douse the Town's Doctor in gasoline. As long as I am here, I won't allow you do that!"

The Arsonist, of course, not decided to give up without a fight. With his strength, he pinned the Bodyguard and put both of his ash-stained hands onto the Bodyguard's neck, strangling him. The Bodyguard was struggling, but the Arsonist's grasps were far stronger. The Arsonist then had no choice but to burn him: burn the Bodyguard. He doused the faithful man and lighted a match, then he threw it onto the Bodyguard's body. The Bodyguard screamed in pain as he felt his body burnt slowly, the heat was torturing him really bad, while the Arsonist only laughed looking at the burnt Bodyguard.

The Bodyguard on the other hand, refused to give up easily. As the Arsonist picked up his gasoline can and tried to douse the Doctor's house again,he took a pistol from his jacket, and shot the Arsonist on his head. The Arsonist's body slumped backwards, and blood pooled on the green grasses, staining them into a reddish colour. Gasoline smell filled the air as the can of gasoline that the Arsonist brought spilled over the grass and drenched his dead body.

Even with his body burning and the Doctor couldn't saved him, the Bodyguard was happy. He was happy to protect the Doctor, his wife's old friend. As his sight went blurred, he had a vision of his deceased wife, telling him that he had done very well and thanked him. The Bodyguard closed his eyes and smiled peacefully, as tears of joy flowing down his cheeks. The next morning, the Doctor was shocked to saw the corpse of the Bodyguard and the Arsonist, unaware that the Bodyguard died protecting her. When the Town told her what happened, the Doctor cried and couldn't forgive herself for being unable to save her friend. Despite that, she thanked him from the bottom of her heart for saving her.

CREDIT: Qmanthegamer

In a thick fur coat, during the coldest months in Salem, the Bodyguard waits silently and alone outside one's home. The night seems silent for now, yet suddenly that changes.

Target spotted, he was certainly smart at his age. His eyes trained to spot any sudden movement in the carpet black of the night.

He rushes into the house, the soon-to-be victim quietly sleeping in their bed. The Bodyguard knew nothing could stop him. A Werewolf, Arsonist... Not even a highly trained Mafioso could best him at combat.

The attacker stops at the top of the stairs, finally noticing the revolver pointed point-blank range. They both freeze in place, the evil now pointing their gun in response to the Bodyguard.

Sweat sprays down his face, until the protector grins. He knows this looks bad, but as long as he saves someone, he realises that he had done his job right. He pulls the trigger, the infiltrator firing back. Neither of them quick enough to dodge.

Two men alive, two men now fallen.


CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

She only wished one thing and nothing else: to save other people lifes. This deep desire had been exist since she was a child, just like what her parents do to the others and herself. From what she believed, people who couldn't save other people didn't deserve to live. And as she became a young adult, she spent twelve years practising and studying about human's bodies, biological research, and how to treat injuries perfectly and quickly, even in just one single night.

As she moved to the Town of Salem along with her old friend Samuel who just retired from war, she became the Doctor who warmly treated anyone for free. However, when the Mayor found out about her precise and miraculous treatment, he threatened to cut her clinic's funding and banished her due to accusation of Ann using witchcraft to treat her patients. Lucky for Ann, Samuel and the Townies refused for her to be banished. But until today, Ann refused to and swear to never treat the Mayor again.

When the Mafia and Serial Killers invading the Town, most of their attempts were failed. Her fingers precisely stiched all of the wounds carefully and neatly, closing all the death from her patients. As for pre-cautions, Ann prepared a first aid for herself in case someone tried to kill her. She did had one enemy that she couldn't combat: The Arsonist. Ann dreaded him so much because she couldn't do anything to save someone who already burnt to beyond recognition.

However, she seemed to regretting one thing: being unable to save Samuel. He died, protecting her from the Arsonist and taking him down along. Ann was glad that the Town is safe from the Arsonist, but she couldn't forgive herself for her foolishness. "If only I head to your house... I can save you in time instead of see your body lying here. But deep inside, thank you. Thank you so much Samuel..." Ann thought to herself as tears falling down from her eyes.

Despite what happened, she picked up her medical equipment and went out again. Ann kept treating all those who seeked help from her, so the same tragedy happened to Samuel wouldn't ever happened again. After all, she was the Doctor of the Town, and the same thing wouldn't ever and allowed to happened again as long as she still alive.



CREDIT: Secretive Gurl

`Do a little twirl.'said an old lady with a beautiful smile to her little cute girl.The girl happy with her new dress.Then,the old lady and the little girl noticed the sky started to snow.The girl said `Wow,it start snowing here!'.The old lady put a warm smile on her face.`Yes it is'.They both walked to their home together.The night has fallen.A howl coming from their house.Perhaps it is a full moon night today?Or maybe a Werewolf coming to rampage their house tonight?The old woman heard the howling coming for them.The old woman told the little girl to sleep at upstairs.The girl goes upstairs and prepares herself to sleep,now to wait for our grandma to said goodnight to us.

After several hours,the girl noticed.Why isn`t grandma here yet?Probably she forgot,nut she never forgot to said goodnight to me.The little girl curiosity grew stronger.The little girl steps outside from her room.She noticed the candle isn`t put out yet and the room where her grandma usually sleep isn`t locked yet.

She steps slowly going down from her room.Noticed,a blood pathway coming from her step door.And a lifeless body figure,lying on the floor.Then,the little girl walks slowly approach the body.It was her grandma,lying there and was dead by mauled off by a werewolf.

Then,the old woman hand contained a pendant with a flower like patterns.She takes it,inside it there a picture of a woman and a man.

There a handwriting on both the picture.The woman was her mom and the man was her father who both of them missing with on one know where they went.

As the little girl crying with her grandma death,a knock heard from the door.She opens it,the Sheriff and the town Mayor was visited her house.The Mayor shocked,a little girl with blood every way on the floor.With a dead body beside her,the Mayor sympathize her.Then,the Mayor and the Sheriff found that the girl mother and father was the famous Investigators and they was their best friend sine they were a child.

The girl grew older and become an Investigator like her parent did.And took down the criminal.

And that same tragedy happens again with her,but she knew who was the person was.

That girl got killed,but the Mayor successfully lynch the werewolf after all this year.

The girl was the successor of the Investigator family.Now,are you one of them?


CREDIT: ChickenPieNuggetz

Slowly, as he walked upon the murky puddles of water, he pulled out a busted lighter for his damp cigarette. Just now had he arrived to Salem, with his overjoyed little sister bouncing around in the bedraggled, unstable carriage, and now he had just noticed a... rotting... hopeless corpse.

"Kelvin was brutally murdered last night." Shouted the irritating announcer, with his low, emotionless voice travelling to the citizen's ears, another thing Edmund regretted when they came to Salem.

"He was the investigator of this town, shot by the Mafia."

So the nosy 'detective' was targeted by the idiotic Mafia, such a waste of a night; Edmund thought. In addition to the bothersome noise, he had to deal with the naive town. While some just minded their own business, most would but in and talk about stupid things, like gossip. Despite the fact that Edmund cursed the talkative citizens and would rather just stay inside with his paper and quill, the brainless mayor had decided that the morning cycle has to be spent outside, even if there was lightning and showers hammering down at every footstep.

Luckily, dusk had just settled. As everyone said their goodbyes, farewells and their prayers, Edmund's sister jumped onto him.

"Can I go to Aunt's house with my dolls?" She said, with a lovable smile and cute voice. Messing up her hair, Edmund allowed her sister to go, skipping all the way there.

He didn't want her to see what was going to happen tonight.

Entering the fresh, new house, he rubbed the used cigarette into ashes and slowly blew it away to the harsh winds. Closing the doors, he grabbed and clutched the nearby lantern, strolling down the stairs into a gloomy, damp cellar. The lantern filled the room with a luminous glow, while the insects quickly scuttled into the hidden cracks. Opposite to Edmund was a shadowed figure.

As Edmund walked closer, the light shone upon the deep bruises and bleeding cuts; it was hard to get him here. Putting on a jet-black cloak and robes, he took the bucket of water and splashed it onto his "prisoner". Instantly he woke up, heavily breathing.

"Wh...wha... Who are you?" He muttered, staring at Edmund.

"I am the Jailor. Speak who you are or else..." He droned back, gripping the revolver in his pocket.

"Whoa... O... Ok. I'm the Doctor of this town, as you can see from my equipment." Swiftly, he revealed his briefcase, full of tongs, prescriptions and medicine. "At night I go around to others to see if they get injured." Edmund didn't believe it one bit.

As quick as a flash, a steel, bloody revolver was pointed to the prisoner's head. "You could very well be our serial killer... Speak one more evidence to prove you are a doctor."

"I know your daughter" The captured man spoke. "She's a wise girl."

"What do you mean?!" Edmund's voice got louder and angrier.

"I was protecting her last night."

A moment of silence appeared in the cellar. Gradually, the rusty handgun dropped down. Concealed, Edmund picked out an old, creased photo of Edmund and her at the beach. Smirking at the photo, he pocketed the revolver.

"You can go." And that was the last of his words

The knife cleanly sliced into his head. As he plummeted down to the stone-cold floor of the cellar, he remembered that day with his little sister.

Hours later, 3 people entered.

"Looks like we were beaten to it..." Mentioned one of them, tall and well-fashioned, wearing a clean suit.

"But there's nearly no mess, we don't need to do much." Sputtered the other, an average-sized foreign man, with a Spanish accent. "But can she do the work?"

The third dropped her briefcase, dolls and make up flying everywhere.

"She can."

CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

Most people would panic when facing a killer in front of them, but for him, it was just a part of his job to protect this Town of Salem. He kept a calm, neutral, and sovereign demeanour towards his prisoner. Lucky for the hapless citizen, most Townie didn't know that he was the one who knocked out people and hauled them onto the jail to find out if they were innocent or guilty. If the prisoner was innocent, he'd let them go and provide a protection towards who couldn't protect themselves, but if the prisoner was guilty, the bullet would be put onto their brain.

This man was the Jailor, a prison guard who secretly detained suspects. In the day, he was a kind and wise man who talked like normal Townie, but in the night, he secretly dragged someone towards the jail and threaten them to tell their role. The Town could be fooled by the Mafia or the Neutral Killers, but he wasn't easy to deceive. The sun had set and people went home after the latest lynching.

That evening, the Sheriff had successfully identified the Mafioso and the Mafioso got lynched just like his fellow Blackmailer who lynched the previous day. One man, who just about to did his night activity, suddenly found himself restrained and knocked out with chloroform. He was tossed onto the jail cell, which only filled with chair, a barred window, and a small bucket filled with water.

After the Jailor put blindfold and restrained the prisoner, he splashed the water onto the prisoner's face, making the prisoner wake up. "Please! I am innocent!" Said the prisoner in fear, with the Jailor replied, "You're innocent, right? Then what's your role?" The prisoner shaking in fear, nervously replied, "I... I am the Investigator!" He believed the prisoner claim, but the prisoner accidentally spoke up the Jailor's name as Bodyguard/Godfather/Arsonist.

The Jailor laughed a little as he opened the blindfold of the prisoner, revealing his face and caused the prisoner tremble in fear. "You did a mistake for claiming as an Investigator, buddy," the Jailor spoke with a sovereign tone as he took his handgun which he used to execute the Serial Killer a few nights ago, aimed at the "Investigator" head and pulled the trigger. The "Investigator" immediately slumped forwards and the Jailor calmly dragged his body.

As the prisoner's house was searched, he was found as the Godfather. The Jailor calmly nodded himself for the job he had done. Now, the only thing to do was to jail and execute the "Bodyguard" claim, as the real Bodyguard and Doctor already confirmed.


CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

The Lookout was once a girl who loved to study about astronomy and wanted to become space observer, however her dream were crushed when her lecturer was killed by the Serial Killer. Since then, she had nothing but hatred inside her, wishing the Serial Killer to be executed, or at least got lynched. She did aware that she couldn't kill him, since he was immune and a bullet couldn't be put onto his head. So, she packed up her things; binoculars, notebook, and pen on her small bag. Her lecturer always taught her how to checked her surroundings very quickly and efficient without being noticed.

With the Mayor's approval, she able to watch someone at night to saw who visited them. She put her binoculars, silently looking at the surroundings of her target's house. Suddenly, she saw a man covered in blood, holding a weapon on his hand. Recognising the face, she knew that he was the Serial Killer who killed her lecturer. How could that man who claimed Doctor carried a bloody knife with a twisted grin on his face? She thought to herself, anger built inside her, but she had to be calm and kept watching her target.

Surely enough, not long after that a loud scream heard and blood splattered across the window. The Serial Killer left the target's house and she immediately wrote down her findings on her notebook. She could hear a loaded gun behind her, however before she could turn back, she was shot by the Mafioso. The Lookout was unconscious, but the Doctor managed to gave her the timed first aid and she able to fully recovered in no time. The next morning, the Framer was killed by Godfather who had been transported. Nice, she thought to herself, and her target, which was the confirmed Sheriff, was found dead, stabbed by the obvious Serial Killer.

"That man who claimed Doctor was actually the Serial Killer! I saw him stabbed the Sheriff last night, and he also killed my lecturer!" The Lookout shouted while pointing her findings last night, and the Serial Killer of course countered her, "No! I'm the Doctor! You must be an Executioner claiming Lookout!" She then countered him again, "I was visited by the Doctor after the Mafioso shot me. And that Doctor WASN'T you!" No matter how many times the man claimed Doctor, the Town decided to lynched him as the real Doctor revealed.

When the "Doctor" breathed his last, a bloody dagger fell out of his jacket pocket. The Lookout grinned as she cried, she had finally got the Serial Killer lynched. Her revenge finally achieved, and as the dusk greeted her, she returned to her house and prepared her things again. She decided to watch the Jailor who asked her to watch him as he had the Mafioso in the jail. She knew that death could always waited her, but she was glad to helped the Town lynched all the evildoers. This was her job, and she did it with the hardest efforts. Of course, when observed carefully, the glimpse of her shining binoculars could be seen on the bushes. No one else could notice them except the ruthless Veteran...


Crickets chriping went through the town, the good old, humble lookout stepped out of his house and began to walk to the Bodyguard's house, the lookout was trying to find the witch that was controlling the Bodyguard. He muttered to himself "Go to the middle house, then walk around the curve until you reach the fifth house." Making it to the Bodyguard's house, he stood far back, into the shadows, as it is easy to make yourself hidden if nobody is looking hard enough. He saw soemeone enter the bodyguard's house, the vampire hunter, who had to double check everyone. The vampire hunter's enter and left swiftly. A look at the moon said it was almost sunrise, yet nobody else had came to visit, but he urged himself to continue on watching, as the witch could have visited him at any time. Out of the corner of his eyes, he sees someone quickly Rushing over to the bodyguard's house. The lookout had not recongized this person, but he saw him open the door and shortly afterwards a loud bang. The man swiftly left and went back to his home. The lookout noted the house he enter and then left to get whatever sleep he could.

The next morning, the bodyguard was dead, shot by the mafia. The Witch had died from the vigilante. The lookout reconised the man who shot the bodyguard, the good old "vigilante". The lookout step forward and yelled, pointing at the man and said. "This man is not our good old vigilante as we though, he is the last member of the mafia we were looking for!"

"If I'm not the good old vigilante, then who shot the witch?" The man retroted.

The lookout look at the man and shook his head. "You didn't read the Investigator's and Sheriff's will, didn't you."

"Of course I did! Why wouldn't I!"

"Well, if you did, you would have realised two important notes... The first, Smith over there was found not suspious on night 4, and the godfather was lynched day 5. Further more, on night 5, Smith got investigated by the investigator and was found out that he owned a weapon."

"Wait, the hell are you talking about?"

"Fellow members of the town! If you are with me! Lynch the "vigilante!"

The town all voted for the man, who's attempts off innocents were ignored. He was lynch, he was found as the new godfather, finally, the mafia was gone from the town, the sheriff got his wish answered.


CREDIT: VeneraSurvivalGuid101

The old man paced back and forth in his room, the will on the table and the desklamp lit. The Mayor has to think. He's the leader of the town! Sometimes things don't make sense, and he has to lead the sheep. Oh, if only people could keep the info they said quiet. Whispering is not easy when everyone is leaning over to hear what the rest of the town has to say. No, no, it was too risky. Luckily, the Jailor could exchange the whispers people spoke to him in jail, and they managed to get a suspicious 2nd veteran lynched. The Mafioso was no more.

Tonight, however, is different.

The Mafia managed to kill the Jailor, and the Mayor is left alone in his room, glancing nervously at the will, then at the door, and then back to the will that had all the info the town needed in case he were to die. He attempts to reassure himself. The Doctor may still be gruff at his accusations of black magic, but the Bodyguard is probably right outside his door warding off the mafia, right?


CREDIT: VeneraSurvivalGuid101

(Day Time. The Town is frivorously discussing who to lynch)

Random Jackass: *ahem*

(Puts on a Mayor badge)


(Several wine glasses, guns, knifes, and gasoline buckets fall to the ground)

THIS son of a gun is the Mayor. The hero of the town, per say. A very powerful position to be used by a very powerful mind. Sadly, this usually isn't the case.

The Mayor is essentially a normal Townie. At first.

(Cue dumbass Mayor just sitting there like a complete dumbass)

All he has to do is observe what's going on around him.

(Cue nobody saying anything all day. Mayor still sitting there split-eyed)

At night, he can assort his will. For whatever reason.

(Mayor sitting there on his chair split-eyed again)

It's what he can do that's really the kicker.

(Some random day. Town thinks that they got a killer.)

Should the Mayor realize who to vote, he can do a do...

(Mayor puts on Mayor badge)

And then have all the power he craves.

(lightning strikes from behind)

You see, when the Mayor reveals himself as the Mayor, he kinda does a do and suddenly hops from 1 vote to 3 votes.

(Mayor clones himself, having 2 tiny mayor dicktwitches as backup)

This can be really useful in the late game when the town is outnumbered by the sheer number of evil bastards in the town.

(Entire Mafia snickering at town. Mayor reveals. Several Tommy Guns and Death Notes hit the floor)

However, you can see how this power can be abused.

(Mayor reveals and votes up the Jailor. Town is dumb and follows suit)


Jailor: Goddamn it.

(Mayor and his 2 clones hit the Guilty button. Everyone else abstains)

(Jailos swings)

Mayor: (upon hearing role) Oops. .w.

There are a couple more changes along with having the power of 2 clones---err, 3 votes.

First of all, the doctor can no longer heal you.

(Mayor puts on badge. Random guy flips him off and says "Nope")

Second of all, you cannot receive any whispers.

(The Mayor and the Investigator are trying to have a private conversation)

Everyone else: *leans in to listen*

Mayor: ._.

Investigator: ._.

Third of all....


(scratches head)

I think that's it.

If those downsides seem like too much for you, fear not! For the EXE cannot thirst for your blood!

(EXE looks at Mayor)

Executioner: Ew. No.

So fear not, for you can do it! Hopefully. With you and your 2 clones. and all that. [small] yeah.


CREDIT: Secretive Gurl

"The time have come.." told the mysterious woman..Whom the Town called her the "fake magician".But wait,as soon the night fall.She have something with her,a crystal ball.As she murmered her magic word.It maybe foreign to other people,but it very similar to her and other person who have this "talking ability" to the dead.As soon her finish the magic word,a sparkling light blue cloud formed in her crystal ball.

As the dead Investigator and Sheriff told She was the "magician of the dead" to them,the dead one.Told She their last discovery and they found the mafia and the serial killer but,got killed by them and can`t told the town just in time their last discovery.

As She,"the magician of the dead" put it in her wills.Suddenly,the door got knocked down,a member of mafia want to kill her.But,luckily the bodyguard just came here as soon he saw someone goes to his place to guard.The mafia looked at the bodyguard,prepared for the battle with the bodyguard.The bodyguard prepared as well.The mafia strike first,it hit the bodyguard chest.The bodyguard attacked the mafia member as well.They both died,infront their "fake magician" eyes.

The next day,the mysterious woman told the Sheriff and the Investigator last discovery.Told the Town that Rocketlauncher (sorry!!) and Redja (unknown) were the serial killer and the godfather who killed their sheriff and their investigator.

The town lynch them,and the Mayor believed her.

The night have fallen,the mysterious woman began her magic performance,the dead rejoice the their magician.But,the member of mafia killed her as soon began her magic.To revenge their brother blood with blood.

"The mysterious woman is dead for good" told the mafia member.

She maybe dead,but she have the last magic trick from her own grave.

She open a portal to talk with the living,the Mayor of course.Shocked with it,the mysterious woman said the last piece of evidences to the mafia members.The Mayor put it in his wills for the Town.

And the night end.The Mayor said their trust and honour againts the mysterious woman paid us very well for our town safety.

The Mayor said the people to lynch today.As the Mayor said these people here is the member of mafia.And the evidence put in front them.The Mayor wills and the mysterious woman wills.It all make sense now.

They got lynched.And the Mayor named that mysterious woman as the Medium.Who can speak to the dead.

And now,the Medium can rest in peace as the Town rejoice to their greatest magician.


CREDIT: FirePyre

Last night, the jailor died. He was holding a serial killer in detention and had not decided to execute him. This had led to a swift death for him, and an even swifter hanging for the serial killer.

And now the young boy had come to dig.

He was quieter than most, very introverted. Most people thought he was strange, or weird, but he was simply ponderous. He was always thinking.

He arrived at the cemetary, the shovel head gleaming in the dark night. He planted it into the ground, next to the jailor's grave, and began to dig. He dug and dug, throwing dirt around until the coffin was revealed, gleaming black. The boy dropped to his knees and pulled the lid off, revealing a body, a dead and rotted one with a knife wound in it's stomach. The boy passed his hand over the body, and it began to mend, the wound disappearing, the flesh re-growing, until a man lay in the coffin, his eyes wide, exhilirated.

"What...?" He manages, and the boy extends a hand, helping him to his feet.

"I brought you back to life." The boy says. "God has given me this power, and I have used it on you."

"What do I call you?" The jailor asks.

The boy gives a faint smile. "God has named me... the Retributionist."

CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

Rain poured as the Retributionist rushed towards the graveyard, afraid of being seen by anyone. Her face looked so sad, she had to chose wisely who should come back or who shouldn't. She had a book, containing the arts of revival which she learnt from her mother. Her mother was a kind Witch who she praised and loved so much. However, when the Salem Witch Trial began, her mother was tortured and burned at the stake, just like other Witches, no matter what kind of good or evil deeds they have performed. Since then, she inherited all of her mother's things, and when she was 18 years old, she found the book that read "Arts of Reviving People". However, she could only bring back a Town person and then, she couldn't used that magic anymore.

The Jailor has been lynched by the Town he worked so hard to protect, since he was already been blackmailed and couldn't utter any defense, while The Medium and the Investigator had died by the hands of Mafia and Serial Killer. The rain finally stopped and the moon shone the graveyard dimly. So much injustice in this Town she loved, as tears flown down her cheeks. But, she had no choice. She wiped her tears, took a deep breath, and opened her book. The spell on the book was foreign to others, but familiar to her. She walked to the Jailor's grave, stood in front of it, and started to cast the spell.

"The first elder falls, the second one arise. Ye whose mouths were muted by injustice shall spoke now, and ye who suffered must now rejoice. I grant you a place for you, ye who have no place for return. With this soul and body, I hereby given you a second chance for live. NOW COME! YE REVENGE SHALL BE GRANTED! " As she finished the spell, she raised her hand and the hand of the Jailor broke through the soft dirt. Please with the results, she immediately left the graveyard. As morning came, the Jailor had came back to the Town, much to the Mafia's dismay and the Town's joy. She smiled as she hugged her mother's book and shed a tear of happiness. Her job was done here.


He left at midnight.

Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to go tramping out when the moon was its brightest, but it was the only way he could ensure this would work.

Cross in hand, he walked like a ghost. Slipping past silent houses that hid secrets no one would ever dare to reveal, he stepped out of the circle of Salem and into the eerie graveyard.

He skirted well clear of the resting place of the Disguiser, past the roughly dug holes where the Executioner and the Jester lay.

“Sheriff… Sheriff… Sheriff... aha.”

He stopped at the foot of the smooth, well placed tombstone.

The clouds parted, and the full moon shone like a lighthouse in the dark. Stars suddenly popped into existence across sky’s silk woven with light. If he were to do it, now was the time.

He drew in breath, then suddenly slammed the cross into the ground right at the head of the grave. The earth shifted, as if having a life of its own. Somewhere, a wolf howled. The symbol glowed in moonlight.

“Rise!” He commanded.

And they did.

CREDIT: TonightsPrayers

As the day turns to night, a man with a shovel and hopes walks to the graveyard, looking for the Investigators tombstone, he stumbles apon the spys grave "Only one" he says to himself as a tear run downs his cheek. when he found the investigators grave, he digs up the plot, looking at the rotten corpse, he places his left hand on the dead town member. Speaking in Latin and a cross appearing on his forehead, the corpse's skin seems to change a healthy white color, and the closed eyes of the dead, begin to open. Finishing his last word, the Retriboustist steps out of the grave and holds out his hand to the once dead investigator, pulling him up. As the sun begins to rise, so does the hope of the town.


CREDIT: Addfire

Thomas chuckled as he walked back to his house. Some people were so easy to manipulate. Although he knew that William hadn't killed Lydia, Lydia hadn't been the only murder. Mary had been a close friend of Thomas.

Suddenly there was a rustle. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a figure. His heart leapt. Had the mafia finally come for him?

No. This person was alone, and weaponless. In fact, Thomas thought he knew this person...

"Giles? What are you..."

Thomas' reply was Giles unhinging his mouth impossibly wide to show row upon row of serrated teeth. Giles closed his mouth. Then Giles smiled.

Thomas threw up his hands to protect himself, but Giles had already closed the thirty-foot gap impossibly fast. Thomas closed his eyes, his will to resist gone, as his blood was drained from his body.


He closed the door quietly behind. The shutoff of the cold draft of air straightened the old wax candles, reused and reused to stunted stubs of charred, sad wicks. He was going to have to find new ones soon, but that must wait. This was more important.

He took the badge off the table, and rummaged for some polish. When he was satisfied, he carefully attached the pin to his brown leather coat. Making sure his hat covered his face properly, he slipped out the door again, candles snuffed out. There was business to be done tonight, and to find out if he had made another ally.

That morning he made sure he was close. Not too close, or it could attract suspicion, which was every Town’s downfall. The Framer has died the previous night, shot by a Vigilante, thanks to the report he send anonymously the previous day. Applauding them silently, he glanced around, making sure everyone else was out of earshot before quickly leaning into his ear, quietly, carefully. The words were spoken in a swift movement, and one they were uttered, could not take back. The deed was done.

“I had to check you last night, to confirm. I am the Sheriff.”

He nodded, face impassive. He did not notice his fists clench - victory, danger. Anticipation. Revenge.

Blood was spilt that night, and the wolves howled to the moon as the Godfather avenged his fallen friend.


CREDIT: FirePyre

They say that there is a God. That in heaven, He awaits us with open, loving arms. Ready to accept us and let us take our place among His children.

In reality, the old man knows, there is no such thing as God. The only force higher than men is money. And money, oh, it works wonders. Money can make a good man evil, and a bad man worse. It can weed out the broken and fix it, restore that broken soul with a dark one, corrupting all who fall to its devastating wake.

The man smokes his cigar and steps outside, the cool air chilling his bones. He is early into his sixties, his hair grey and his beard long and untamed. He is overweight, as he has not been able to exercise because of the strange affliction in his leg and the cancer in his lungs, and he is slowly, steadily, dying. But despite all of this, his mind is just as sharp as it was before. Just as sharp as it has ever been and will ever be.

He walks down the quiet street, the dead darkness of the night stretching towards the horizon as he nears the meet. A small gathering where only the most trusted members of the mafia are invited, brought in to share meals and laughs and decide who to kill, and who to clean, who to distract, and who to blackmail. A circle of only ten people: the Godfather, the mafioso, the janitor, the consort, the consigliere, the disguiser, the blackmailer, the forger, and the framer.

And the spy.

The godfather trusted this old man with absolute certainty. He believed that he would never turn his back on the mafia, that he would stick with them right till the day the cancer ate out his lungs and he choked in his own blood.

This much was not true.

The spy hears snippets of conversations, the godfather talking about who to kill, who to clean, and then a name slips out.

"James Russel."

The conversation stops, and everyone looks at the consort, who appears to be wanting to shrink into herself from embarrassment and fear. The godfather looks at her, takes a single step towards her, and then hits her across the face. "You stupid little girl." He says, regarding her with a look of scorn. "Get out of my sight!"

The mafia resume talking, but the conversation is subdued. As always, the old man blends in perfectly, but secretly he is smiling inwards. His job is done.

The next day, an old man lumbers into town, everyone's eyes on him as he makes his way to the stand to speak.

"Now, I know that the mafia will have my head tonight," He begins. "But I have found you someone to hang."

CREDIT: ChickenPieNuggetz

Above the frenetic city gossip and swarms of pedestrians marching on their own personal missions the sky was comparatively in slow motion. The movement of the clouds was barely perceptible and even the birds wheeled in slow lazy arcs. But no-one even looked up. And so the sky above, as pretty as any million-dollar painting slowly darkened to midnight blue, never quite black due to light pollution from below. Instantly, the horde among the stone-cold concrete vanished; the chatter converted into a solemn silence and each wooden door shut vigorously.

Slowly, a darken figure crept along the shadows and cautiously disappeared into the gloom.

"You're finally here?" Whispered someone, a dim light was coming out of his cigar.

"Yeah, the investigator came, and couldn't risk being suspicious in front of him." Replied another, holding a blank notepad, which could just be seen underneath the dreary glow of the lamppost.

"If you're late again, I'll take my handgun and shoot you right here." exclaimed the third, hidden underneath a coal-black fedora.

"Shut it Kres-" he paused, taking out the burnt cigar and smashed it onto the floor. "We can't talk anymore, you guys know what to do?" The two nodded.

Four people crept back home from that conversation.


CREDIT: VeneraSurvivalGuid101

He is busy tonight. Working on his latest contraption, he finishes the repairs on one of the wheels. The mafia's attack sure left a mark on his precious prototype. He sighs as he finishes the polish and goes off to do his work. While the rest of the town criticizes the transporter on disrupting the town's plans and getting the vigilante killed, the transporter simply shrugs it off. He will get it eventually. It was only a matter of time.

Tonight, he planned on moving the revealed Mayor with a lowly Jester claim. With no town protectives possible, it was the mayor's only chance of survival. He gets to work as soon as he finishes the replacements, moving them before they can object to his practices. It payed off in the morning. The town found the so-called jester dead on the floor, with a book of hexes in her hand and dark magic equipment on her corpse. The transporter finally did a good job, as he sets off for the night, repairing his machine and disorienting the town and, hopefully, the mafia.

CREDIT: FirePyre

OCD. That's what they called it. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The need for everything to be in its right place.

And they never were, of course. They would always be moving around, visiting other people leaving their homes. But they all had the wrong homes! They didn't belong where they were, and the transporter would fix that. Yes, yes, yes, he would! He'd fix it all!

He grabs his contraption. It's such a fine piece of art, it brings tears to his eyes. He grins, and he gets in his carriage, on wheels, powered by his master invention: the engine! A creation that uses oil to generate speed, allowing carriages to move without horses!

It is one of the greatest inventions of the time. Perhaps, it is the greatest. But the transporter isn't interested in selling it or using it for money, or whatever. Nah, the transporter uses it to put everything in its right place! Cause that's his job. To put everything back, back in its right place.

The transporter smiles, the moon turning the innocent expression slightly sinister, and he climbs on board his carriage, setting off into the night.


Tonight, was crucial.

The Escort was murdered, and the Consort lynched.

The Investigator’s report became true.


“Come on… COME ON!”

He kicked the wheel desperately, and finally, with a loud belch, the engine chugged into life.


For tonight he had a plan. He must lead the mafia astray. He will make them turn on themselves in a last ditch attempt to exact revenge.

And to complete that, he must use a bait.

She was a quiet girl with perhaps more cunning than meets the eye.

She didn’t realise something was wrong. The Godfather has ordered the Mafioso to attack the Transporter, who was revealed the previous day. She was to silence the Lookout, as they knew they would be watching, thanks to the Consigliere.

Package delivered, she set home, crashing on her bed and falling asleep in an instant.

She had an odd dream. One that involved chariots. Except instead of horses, there were engines.


She frowned and turned over in her drowsy sleep.


“Shut up,” she mumbled subconsciously.


Was that the door opening?

Was that the Serial Killer?

She bolted upright, fumbling for her gun she always kept by her bedtable.

It wasn’t there.

And neither was her table.

As she looked further, neither was her old bed. Or wallpaper. Or anything of that sort.

She was in an entirely unknown house.

And yet…


Her eyes darted around, and she saw something which made her heart stop.

Gears. Engines. Screws.

Faster. Click of a gun.

Only an inventor would house one of these.

The bullet came all too quickly.

Vampire Hunter


CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

The Veteran was an ex-war hero who was praised among the former military for his brilliant efforts a long time ago. A lot of medals were placed onto a glass cupboard, proving his success and amazing wartime skills. However, great success didn't come with a price; he had went onto immense training and very hard situation, ambushed a lot by the enemies, as for the worst he had to watched his allies died in the war one by one, he barely made it due to his friends' efforts. The long time war had left a mental scar on the Veteran's heart and mind, made him onto a paranoid citizen as he always thought that people would come to kill him. Lived in the Town of Salem with lack of social skills, he was a bit antisocial towards the Townspeople. He was so scared of death this much, so he grabbed his shotgun and decided to go on alert. Unknowingly to the Veteran, the alert on that night would be his last alerts he ever went to.

It was a full moon that night. Loaded shotgun on his hands, he tried his best to not be distracted and fell asleep all night, not wanting to die. One by one, people came into his house, carrying various items such as machine gun, train case containing make-up and latex, mop and bucket, magnifying glass and notepad,even an envelope containing his darkest secret, all of their heads were shot and their corpses were thrown out from the Veteran's house. More people came again,one had a surgical kits, one had bloody knife on his hand, one had a gasoline can and a lighter, one had crime scene kits, all of them were turned into corpses and their body fallen in front of the Veteran's house.

Until finally, the Werewolf came into the Veteran's house. Shocked with the sudden appearance of the beast, the Veteran aimed his shotgun at the Werewolf. It had no effect, the Werewolf slashed the Veteran with its razor sharp claws, then it pounced him before threw him against the wall very hard. Blood flown from the Veteran's wounds and mouth, splattered across the walls and floors. However, the Veteran refused to succumb to his wounds, he grabbed a silver bullet from his pocket; a gift from the Vampire Hunter who already died due to Mafia, but not before telling the Veteran to kill all of the Vampires and be aware of the massive beast of the Town. He loaded the silver bullet onto his shotgun, cocked it, and before the Werewolf managed to finish him off, the Veteran shot the Werewolf's head and the Werewolf finally stopped moving.

The bleeding Veteran then leaned against the wall, knowing very aware that he'll never survive since he already killed the Doctor and the Bodyguard already died in a duel with the Mafioso. As his heart slowly stopped beating, his thoughts were filled with the face of the Townsfolk who accepted him into the society, despite he was very paranoid of being killed by them. The Vigilante, who noticed the Veteran's house filled with corpse, found the dying Veteran and tried his best to keep the Veteran alive. "Old friend... Don't worry, justice already served.. Everyone will be alright now..." The Veteran said with his dying breath, for the first time, he had never felt so paranoid about death. He knew that he'd died in honour, protecting them from the evildoers of this Town. He closed his eyes and smiled peacefully, he was finally be able to met his allies again on the afterlife. The Vigilante could only cried as he held the dead Veteran's body on his arms.

CREDIT: FirePyre

The night terrors come again. When he sleeps, he sees a soldier stepping on a land-mine, a crowd of men slashing swords at each other, a man with a musket aiming a weapon at him. And he still feels the bullet that long ago tore his shoulder open. The wound is faded, leaving nothing but a scar, but somehow he believes it is still there.

He is the one who runs from the living and the dead.

A man is coming over the hill. The veteran sees him, and his skin goes white with fear. In his mind, he sees a maniac running with a sword, a soldier with a gun, and he grabs the rifle.

Some faint voice in his head reminds him that the doctor had whispered to him that day. The doctor had told him: I know you're a target. You've taken lead and the mafia will want to kill you. I'm coming to visit you tonight. I'll help you survive.

But the night terrors overpower this voice, making it fall into the background.

He aims the rifle at the figure and pulls the trigger. The man slumps, his body going limp instantly, and the veteran lowers his rifle.

He goes to sleep, but still the night terrors persist. And so, with his rifle in hand, he sees a second person coming over the hill. He levels his gun, chambers a bullet, and finally, he smiles.

CREDIT: Fezlion


This is the question the Veteran asks himself every night. "Why did I come back to this stupid town?" "Why couldn't I have just died with my commrades?" "Why am I still here?" Day after day the Veteran stands outside looking across the street looking at some of his friends who survived the war, some of his friends. A man in a hood calls out, "I claim investigator, John Hathrone is mafia." The veteran perks up, did he just say my name? Everybody votes him up execpt for Giles Corey and William Hobbs, his friends. As the veteran walks up to the stand he stammers, "I am one of the people who came back here from the war, surly you remember when I came back. And I have no reason to have joined the mafia." He was on his knees pleading, "Please...spare me."

Giles and William supported his statement, letting John the Veteran live. After dusk, the veteran was as paranoid as ever, he decided to do something he wouldn't normally do, brave the night in search of tresspassers in his home. He picked up his old shotgun from the war, 12 bullets in load. After 3 hours of nothing, John was almost about to give up, but then a creek, two creeks. POW POW POW

Day 6

Giles Corey and William Hobbs were found dead, they were both doctors from the war.

Day 7

John Hathrone was found dead in their home, he apperently commited sucicide.



CREDIT: FirePyre

They say the best way to kill a man is a bullet between the eyes. In actual fact, the bullet should go in the temple for maximum damage.

She's been waiting there all night. Her sniper rifle is loaded with three bullets, but she knows she'll only need one. She sips her coffee, which has long since gone cold in the dark of night. She has not slept, has been forced to wait until the morning is about to break, but it is worth it. Anything to put a dent in evil. That's why they call her the vigilante.

A door in the back slips open, and her fingers tighten on the trigger. Her eyes squint, making sure the shot is perfect, as the man in the scope looks around nervously. Right as he is straightening up, right as he seems as if he believes the danger is gone, the vigilante pulls the trigger.

His head snaps back, blood spraying the ground, and the shot rings out among the cobblestones. The vigilante quickly packs up her sniper rifle, and she heads home, getting into bed.

As she sleeps, she remembers the hidden fourth bullet. It's the one she doesn't put in her rifle, but instead keeps in a little pistol at her bedside. That bullet is reserved for if she kills a town member. If that were to happen, she would know what to do.

The doctor's lifeless body continues to bleed onto the ground.

CREDIT: ZedKiller13

She sighed. Not because of sadness, she had no family. She sighed because nobody listened to her. The Doctor didn't visit her, the Lookout hated her, and the Mayor wanted her dead! The only one who trusted her was the Sheriff. He knew she was innocent. He knew she could kill the Mafia or that annoying Jester any moment. So she sighed on the fact of being lynched. That was why she was in this brig, this empty bucket and stone wall room. She told the Jailor she would shoot a suspect of his, him being too shy to say it out in fear of death. Night came. She loaded her pistol, filling it with the four bullets she had. One for special reasons. She arrived at the house, her head steaming with anger that wasn't natural. She aimed.

The bullet bounced off the knife, shooting towards a wall. It was true. He was the deadly Serial Killer of the town. He looked at her, grinning with the usual devilish look they all had. She walked away, scribbling info in the little paper in her pocket. Day came. She announced her "immune" findings. He was lynched. She slept fine, knowing that the Town would be fine with her, and that she was fully innocent, never scared of the Mafia's special present the next night.

CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

The Vigilante went home angrily, he slammed his door really hard and threw his hat onto the bed. "How dare they fired me?! Are they really insane to let this Town voted those criminal innocent?!" The Vigilante screamed as he balled his fist, he was so angry at the Townspeople who voted the Mafia innocent. Then an idea appeared on his mind: "if they didn't want to lynch them, then it's already decided. I'll take things onto my hands and bring down the hammer of justice to them myself!" He took the pistol which his father gave him when he became a cop, loaded it with the remaining three bullets, and headed out to his target's house.

The Investigator had told the Town that he was either Framer, Vampire, or Jester. So he couldn't be a Town. He took a deep breath, aimed his pistol at the target, and he shot the target. The target fell onto the floor, gone for good. Two bullets left, but the Vigilante was worried; how if he was actually Town? He went his home nervously, and slept for a bit. On the morning, the target's pocket was searched, and he was actually a Vampire. The Vigilante breathed a sigh of relief, but he knew he must kept calm. "This person visited the Bodyguard. She claimed Escort, but she came as a member of the Mafia!" The Sheriff accused the Escort, The Vigilante went again that night. Another shot taken, and the girl was indeed, the Mafia's Consort. One bullet left.

As the day's discussion ended, the Vigilante noticed something weird on the Lookout's pocket. She didn't have any binoculars or something that made her like a Lookout, so he was sure that the Lookout was the Forger. Indeed, the fact that she wasn't Lookout was already proven, she didn't watched anyone, but she was staying home. The Vigilante then decided to shoot her, the Forger hit the floor. No bullets left at all. So, the Vigilante decided to went home and wait until it was morning again, waiting to see if she was a Forger, or worse, indeed the Lookout.

However, as soon as he stepped out of the Forger's house... He saw many dead bodies in front of his old friend, the Veteran's house. He put back his pistol and dashed to the Veteran's house, only to found him leaning against the wall, bleeding. "Hang in there! You're going to make it! Doctor!" The Vigilante shouted, but when he glanced back, he saw the Doctor, lying on the ground. There was no hope. As the Vigilante held the Veteran, he heard the Veteran's last words very carefully. He though back when he met the Veteran for the first time, initially they were not very close due to the paranoia of the Veteran, but soon enough they admired each other, becoming a very close friend. These thought brought tears to Vigilante's eyes, and as he realised the Veteran gone...

The Vigilante held his best friend's dead body on his arms, tears flown down his cheeks and he whispered to him, "thank you for all the time we had together. I wait for the time when we met again..." He wiped his tears, and walked out. The next morning, the Lookout's pocket was searched and her will was found. She was a Lookout. The Vigilante was crushed and filled with guilt. However, a forged will was found in her pocket, so she was indeed the Forger.

All of the guilt on his mind was lifted. Because of the efforts of the Vigilante and the deceased Veteran, the Town was finally free from evildoers. It was a good day, but the Vigilante missed his best friend, the Veteran, and anyone who died by the hands of the Mafia, the Serial Killer, and other evildoers. He knew that their sacrifice wasn't pointless, after all.

CREDIT: Jmskilz

"Giles Corey was apparantly Stabbed by a Serial Killer"

This was it. The final straw. Giles was a beloved friend of this retired Police Officer. And now, now he's dead."I could have done something, I could have stopped them." This was the day that he made a very inportant decision. He will wreak havoc on all those who have wronged this town. He will make up for his mistake. He will get revenge. After days of doubts he had come to a conclusion. He had uncovered the Serial Killer. One day, late at night, the so called"Vigilante" sneaks into the Serial Killers House. He doesn't stop and think. He just shoots.

The next day the monotone voice of the Town Crier rings out.

"John Hathorne Died Last night" He felt a sense of pride, as he thought he had saved the town from doom.

"His role was Medium." His head spiralled out of control,for he had become the monster he had tried to fight. Going home that night he realised that the guilt he was faced with can not be overcome.There is one bullet remaining.

" I supposed i saved the bast for las-"

His eyes become heavier, and the Vigilante of Salem dies. The town of devasted, and now Samuel Parris is at rest.

The Hero of Salem.


CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

Ever since she was a child, the Blackmailer already had a rough time. She was never allowed to talk with anyone, even when she tried, most people kept ignoring her, the Town people even as far treated her like she never exist in the life. She never asked for it, and everytime she always questioned herself, "What have I done? What mistake I did that everyone, including my family always silenced me everytime I tried to speak?" Slowly but surely, the Blackmailer's hatred grew towards the Town's people, she would do anything to make the Townies suffered the same fate she ever went through. Her first attempt was to blackmail her worst rival, the Escort. She always stole everyone's attention from the Blackmailer, and even pretended to care about the Blackmailer so she can bullied her. One night, she was sitting in front of her computer's desk. She found out that the Escort was actually had going onto plastic surgery after a horrible incident which ruined hed face. A grin formed on the Blackmailer's face, she then printed those information, including the Escort's original face photo. After that, she sealed them into a white envelope and put it on the Escort's doorstep. The attempt was a huge success, then she started to blackmail everyone, from the Jailor, Investigator, Sheriff, many of them were silenced due to her; a satisfying smile appeared on the Blackmailer's face everytime the blackmailed person was accused.

Five nights later, when she was looking for the embarrasing past of the Townies, her door was forced open. A man with silky white hair and black suit came in, with another male who carried a machine gun and a magnifying glass. She immediately realised that the man was Godfather, with his Mafioso and Consigliere. "I've realised that some of the Town's people were so silence during the day. I believe it was your doing, right?" The Godfather asked her, his eyes were filled with intense malice that the Blackmailer's legs were froze. "Yes, it was my doing. I hate them so much for silencing me when I was a child, and now it is the time for them to feel the same pain as I did."

The Godfather smiled at her, "How about you submit to us? And use your perfect blackmailing skill, to make them suffer like you did? As long as I'm here, I'll be sure to grant your wish." She smiled so happily, listening to the Godfather's words and agreed on the offer. The Blackmailer could finally have a revenge on the Town with her new Mafia family, the only one who treated her like she exist and always let her spoke anything she wished to.

CREDIT: Qmanthegamer

There was always an ironic sense when one referenced the Blackmailer. They never seemed to talk, and at times would simply grin, for no obvious reason. It was sure that he startled a few people when they noticed this behaviour, but to him, he didn't care, he had all he needed.

At day, the Blackmailer was always asocial. He always seemed to have an excuse as to why he couldn't conversate with someone. No one exactly knew what this meant however.

The reason to his antics was, actually quite simple. He always had a good observation... No, it isn't like the Lookout's keen eye, and although he may occassionally eavesdrop on a conversation, he was certainly no Spy. He observed... Personalities... Psychology... The mind of people.

At night, was when he would use the information he found to perform his action. At the break of dusk, he would scurry out of his home, onto the barren streets of Salem, a few files in an envelope labelled "secrets". With the ring of a doorbell, the target would be greeted with it, in shock, slowly reading the unlucky 13 words written on the pictures.

"Speak, and we show this to the town. Certainly, you know your values."

And suddenly, that grin makes perfect sense.

CREDIT: TonightsPrayers

A very talented women, making sure people would shut up or else, she always had this skill, but she used it wrong. one day she tried to shut up the godfather, but he didnt buy it, instead he took her in and made her tell the townies whos boss. Making sure the Sheriif didnt reveal there Janitor, and the Medium to shut herself and the dead up, that also wasn't her only skill, in the day time she walked around listening to the whispers of the town folks saying there roles, when she put this into the godfather, there was one last jailor in this town.


CREDIT: Playful Triskster 101

Among the Mafia, there was an Investigator who was far above than him, he was the Consigliere, Godfather's most trusted right hand man. Formerly an Investigator himself, he was not trusted by the Townspeople due to his intelligence which was more superior. Not to mention that the Investigator, his former best friend, was the one who responsible for the Consigliere's excommunication from the Town.

He grew up in a normal family, his father was a detective,and had a dream for becoming a detective just like his father, so his parents sent him onto a school which could only be entered by smart people. He spent his time reading and studying about how to perfectly determinated who was the culprit. The results were amazing, however, envied of the Consigliere who was smarter, the Investigator spreaded a rumor that the Consigliere was cheating. Since then, he was humiliated everywhere he went, while the Investigator was praised and adored.

Not long after he graduated, the Godfather found him and by that time, the Consigliere was banished from his house as well. He had nothing, no friends, no family, no job, nothing at all. Wished to get back his pride and joy, he joined the Mafia as the Consigliere. There, he had so many friends and praises from the Godfather. He would make sure that his family still intact.

In the morning, the Jailor had died, stabbed by a Serial Killer while the Spy had died from the Mafioso. Most Town people immediately suspected the "Retributionist" as the Serial Killer, but the "Retributionist" promised that he would revive the Jailor. When the dusk greeted, the Consigliere slipped onto the "Retributionist"'s house. There was no one in the house, so he knew that the "Retributionist" was lying. Inside, he found that there were many bloody knives, saws, syringes of liquids, poisons,and bloody gloves. The Town may be fooled, but not the Consigliere.

The next day, he announced that the Retributionist was either Doctor/Disguiser/Serial Killer, mimicking the Investigator's finding. The Retributionist was lynched, and his role was revealed as the Serial Killer. Now, the time for the Consigliere's revenge was near. He had found out who was the Investigator, his former best friend. The Godfather gladly ordered the Mafioso to kill the Investigator.

Surely enough, not long after that, a loud gunshot rang from the Investigator's house. A smirk spread across the Consigliere's face, and tomorrow morning, the Investigator was found dead, but neither his will nor his role was revealed. This was the Consigliere's work, to found out who was the important roles of the Town and let the Mafioso kill them, thus keeping his family out of the spot light.

CREDIT: Qmanthegamer

He knows of one thing. He understand just how most of the citizens feels. He has felt an array of emotions throughout his life, enough to be able to connect with anyone he chooses at night.

He observes their attitude... Their gestures and speech. Anything they say or do will aid the Consigliere in his investigation. He knows of the Investigator's limited capabilities, as he can't emphasize with the target. The Investigator can't tell the role of someone between a few possiblities, while the Consigliere can determine the exact role of a target.

Doctor or a Serial Killer? He clearly doesn't seem sane in anyway, and he stutters when he moves. Must be a Serial Killer. Executioner or Sheriff? They certainly seem to talk specifically about a person half of the time. They seem to try and persuade alot. Certainly an Executioner...

With the Consigliere, he can always be sure to get the exact clues on someone's role, and that is just how he likes it.

As he walks back to his cottage from a successful night out investigating, he simply cannot wait to tell the mafia about his findings.


CREDIT: Secretive Gurl

In the morning,a beautiful girl wake up from her sleep.As she open the door,she noticed a lot people waiting her in front her house.As she keep everything settle down,she acting like nothing happen before.She keep acting innocent in front towns naked eyes but all stopped until night time fall.As she wearing her most beautiful dress,make up,perfume and other things to seducing man with her beautiful attractive body.The place where she usual meeting her `best friends’,they begun their own cooperative with their own skills against town.But,the town never know what hit them.

The famous sheriff begun his work at night,as he stepped outside his house.But he suddenly stopped,the most beautiful girl in the town waiting outside his house.And she begun her seducing skill with men with the town sheriff.The sheriff fall for it,the sheriff forgot what he was doing back there before the gril came to his house at night time.Both the sheriff and the gril keep talking all night,until the sheriff was found dead next day.The girl just shocked,but in reality in her head she smile with joy.Oh,the town didn`t even notice that.

The girl continuing her job as a beloved member for his savior.She got all things she want to fulfill her dreams,and the girl happily lived ever after with her `best friend'..

CREDIT: Playful Triskster 101

She buried her sadness deep inside her eyes and danced gracefully, amused anyone who looked at her, She was the Consort, a dancer who worked for the most feared organization, the Mafia. She would use her beauty and charmed the others, distracting them and when necessary, she led them to their death by the hands of the Mafioso. After all, she had devoted herself and her life for the Mafia whom she considered as the saviour, yet unknown to her, her Godafther only used her distractions skill to get his revenge on the Town. But, she herself also held a strong resentment towards the Townpeople.

As the Town Escort's twin sister, she was a beautiful girl much like her sister. However, the Town praised the Escort more and it caused a jealously inside the Consort's heart. Whenever the Escort tried to invite her to the Town's party, she refused and shouted to the Escort that she hated her, despite being her twin. Until finally, when she was about to be proposed by her lover, the lover made the marriage failed and instead chose to married the Escort instead. Her heart felt like being sliced by a knife. Broken, sad, angry, and envy mixed to her, she fell into despair and decided to end her life.

When she was about to jump off the bridge, the Godfather stopped her. He was dazzled by her beauty, wondering why such a beautiful girl like her wanted to commit suicide, and asked her why. The Consort, not aware who he was, fell onto her knees and cried in anguish, felt sorry to her, the Godfather brought her to his mansion. When she arrived there, all the Mafia members welcomed her. She told them that her life had been crushed due to her twin sister, and she really hated, no, she wanted the Escort to dead. The Blackmailer, she told the Consort that all Mafia members have suffered the same pain she did and comforted her. After a long sobbing and crying, she fell asleep and the Forger lent her room for her.

While she was sleeping, the Mafia member discussed about the Consort. The Blackmailer and the Forger persuaded the Godfather to accept her, the rest of them also asked for her acceptances. Of course, the Godfather wished her to take her as a Mafia member since her beauty dazzled him. After a long sleep, the Consort was invited to the Mafia's dining hall. There she was accepted and everyone cheered for their new sister, the Consort, but the happiest one were the Blackmailer, the Forger, and the Godfather themselves. The order from the Godfather was simple: distract the Sheriff and the Investigator who wanted the Mafia to be eradicated.

She executed her first mission without any fear and regrets, as the Sheriff and the Investigator was sucessfully distracted. She knew that they would died someday from the Mafia, but this was her duty to keep her family intact. Of course, the Godfather told her that she shouldn't dare to step into the lawn of the man with knives, as she would be killed when she tried to charm him. She gracefully danced for the death of the Townspeople, who were stupid enough to let down their guard.


“Kind of late to be wandering outside, huh?”

He whirled around quickly, heart thumping. A young lady stood in front of him, hands on her hips.

“Oh, um...” he stammered. “I was going to visit someone. A someone… yes, yes, someone by the name of John. John - er, John Smith. Yes. That’s right. Yes, um, I think. Ahem.”

“Yeah yeah yeah. Old excuses.” She huffed loudly.

A bang followed by a scream tore the apart the silence like a tiger tearing apart a deer. The two people whirled around. The lights in the house across them swayed and flickered. There was a crash of breaking china and another scream.

“Isn’t that Rupert’s house?”


Silence. The screams faded away. A second later the door opened and recoiled off the wall with a terrific bang. The two of them ducked into the shadows of the house. Footsteps approached, then passed, echoing into the distance. A door opened and closed, followed by muffled angry talking.

“So… I take you’re Willard?”

“Yes,” he answered. It was not possible to hide his name, anyways.

“What’s your occupation?”

His eyes flashed. “Not for you to know.”

“Of course,” she answered smoothly. “My mistake, I apologize.”

He could not be fooled by simple words. His hand went to his pocket subconsciously.

“So… are you the Escort, Mary?” Deception was vital.

“Of course. Who else would be as charming as me, hmm?”

Running footsteps suddenly echoed outside of his house. Silence fell over them like a blanket. There was a creak as the door opened. No one moved. Papers were shuffled, and he was glad he has hid his most important and secret belongings under the trapdoor.

Finally, whoever it was left, shut the door with no gentle force and strolled casually back, their face obscured. They ducked behind the house again.

“Well, I suppose my job is done.” She sighed over dramatically. “I shall depart now.”

“Please do.”

She turned to leave.

The knife slipped out like butter. With one, quick movement, he stabbed her straight in the back with deadly accuracy of those who killed one too many times. Before she could register what happened, before she could scream, he stabbed her, again and again, till her corpse lay bleeding into the ground. Blood splattered. A bloody letter dropped out of her pocket, sealed with a red insignia, a red rose crossed with a gun. The Mafia’s mark.

“Sorry,” the Serial Killer said calmly, wiping his knife on her already stained dress. He picked up her limp body with perfect balance, and carried it down the road. Dawn was coming, and with it will be the cries of the dying. Those who defied him will perish, like they made her perish.

“You wouldn’t have died today if you visited someone else.”

CREDIT: TonightsPrayers

Many skills lead into the Consorts live, he always loved partying and drinking, but it seemed people were to busy, so he decided he wanted to still have fun, but in a different team. Joining the mafia at only 20, this Consort was ready to party, first getting the doctor so drunk, he stabbed himself with his own needle, than making the investigator figure himself out. He was ready to show people they had enough time, they just needed to use it wisely.


Credit: Addfire

Thomas thought he had a fair sense of humor, chuckling at his joke. When it came to his job, you needed a bit of light to keep you sane, that's what his father always said.

While life in Salem had always been unstable, he had caught wind that the two biggest groups in Salem had gotten uneasy over the sudden arrival of what could only be called a monster. One of Thomas' best friends, Edmund, had had his sister, Lydia, killed, her head almost surgically seperated from his neck.

Thomas hadn't really been paying attention that day, just cracking the same jokes that he always made. But he had a job, and he knew he had to do it. He made his way to his house, just like everyone else.

CREDIT: VeneraSurvivalGuid101

Sneaking to the window, the Disguiser made sure his gloves were not going to fall off. He slid through the open window and sneaked quietly. A master of improvisation, the Disguiser was quick to hide in the shadows. From there, he waited.

He watched the target's every move, a Sheriff observing his cases. The Disguiser memorized his behavior just like that, learning to imitate others from a young age. He knew what he needed the Godfather to get for him, and he knew what he had to do to pull it off.

The next night, an Investigator was scourging the house. He saw the simplest scraps of evidence: the reports, the files, the Sheriff in his chair. Satisfied that he found the town's possible sheriff, the Investigator made a quick exit. Once the Investigator left, the Disguiser chuckled. It worked like a charm. The Investigator fell for it! He shrugged it off! The Disguiser smiled as he put down the fake "reports" and released a sigh of relief. The Godfather would be pleased with his work.

After all, there's power in unseen numbers.

CREDIT: Qmanthegamer

It wasn't long until night time took over the town. It was time for everyone to perform what they did best. It was not long until the Mafia began to initiate their plans: executing, seducing, investigating. One of them, however, had a different ability. They had been carefully studying the moves and habits of their neighbor, to the point where they could emulate their exact personality and actions. The Disguiser was undetectable, even to the highly skilled Investigator, who if they gazed through the window of their humble abode, would see the Disguiser as if they were looking at the very person they imitated. Even if they are annihilated by other means, they keep that exact same costume. The same face as if they were still acting from beyond the grave. Fooling the entire town into thinking that they may actually be one of their own. And so, the chaos continues, with the entire town still not knowing just how the Disguiser can act like someone so flawlessly and almost perfectly. Maybe, however, it's better kept that way.

CREDIT: FirePyre

On the first day, the Investigator rode out towards the Vigilante's house. The Stallion he rode was chestnut brown and sturdy as anything, much bigger than the ponies he was raising at his house with his wife and daughter. He spurred the horse on, and it rode.

On the second day, he arrived. The Vigilante stood out the front, watching him as he rode in. He was carrying a dead man over his shoulder, and as the Investigator reached the house he watched the Vigilante dump the man in his well.

"Vagrant." He explained. "Tried to steal my food. Shot him right dead. No one takes anything from me."

The Investigator nodded. "Listen," he said. "I've found out about a possible mafia meeting spot. It's three days ride from here, and I wanted to bring you so that if it turns out there are mafia meeting there, you can start shooting."

The Vigilante considered for a second, then nodded. "Sure." He said. "But let me send a letter to my daughter first, to make sure she knows what happened in case I die."

The Investigator shrugged and set off to his horse. "Send it, and then ride with me."

The Vigilante wrote his letter, delivered it to the post office, and then the two of them rode.

On the third day, the clouds broke and rain and fog covered the area they were riding through. The Vigilante nearly lost the Investigator, but luckily the latter made sure to keep the Vigilante in sight at all times.

On the fourth day, the land they rode through was desert. It seemed this would be the land the camp was in.

On the fifth day, they arrived. The camp was there - tents, a campfire, and a voting booth labelled "Who to kill", but it was empty. Whoever had been there had cleared out long ago.

The Investigator and the Vigilante watched as a single man rode on a horse towards them from the desert, moving in the direction they had been riding, coming from behind them. The Investigator wondered if he'd been tailing them this whole time, but dismissed the thought.

And then the man on the horse aimed a gun and fired a single shot. It hit the Investigator in the stomach and he gasped. Blood trickled through his fingers even as he clutched his stomach, and he screamed in pain. The Vigilante made no move to help him as the man with the gun fired a second shot and killed the Investigator with a bullet to the head.

The Mafioso rode up and gave the Vigilante an appraising look. "Your tip was appreciated." He said, and the Vigilante nodded.

"Did you have to make it painful?" He asked, lightly kicking the Investigator's body. "I was warming on him."

"The first shot was aiming for the head."

"You don't miss."

The Mafioso gave the Vigilante a wry smile, and bent over to examine the dead man's body as he spoke. "C'mon. Let's make you an Investigator."

CREDIT: Addfire

A mask hides emotions. A mask keeps away the crowd. A mask is another person, tailor-made for you. That's what he loved about acting. You were a different person under the mask, and he hated himself. But all the people that he could be... With their flaws and perfections... That was the mask.

A serial killer was ravaging the town. The mayor had done nothing before he croaked. The investigator was wrong every time. And the sheriff's attempts at righteousness were laughable.

There was work needed to be done. So he walked to the house of the godfather, mask in hand, with a deal. To rid the town of the serial killer, he would have to do some wrong. But his family needed protecting. He needed a crowd to perform to. With the serial killer, the status quo had been thrown into a ditch and ripped into pieces.

"Please," he began tentatively. "I want to rid this town of the killers that reside in it. I need to do something while everyone else is sitting on their thumbs! Your methods may be extreme, but you get the job done. Please..."

"Normally, Id decline your offer," the godfather began. "But we've lost a valued member of our group and a replacement was needed. What can you bring to the table?"

"Well... I can..." He was at a loss for words. What could he do? Then he knew. "I can be someone else. The most trusted member of the town- I could be them. I can take someone's place, turn the town inside out... I just need a couple of tools."

This interested the godfather. But how to know if this person would stay true to his word?

"Now then, sir. You're an actor by trade, and wealthy, correct?"


"You have a wife? A son?"


"I'd like you... To take your wife's place."


"You wish to help my family. Your wife is a known spy. We don't have all day." The godfather casually cocked his revolver.


"You're thinking of changing your mind? But sir..." The godfather fired, the bullet taking off some of the actor's ear.

The actor clamped his hand to his ear to stop the bleeding. He looked up at the godfather and solemnly nodded.


The actor's wife sobbed furiously. Then she looked up, fury in her eyes.

"THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTED THE ACTOR DEAD IS THAT LOOKOUT! OR SHOULD I SAY... FORGER?" Her words were compelling as they were ear-splitting. As the lookout was burned at the stake, a couple people wondered why the wife's voice was a tone lower.


CREDIT: Secretive Gurl

As a lilttle girl,she always like to reading,writing wills for herself or her friend to play around with it.As she grew up,she know what wills capable of,like as our routine,investigating result and many else.

As she grew up as a beautiful woman,she became an attorney at the famous court.Who became a person who writing wills for other people and their property as she sorting it by who name it was.As she working at here without a break,she almost relaying everything that she gambling with her other attorney friend who working there.And almost everything she have with her,her money,her house where she used to lived.Just gone,in front her eyes as her friend laughing at her.

And her client show up."May I sorting my property for my children here?"said the old man.The woman nod her head.As the old man said who his grandchildren name,the woman got a bright idea who name "should" writen at the old man wills.

As the day passing away,the old man died.And his death brought fortune for herself.The money,house its all coming back to her."If my client doesn`t know what their wills writen in it,I will be the most rich woman in this town!".As she hallucinating about it,the most rich member of mafia came to her."Um...are you the person who write my grandfather wills?"asked him."Yes I am,and whats your business here?Are you want to prepared you wills here?"ask her with a calm face,but behind it there a dark secret their no one else know about it.

But,as the member of mafia noticed his grandfather wills,there something "missing" with it.But,due his high intelligent and his ability to judge people,he saw through the scheme.The mafia member said to her,"Meet me at 5 Avenue Street tonight at 8 p.m" the mafia whisper to her.

And he left,she was panicking with it."Am I gonna be dead tonight?Should I go there for my safety?"question about it in her head.

The night have fallen.As she decided to come the 5 Avenue Street where her used to lived until she lose the gambling with her friend.She arrived at the place where that person told to meet him.

He came and told her "Our Godfather want to meet you".As she shocked about it."Oh lord,please forgive me for my action."the woman prayed for her own safety.

The Framer was the man who visited her and the son who his grandfather died last day.

The Framer was angry againts her action and his grandfather property was stolen to this woman.As she shocked,it was all her fault for her greedy action.The Framer said,"We should kill this woman for my grandfather death!"said the Framer to the Godfather.

The Godfather stare at her,he said "We should think about this,you can get killed by us or you can work with us and use you "fake wills" to replaces other people wills.So,what do you say?"said the Godfather to her.

She think about it,"Yes,I will submitted to the mafia"said her to the Godfather."Then,lets get to business."the Godfather smile.

As the Godfather looked at her,"She have many potential to submitted to the Mafia"think the Godfather.But,the Framer just quiet for the whole conversation.

And she became a member of mafia since that day.With all the richest she can imagined


CREDIT: FirePyre

Quietly, the man slips inside.

The investigator's house is littered with all kinds of documents. From observations to receipts, reports to love letters. It wouldn't be hard, in this kind of mess, to slip something in unnoticed.

The framer bends down, and places a couple of documents in, secret mafia meeting times, evidence to shift belief from him being an investigator to him being a consigliere. Enough to fool any sheriff.

The next day, there is a frenzy. The sheriff is accusing the investigator of working with the mafia, feeding them secrets and lying to the town. And the town, the town is calling for blood, whipped up into a frenzy by the man who is so, so sure that he is right. That he is about to accomplish his life goal of finding the mafia and hanging them.

The investigator is hanged. He is discovered to be not mafia. The next day, a vigilante has shot and killed the sheriff.

The framer smiles, and slinks back into the shadows.

CREDIT: Playful Triskster 101

Waiting slowly and quietly until his target went from their house, The Framer checked his suitcase. Forged documents, crime scene kits, blood red ink, and pistols, were all in check. During the day's discussion, a Doctor was suspected as the Member of the Mafia, but the Doctor immediately defended himself, and before the day ended, the Sheriff and the Investigator told the Town that they'd check him. Before the Framer executed his mission, the Godfather messaged him, told him to frame the Doctor, and to be careful out there. The Framer replied the message with a yes, and closed his cellphone.

Not long after that, the Doctor went out. Looking around in case of Lookout, he immediately went to the Doctor's house. He then began to do his job, first, he put the pistols onto the Doctor's drawer, and usually, all investigative persons would always checked all rooms of the target's house. With these knowledge, he put those forged documents on the Doctor's private work room. He splattered the blood onto the Doctor's warehouse, as to made sure that the Doctor obviously a Member of the Mafia. Before he left, he put a paper with the words, "The Mafia sent their regards" on the wall, and immediately left.

The next morning, the Medium has been killed by a Vigilante who had taken a chance, and the Retributionist had been shot by the Mafioso. With their findings, the Sheriff and the Investigator accused the Doctor. "He is the member of the Mafia! I checked his house last night!" Both pointed their fingers at the Doctor, who screamed, "How many times I have to told you all that I am the Doctor?! I'm not a member of Mafia!" The Sheriff immediately took out all of his findings, and the Town has decided to put him onto a trial.

"I didn't even know why all of those documents and pistols were in my place! Please let me go!" The Doctor tried to defend himself really hard, but all of the Town voted guilty. As the Doctor breathed his last, his role was revealed as indeed, the Doctor of the Town. The Sheriff and the Investigator were very shocked, all of the Town screamed in panic; sadness, anger, despair, all of those emotions could be seen on the Townpeople's faces. But the Framer smirked, yes he smirked as the Doctor's body swinging slowly on the gallows. He had got rid of the Doctor who kept healing the Sheriff.

And soon enough, the Sheriff and the Investigator were found dead in front of their houses. This was all the scenario that the Framer wrote, with the Town's destruction as the climax...


CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

He worked from shadow, leading the most feared organization due to their criminal doings, or known as the Mafia. Surely enough, the Townspeople was so scared of this man with the iron fists, as he used violent method to conquer the Salem. Yes, he was known as the Godfather, the leader among the men. He had only one desire: to kill everyone who wouldn't submit to the Mafia, including the gullible Townies, the Neutral killers, and everyone who got in the way. His subordinates feared him and kneeled before him, but the Godfather wasn't always fearful, as he cared about them more than everyone else, in his own ways, of course.

He and the Mayor had a very bitter relationships; too bitter to be swallowed and tasted. Since the elections, he held a strong resentment towards the Mayor due to the fraud of the Mayor when the election begun; the Mayor bribed all Town to voted for him. He wanted revenge, he wanted to see this Town destroyed, but he was powerless back then, until the old Godfather found him and took him under his wing as a Mafioso. When the Godfather was dying, he decided to follow his footsteps and came with a very big plans. BIG plans.

The new Godfather started to looking for the people who were mistreated and excommunicated by the Town . From the Mafioso who lived in poverty and banished from the Town, the Blackmailer who wasn't allowed to talk by anyone, the Consort whose life had been broken due to failed marriage but her beauty dazzled the Godfather, The Consigliere who was excommunicated due to the Town's Investigator, the Framer who was labelled as a criminal due to being incriminated, the Forger who was a poor lawyer, the Disguiser who was a generous person who got everything taken from him, and the Janitor who was an abused custodian. He took them all under his wings and promised them that The Town would suffer like them, but twice more painful.

Every night, the plan went smooth and one of the Town members suffered each night. The Godfather would sent his Mafioso to do this dirty work, but didn't mean he was afraid to get his hands dirty. One night, a Vigilante had shot the Consort and his Mafioso. Rain poured as the Vigilante looked at the Mafioso's dead body, a grin spread across the Vigilante's face. "Justice is served... And the Mafia won't cause the trouble again," the Vigilante said it out loudly, not noticing the sound of a reloaded pistol behind him. "The Mafia won't waver with one member, or even two member's death." The Godfather spoke with a sovereign tone as he pulled the trigger and shot the Vigilante twice, making it painful as the Vigilante did to his Consort and Mafioso.

He knew this wasn't the time to be grieving for his killed family members, so he decided to do the killing himself. After all, he was a Mafioso and had the killing talent to begin with. The Town would suffer and perished, with the Mafia rule them all. The Godfather will assured that.

CREDIT: TonightsPrayers

A Old man sits in his chair and looks at each and everyone of his mafia members, looking at there dead faces, he smiles " I need a plan, and i want a good one," speaking, as he looks at the consig, " you know that guy in the brick house on the DeadMan's path, yeah, i figured out he was a jailor." The Godfather smiles, and looks at the mafiaso and Janitor, both nodding there head , they go off, he then notices the BlackMailer smiling, "you may have noticed the Investigator saying he will see your role tongint mister Godfather, dont worry I will handle it." The blackmailer left with a flash, and the Godfather told the consig to invest that girl in the shack.

When day hit, they found John Protor dead, and everyone was in a rush, once they figured the Investigator was Blackmailed, they didnt know what to do, the sheriff spoke and said that John Hathorn was not suspicous, " You need to find a better person sheriff, we are in danger!" the surv explained. With no one to lynch, the day was over, and everyone retreated to there houses.

The Godfather was happy with that day, forgetting he got visited by the sheriff he seems fine, the consig speaks up and says the words that would kill this town " that women in the shack is a witch mister godfather, should we keep her?" The Godfather looks out the window and watches lights flicker from the witchs shack and the Godfather knows whats going to happen these past few nights, as they finish there conversation, the Godfather leans back in his chair looking at the night sky " Im sorry father, im sorry i made bad choices, but thats the way mother taught me, and i cant change now, please accept the way i am, because i will never see you again," the Godfather speaks his finals words as a beast with glowing yellow eyes rips him apart.


CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

The custodian was staring at the ceiling, thinking what he should do so his family didn't suffer and live in poverty. But what could he do other than cleaning? The Townspeople's taunt and abuse were like his daily snacks that he craved, yet he did his best to keep the Town clean. However, one night he was fired and his family barely even got anything to be eaten everyday. He thought himself as a failure, worthless scum that deserve to die.

One day, someone sent him a letter, the Janitor had ho idea, but the person who wrote a letter showed him the address and his name. He spotted a stamp of red rose, and a pistol, but he brushed it off. When he arrived, the man who sent him the letter and his "family" welcomed him as a housekeeper. The paid went very well, he got so much money from his master and his family could eat everyday. As the Blackmailer spotted her cleaned room, she put her finger and noticed there were no dust at all, so she told the Godfather.

After a month of working at his master's house, the Godfather told the custodian that his mansion was the Mansion of the Mafia. "My Blackmailer had told me about how flawless your cleaning was. No dust or dirt left at all. So... Will you willing to join us as a member of the Mafia? We can give you the riches that Town couldn't give," Told the Godfather to the Janitor. Initially, he wanted to deny his offer, but thinking about his family and life, he agreed to join so his family didn't suffer anymore.

The Consigliere had found out the Town's Investigator, and the Godfather had ordered him to clean the Investigator. After the Mafioso shot him, he started the work, first he took all the things that related to investigation work; magnifying glass, binoculars, notepad, fingerprint collectors, investigation files, and his last will. He put them into a trash bag and cleaned the walls and floors with some powerful acids. It took a bit long before the blood completely gone, but the time was worth spending. Afterwards, he lit his fireplace and tossed all of the belongings, engulfing them into ashes. All traces and bloodstains were gone, the Janitor patted himself on the back.

On the next day, the Executioner searched the Investigator's pocket and house, but nothing was found. However, the Town didn't realise that they already lack of Investigator, and soon they would lack of Sheriff and Jailor as well. Only the Janitor and the Mafia would know what information they held, which the Town would never know and better off not knowing.


CREDIT: Addfire

William walked back to his house. It was a little late to be going to bed, almost three in the morning, but from the looks on people's faces and the resounding yawns each day, there were more important things than sleep.

It was a nice house, a shack if you wanted to be honest about it, but it was home. As William opened the door, a blunt object struck the back of his head, and he sunk to the front steps.

William opened his eyes. He was tied to a chair in his main room, where he cooked and read. He was able to make out a figure standing in front of him.

"You're awake, I see. Had a good sleep, William?"

"Wh- What?"

"You've been making some strange house calls, William. I'd like to know just what it is what you've been doing."

William grit his teeth.

"I- I- Are you suggesting that I killed Mary?"

"No. Are you?"

"N- but- NO! I'd never- I've never killed anyone!"

"Then what's with the gun I found? And there's only one group that requires as strict attire as that suave blazer you happen to be wearing." A chuckle from the outline.

William sat up straighter. This person knew. Time to drop the front.

"Doesn't matter what you find, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Scary. I highly doubt that you have the guts to kill me."

"Doesn't matter what I can do," said the man (because it was definitely a man's voice) "But what the town does when they learn your secret and you are put on trial for treason against the town. And you do know what the punishment for treason is, right William?"

"I will find out who you are, and I will shoot you and I will shoot you until your dead body is splayed out on the ground and I will shoot you again until I run out of bullets-"

"Have a nice life, Mr. Phips."

CREDIT: FirePyre

A dead body lies on the ground. A vigilante has put a bullet in it, and the man is long since dead. His brother weeps over his body, tears splashing on the ground. After a minute, the brother's tears have dried and he takes the pistol out of the dead man's jacket. He loads it, putting it in his jacket, and he heads back to the meeting room.

"The mafioso is dead." He says to the Godfather, who curses and slams his fist on the table. "I have taken his gun, and his place." Says the former blackmailer, now the next mafioso. "I will take his place."

The Godfather smiles, and speaks. "This man." He points to the picture. "Kill him tomorrow." The mafioso nods, and leaves.

The next night, he approaches. A twinkle in the darkness, and a single bullet cuts clean through his skull, killing him instantly. The body falls, and the twinkle is gone.

A dead body lies on the ground. A veteran has put a bullet in it, and the man is long since dead. His brother weeps over his body, tears splashing on the ground. After a minute, the brother's tears have dried and he takes the pistol out of the dead man's jacket. He loads it, putting it in his jacket, and he heads back to the meeting room.

CREDIT: VeneraSurvivalGuid101

Godfather: Engage this little mother hubbard.


Narrator: This bastard is the Mafioso. The pawn of the Mafia, the underdog with a gun. Suffice to say not many metaphors describe him, for he is not the ordinary man. Weapon of choice? The Tommy Gun. A Mafia classic.

He sneaks into houses and discreetly dispatches the Godfather's targets.

Mafioso:(Kicks down the door) THE GODFATHER SENDS HIS REGARDS!!!

(cue barrage of gunfire)

He is a good hand when it comes to murder.

Mafioso:(kicks the body to make sure it's dead)

And he always leaves his mark.

(The Mafioso puts down a death note that says "Ayo you're dead XD XD GG Mafia win no RE")

The Mafioso is the Godfather's hands and feet. Assuming those hands and feet had guns.

In the rare event that the Mafioso is unavailable...

(cue Escort walking into the Mafioso's house. Comical hearts are flying out of the house)

The Godfather will seek the kill himself. Being the Godfather, he's much more experienced.

Godfather: (kicks down the door) The Mafia sends their regards.

(cue barrage of gunfire)

Yes, the Godfather is the one that leads the Mafioso into the dark war against this town. But there is hope.

(Day time. The Godfather's body is dead with a note that says "GET OFF MY LAWN")

In the rare event that the Godfather "is unavailable", the Mafioso gets a sudden kick in the arse.

(Mafioso gets kicked onto a pillar that says "Godfather")

And while there is no Mafioso left for him to lead, at least he now has night immunity.

(Shield falls onto the Mafioso's head.The Mafioso is unconscious.)

Congratulations! You have been promoted!

But let's say that there is no Mafioso to take the Godfather's place.

(Cue giant floating hand playing "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe" with a Janitor, a Consigliere, and a Forger)

Then one of the other members will have to guide the Mafia from a Mafioso's chair.

(Giant hand picks the Consigliere. The consigliere now has a gun)

CREDIT: SnowySilver

As the girl happily skipped down the road,she caught attention.The Jailor glanced at her, and noticed she was paticularly young,maybe 12. Her dress was torn, but she didnt seem to notice.She looked happy, but there was a hint of sadness in her eyes. She went to the daily town activities with a huge smile, even though most of the people were killers.The Godfather noticed her, too. He had recently lost the Mafioso to the Jailor, and he was looking for a replacement.He remembered that the Serial Killer had taken her mother from her, and a grin crept across his face.That night, he snuck into her home. As soon as the door creaked, she was there. She was holding a weapon right to the Godfather's face. He laughed. "What's so funny?" She asked. She was trembling. "Don't worry. I'm not here to hurt you." He said. She lowered her weapon."Come." She said. She led him to a room with a couch and a lone window."Listen".The Godfather began his deal."I can see you have a lot of sadness. Take revenge on the killer who killed your mother.I've been needing a new Mafioso, and you're perfect for it.".The girl sighed."Fine.When do I start?". The door suddenly broke.There stood a man with a knife.The Serial Killer. The girl looked in horror. The serial killer threw a knife, and it hit the girl rin the head. The Godfather looks at her for a minute, but remains peaceful. Another person walks in. It's the doctor. The doctor sees the victim and quickly gets to work. As the day arrives, the girl walks out unharmed.

The next evening, the Godfather brings the new Mafioso to meet the rest of the Mafia: A Consiglere,Consort,and Blackmailer.

The Consort laugs when the Godfather said that the girl was the new Mafioso. "She's twelve. She can barely kill a goldfish." In a second, the Consort was on the ground, the girl holding her down. " Don't test me.I can end you." The Blackmailer chuckled and the Consiglere snorted.

"Now do you believe me?" The Godfather asks, keeping in a laugh. The Mafioso gets up, dusting off her dress. "Fine." The Consort says. The Consiglere silences them." There's a man two houses down.He's the spy. We need to take him down."

The Mafioso looks excited, but it quickly fades as the Blackmailer delivers news. " I heard that the BodyGuard was going to protect the spy tonight."

The Godfather sends the Mafioso to another person's house instead. As the scared girl enters the house, she sees the Veteran, sleeping in bed. She smirks, and with one swift move, he's gone. She returns to the Mafia, but nobody is there. She returns to sleep.

The next day, the town rejoices as they find the Serial Killer dead. The Blackmailer is quiet,as she was thinking about her plan. "LYNCH HER!" The Jailor yells out. The Blackmailer's eyes widen. "N-no, Please! I'm innocent!" She cries out as she is put on trial. "STOP!" The mafioso says. "I have proof she is innocent!" The spy whispers something to the Jailor and the Jailor nods. "She is innocent." The Jailor declares. The woman joins the town once more.

That night, as the girl is walking torwards her home, the Jailor grabs her by the wrists. She starts to tell, but the Jailor puts a finger to her mouth."Speak and you die." She bites him. "OW!" The Jailor yells. "What do you want from me?" She asks. The Jailor shoots a dart into her back and she falls down, unconcious.

CREDIT: SnowySilver

This is the final installment.I know the logic may be SERIOUSLY flawed,but i tried my best. ( John Willard is the Godfather in case you were confused.)

When the Mafioso awoke, she was in a dar and dusty cell."What do you want, Jailor?" She said. "Two things." The Jailor replied."Your name and role."The girl sighed. "You know perfectly well I have no role.For my name, well, um.." The girl said."Lydia.My name is Lydia." She declared. The Jailor became a bit fresturated.She was avoiding the point."And what is your role?" He asked her again."Mafioso.But I have a plan to take the mafia down." The Jailor looked at Lydia suspisciously."Just give me one night.I have it under control. You can kill me if it fails." She said. "Why, exactly, do you want the mafia to fall?" the Jailoir asked Lydia. "Simple.I don't want anything to do with them. I only joined because I was scared."

The next day, the town awoke to 3 dead. The Doctor, the Consort, and the Consiglere.The Doctor had been killed by the Godfather,The Consort did from a Vigilante, and the Consiglere form a werewolf. Lydia smirked. This would be easier then planned,When it came to voting, nobody knew who to vote. Lydia suddenly slenced the town. "I have proof against John Willard." She announced. The town had been trying to hang him for a while, and they were always stopped by people who didn't vote. Now, most people followed suit. As most of the people voted guilty, one voted innocent. The Blackmailer. The Jailor found this suspiscious, and made a note to jail her. John was lynched with no problem.

The next day, early in the morning, Lydia made her way to the Graveyard, earlier than anyone else. She quicly dug up the Doctor's grave and took all of the medicines, remedies, and anything else. Just as everyone walked onto town, she skipped in, happy as ever. There was one dead.The Blackmailer. Lydia smiled. That day, the Mafioso became the Doctor, and the Mafia was dead.


CREDIT: Secretive Gurl

"Who am I...?".Thats was the last time I question about myself.Where do I belong,is it there or here....As a lonely man..doesn`t know myself...Nor people remember me...Even my identities..

But,oh my oh my.I saw a shadow figure..Standing outside the Mayor house.Holding a knife..With blood stained..on his shirt..A smile cast on him self...Acting like a doctor to the Mayor...A scream..from the Mayor house...the door open..slowly...It was the Serial Killer!...reported by the Sheriff the other old memory came back to me..

As I remember it slowly...And I know who am I..I was the the Town...and the Mafia...and a killer...And I know who my target is...*smile*...and relax..


CREDIT: FirePyre

The night is dark, fog persisting on the streets. A ghost slips quietly along, a shadow that haunts the town, casting fear on every person who lives in the area.

Betty Parris looks out the window, her eyes wide with fear. Across the street lives her ex-husband, Samuel Parris, who divorced her after finding out about her work as an escort. Now, his house is dark, the lights turned off, as is everyone's house in the town, worried about the ghost prowling the night. Suddenly, Betty hears a sound, and in fear she ducks, running down the hall and hiding under the bed just in time to hear the door of the house be kicked in, making a loud thumping sound.

Heavy footsteps break through the silence of the night, pounding across the house, approaching the bedroom, and Betty feels tears prick her eyes as she holds her breath. Outside the bedroom, a pair of heavy lead boots appear, and they approach the bed. Betty holds her breath, watching as the figure examines the bed, and then slowly hunkers down to look underneath.

At this point Betty cries out, just in time to see a pair of glowing, fiery orange eyes appear in the dark. The ghost stares at her and then laughs, a voice that is not male, nor female, but is instead the voice of a monster, a demon that would see her dead.

Betty lashes out, but the monster catches her hand with its own, much bigger hand, and it aims the gun at her.

It might have been a simple squirt gun, but what it has filled it with is not water, as gasoline squirts out of the barrel and covers her, dousing her in fuel. Then the ghost laughs once more and disappears, the heavy footsteps thumping out into the night.

The next night, Betty goes out to hopefully make some money, but as she walks in the silence she hears two steps of footsteps, and one is much heavier than her own.

She turns and sees a lone flame in the darkness, slowly moving towards her, illuminating a barrel to propel it straight at her and burn her to her death.

"I'm sorry, Sam." Betty manages, wishing she had just quit her work like he asked. Wishing she could spend these last moments with him.

The ghost levels his weapon at her, pulls the trigger, and ignites.

CREDIT: VeneraSurvivalGuid101

The arsonist chuckled at his beautiful contraption. A wonderful display of pyromancy at its finest and deadliest! But he still had one more piece to add to his puzzle. With a smile on his ashen face, he crawled through the town, gas can in hand, and headed to the last house. It was a shoddy shack, with what appeared to be a Spy inside. But he didn't care. He didn't care who they were, as long as they were still alive for him to torch.

With a pleasured sigh, he finished off the final splashes of gasoline on the shack. To him, they were all pieces of tinder. Tinder for his beautiful bonfire. He just had to wait one more day.

As the town panicked at the fear caused by the Arsonist, he was a bit worried as well. A lowly Bodyguard was executed, and now he won't get to witness the spectacle tonight! The entire town was on a witch hunt for the deadly firestarter, and yet he blended in with the crowds.

It was midnight. The rest of the town was on their toes. Worried. An attentive townie noted that almost everyone claimed to have been doused. Except for one person.

As realization sparked the Jailor's fear-riddled mind, a tiny light sparked in the Arsonist's hovel. He stared at the match, the final piece to his creation. With glee in his heart, he put the match on the trail of gasoline.

It spread like a fuse, then split off into the different trails that led to the houses. He laughed the entire town awake as the houses lit up with the sight of fire. Their houses burned brightly, the screams outmatched by the roars of flames.

He didn't have time to turn around and see that his own house had been set alight. He didn't have time to register that he was on fire as well. He didn't have time to look down and realize that he was about to die. As he looked with his final breath at the beauty that he had caused, he saw something that explained it.

One of the houses was unlit.

He smiled as he realized that he was not alone. Although he would not be in this world for much longer, he knew that there was someone to continue what he had sparked. If only he had lived to see the spectacle.

CREDIT: Qmanthegamer

If you were to walk far beyond the taverns and residential sectors of Salem, past the thick, prickly forests surrounding it, and over the ravine, you may encounter a strange sight.

The graveyard was known by the many citizens here to be a forbidden place at night. The pure-hearted civilians would rest here, yet the evil Mafia and Neutrals would as well.

However, the man here doesn't know about these rumors. He doesn't know much at all. He felt a sudden urge to stroll around the graveyard one evening, about a week after he lost his memory in an accident. He didn't know why, but his gut told him to listen to his mind, and he followed anyways.

He glanced at the gravestones in front of him, the names of the recently fallen now imprinted on the now chizzling slabs of stone. It didn't mean much to him, he knew nothing of the history of this town. Not paying much attention to the stone road in front of him, he stumbled upon something this caught his eye.

It was right here, this one gravestone, the only name he can vaguely remember at this time. He touches the gravestone, memories of good and bad times flooding his thoughts. He remembers.

He finally remembers, and now's about the time for him to get back into buisness.

CREDIT: Qmanthegamer

It can be hard working alone, but oh can it be satisfying. He isn't necesarilly insane like the Serial Killer... He's not "out of control" like the Werewolf... He has his own mindset, and you can say he has a "firey personality".

All his life, he had always had a strange fascination with fire. Fireworks... Gunfire... Wildfire... Anything that involved fire would keep his interest. As the sun finally set, he would only need one canister of gasoline, and a whole lot of patience.

And so, each night, with that one box of flammable ingredient, he silently and stealthly plants gasoline around an unsuspecting town member's house. Sure, they could probably easily tell that they were visited by him, but as long as his identity remained hidden, he could care less.

And as the end of the week grew near, the man lights a match at night... Gazing at its bright beauty. He licks his lips with delight, as he carefully plants it on the ground, colliding with the gasoline he layed there before. With a step back, he admires the his work, but not for long, as he must hurry and get to the next home.

He looks back, and syas only one word:


CREDIT: Addfire

The medium walked into her room.

"Spirits," she intoned, "What knowledge have you?"

"Lol you R RIPED XD XD"

"Um... What?"

Then she noticed the fire.


The arsonist watched from his home. The perfect 30° angles that led from his house to his victims — as if they were that, they were surrounded by fire, they should by thanking him! — put him at ease. Sure, the occasional scream split the night, but his victims' screams were louder and longer.

He walked into the center of the town that day smiling. He was always smiling, no one noticed that today's smile was larger. He had sworn up and down that he was the godfather, and his erratic actions were causing the town to call him insane. Yeah, right! He knew what he was doing. He knew that he had just ended four lives. He just didn't care.

Another day went by with no action. The arsonist decided that these following nights the angles would be at opposing angles, 80° and 100°, and as he was walking home from the investigator's house (the investigator had spoken 3 sentences and was 30 feet away from the arsonist's house and that was that), someone lunged at him with a knife. He ducked, dodged, and weaved until he was at his house. Then he barred the door.

He knew he would have to be quick from now on. There were still people to burn, so many, so many, so many. And actions were conspiring against him. That very day, very day, very day.

"Hello hello hello!" He greeted the town.

"It appears the serial killer didn't strike tonight..." Mused a man whose face was obscured by a hat. "Did the good doctor visit anyone this night?"

"Not I not I not I, I fear I fear I fear!" The arsonist's grin stretched wider than wide. "I'm afraid, afraid, afraid I was doused, doused, doused... Doused is a funny funny funny word if you say it too often!"

The investigator spoke up, suspicion in her eyes. "Interesting you say that, as I was doused as well... And there surely are not two pyromaniacs..."

The day went on with petty bickering. The night, the night, the night, however... That was when they burned.


CREDIT: VeneraSurvivalGuid101

The executioner stood amongst the town. He eyed the corpses on the ground, the Mafia's Jester victim and the unrevealed Mayor, slaughtered by the Serial Killer. While the rest of the town started panicking for the poor Mayor's early demise, the Executioner's mind started to come to life. Today was the day. His gaze slowly shifted towards the townie with the red rose on her shirt. He nodded his head, and that was all she needed.

"I saw the so-called Doctor visit the Mayor the night he died!" cried the Consigliere, confident that no one has investigated her yet.

The accused townie turned around and started to stutter a statement when the Executioner cut in.

"I am the sheriff, and I've been checking her for the past 2 nights! She is the Serial Killer!" he bellowed as the stares of the town shifted towards the accused.

The poor lady panicked, stuttering a response when she was voted up to the stand. Her defense was overlooked as people started chanting "Lynch the winch!", led by the Executioner. The outcome was not surprising.

As she took her last breath, the will fell out, and as the people began to read, the Executioner began to smile. It bloody worked. The town let the doctor die on their stands. The town's cries for vengeance faded into the background as the Executioner grinned at the swaying body.

A weight has been lifted for the Executioner and the Town's exiled killers. The same cannot be said for the town.

CREDIT: VeneraSurvivalGuid101

(Day time. The Mayor is on the ground dead.)

Townie: Who could have done such a heinous deed?

Executioner: (pointing to the obvious Veteran and bouncing up and down) HE'S GUILTY I SAY! LYNCH HIM! LYNCH HIM NOW, GODDA-

Narrator: the executioner. The nightmare of the Town. At least, when played correctly. This is an example of a BAD executioner. For comedic purposes, we'll use this piece of shit as an example.

The Executioner's job? Execute people. How? By getting them lynched.

The Executioner will have a Town unit as a target.

(Executioner spins the Wheel of Targets, AKA a wheel with Townie faces on them. The marker lands on a face that eerily looked like a Veteran)

The Executioner's job is to get this son of a bitch lynched no matter what.

(Executioner sitting in his house at night with a blank expression on his face and a shield in his hand)

While he doesn't do anything except plot his target's downfall, the Executioner DOES have night immunity.

(Executioner shields self against Vigilante gunfire)

In the morning, the Executioner has the chance to plead his case.

Executioner: HE'S GUILTY

(Sigh) Well, at least he had the chance.

The Executioner will have to rely on outside forces to witness his target's downfall. He may ally himself with the Mafia, the neutrals, or even the Town.

Executioner: ("Whispering" to a random Townie) HEY I'M THE EXECUTIONER HELP ME GET THE VETERAN AND I'LL HELP YOU .3. PLS?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!!?!?

If the Executioner succeeds while he is alive, he will win no matter who he sided with.

(Cue the Veteran dying. Cue Executioner caressing the corpse)


...Anyways... But assuming he fails...

(The target is dead and on the floor slaughtered by a Vigilante, the Mafia, the Serial Killer, and the Jester)

The Executioner will become a Jester after watching his attempt fail.


(Camera zooming out of the EXE as he cries)

CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

Revenge was really strong: it could motivate someone to be a better person to hummiliate that person, or worse, motivated them to kill the person they hold grudge against. But for the Executioner, the second option suited him the best, as he wished for someone he hated to die, executed publicly by the one they hold dear the most. That was the thing he wanted to see on their face, the face of despair and the mouth screaming for innocence like a lamb towards a slaughter.

When he was a teenager, he wasn't allowed to play outside as his parents didn't want him to see what happened there: the Town lynching. His father was a Vigilante who brought justice for the Town, he admired him, he wished to be someone like his father. One day, he accidentally saw his father, hung by the Town he worked for. That was when he realised his world had broken down to pieces. He then noticed one man grinned at his dead body, thinking the Town finally freed from the Mafia.

He clenched his fist, and as the old man died, his son took the place. The Executioner still held revenge against him and his family, even after years went by. He stood on the Town's meeting, eyeeing the dead body of the Escort, mauled by a Werewolf and the Doctor who brutally murdered by the Mafia and the Serial Killer. He would make sure that the Investigator got lynched no matter what the cost. A sick grin spread across the Executioner's face, it was time for the Investigator to pay.

"The man who claimed Investigator was actually a Mafioso! I am the Sheriff and he came as a member of the Mafia!" The Executioner shouted, pointing his "findings". "I am the Investigator! How dare you called me a filthy Consigliere?!" The Investigator defended himself when the Godfather interrupted, "I also saw him shot the Doctor last night! I am the Lookout!" No matter what defense he shouted, the Investigator was put onto a trial with the Executioner's lead.

"Lynch the Mafia!" He shouted as the Town voted guilty on the Investigator, and the noose finally tightening on his neck, hanging him on his neck just like the Executioner's father. The Executioner let out a bitter laugh as the Town shocked, finding that they just lynched someone who was indeed a Town and they cursed themselves as they just lynched one of their kind. When the night had just begun, he was sitting below the gallows where the Investigator got lynched.

He looked at the night sky, with a sparkly eyes and a sad smile on his face, "They let me fooled their own to lynched that Investigator. It'll be better if they just straightly put in the gallows instead of hearing his defense first. What a half-hearted people..." He then held his right hand towards the sky as rain fell slowly. "Father.. I've ended those people with my own hands... Now you can finally rest in peace and our family won't suffer like you again!" He continued those sentences with tears streaming on his face and a loud laugh that echoed bitterly towards the night....


CREDIT: VeneraSurvivalGuid101

Haunted. Haunted was the only word that could describe him. It's been so long that he couldn't remember what, though the scars may have suggested a few things. Whether people speak of the scars on his mind, his heart, or his flesh is of no concern at the moment. What mattered was that he had those scars, and they made up his tale.

The voices gnawed away at his being, taunting him, telling him things he should have done, could have done, would have done. But they reminded him that he restricted himself, that he was to blame for these nightmares etched into his being, and that he was entirely responsible for the burden he always carried. With every laden step, the memories crawled with him, sending shivers down his spine and his tormented soul.

There was only one way to stop this, he thought. He has tried suicide, but the hateful creatures that dwell within would hate to see their favorite toy go. They prevented him from taking the final plunge. He has decided that the town would have to put him out. Sure, murder from any of the local killers was fine, but it wasn't resolute. He wanted to die beautifully and without any pain. He wanted to free himself from these demons with the help of the town. He had to trick them. He had to deceive them, seem like he was the bad guy, seem like HE was the one behind their sorrow. It would be a graceful goodbye to this wretched existence. Yes.


Haunted was the only word that could describe them.

CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

He had enough. He had enough with all of the problems he went through all his life.

He just sit on his bed, all night and all day, giggling nonstop and at some time he let out a loud laugh. Razor blade scars shown on both his wrist, meant that he was already attempted suicide many times. People pitied him, his sanity has long gone for good, but The Jester was considered those acts like a prank, or some good old funny stories you usually look at the newspaper. He was beyond salvation, and for him, only death was the thing that could save him. He wanted to be executed publicly.

The Jester was once like us, a human with sanity. However, abuse from the Townspeople, living in the slums with no food to be eaten everyday, being one of human trafficking victims, made into a slave on a cruel big house, he was pushed over the edge of his sanity, and finally killed his owner with a knife. Filled with guilt and joy at the same time, he did nothing but one thing: Laugh. He was sentenced to put in a asylum. However, his conditions just going worse and worse, so he was sent back onto his hometown: The Salem.

Among the Townspeople, he was a normal person tried to conceal his lunatic personality. He had came with a great idea, a twisted one. And his plan was started, that night, the Jailor had tossed him onto a pitiful jail cell. Ah... The memories of his asylum day rolled in his mind. "What's your role in this mess?" The Jailor asked with a sovereign tone, with the Jester said, "I am the Doctor of this Town." The Jailor put his hand onto the pistol, but he was too eager to execute him. That was a big mistake, before he could react, a Serial Killer stabbed the Jailor, finishing him off.

"He was the Serial Killer! The Jailor had jailed him and died from the Serial Killer!" The Townspeople yelled, pointing finger at the Jester, who countered them by saying the Serial Killer got lucky. To no avail, he was put into a trial and all the Town voted him with guilty. However, as the rope tighten around the neck of the Jester, he let out a loud laugh. A laugh mixed with insanity and happiness. The stool beneath him was pulled and he drawn his final breath. Panic and chaos spread across the Town when the Jester was revealed.

That night, the Jester's soul raised from the graveyard. He checked the Judgement box, and saw who voted him guilty first. "John Hathorne" was writen on the paper, the Jester smirked, he visited John that night, drew him insane with the guilt. John couldn't handle the guilt, so he took a pistol and shot himself, the last thing he heard was "let's have some fun in the afterlife!" This was all the great act and a masterpiece the Jester ever performed in his life.

The Jester had enough. He had enough with all of his pranks and the insane performances he performed in his life...

CREDIT: FirePyre

The little boy stood over his dead mother and cried and cried. He knew what had happened - a jester had taken his revenge from the grave.

His father had recently died, his throat slit by the Serial Killer, and the Jester who had continuously claimed that the boy's father was in actual fact the Serial Killer had gone insane. He'd hurt people, yelled and kicked and screamed, and he'd been lynched.

And he'd killed the wife of the man who he thought had been the Serial Killer.

The boy's knees gave out as he stood over his mother, still lying dead in the kitchen, her own knife plunged into her own heart by her own hand. And he knew then with a cold certainty that the path was a circle, and that he would change it.

10 years later, the boy was a man, an investigator working with the police force. He knew that the killings were still at large, and he was determined to stop them.

That night, on the 10th anniversary of his mother's death, he investigated a man who appeared as the Doctor/Serial Killer/Disguiser, and at that point he knew the truth. He knew he had found the Serial Killer, and that he would need to convince the town about it.

And so the orphan, the man who was once a little boy, proclaimed his findings out for the world to see, intent on revealing the true SK. The townsfolk talked in hushed tones, unsure of whether or not to believe him, and this made him madder and madder.

"It's him!" He yelled. "I know it is!"

"I'm the doctor," replied the Serial Killer, who gave him a baleful look. "I am and always have been, and I ain't never killed a person in my life."

"BUT YOU ARE!" Roared the Investigator, and then night fell and he was forced to go home and wait for the town to catch up, to somehow be smarter, to somehow get it.

Because he was the Serial Killer! He had found his father's killer, and he would get revenge!

He remembered back when he was a little boy, back when he had known the path was a circle. And this here was him changing it.

The next day the man who had claimed to be the Doctor was dead - his throat slit, the mark of a Serial Killer. Upon examination it was revealed that he was, indeed, the doctor. The Investigator couldn't understand - how could it be possible? He knew he was the Serial Killer, he knew it, he knew it!

"He must be the Serial Killer!" Yelled a member of the town, pointing accusingly at the Investigator. "He said that this man was the Serial Killer and deserved to die, and now he's dead and he isn't the Serial Killer!"

The townsfolk roared in agreement, and though the Investigator tried to deny it, his mind was too far gone to make a strong argument, and he was lynched. The path was a circle, and he hadn't changed it.

One of the people who voted guilty was the wife of the man who had died, who had been forced to reveal. Beside her was her little boy, who was now fatherless.

As the Investigator began his descension into hell, where he had been destined to go right from when his mother had died by her own hand, by the Jester's hand.

A man in a red suit approached him, horns decorating his head. The Devil.

"I'll make you a deal." He said, his teeth gleaming. "Sell your soul to me, and I will let you take revenge on one of the people who voted you guilty. I will let you kill them."

The Investigator was about to say yes, he was ready to kill the wife of that man who he was so sure had been the Serial Killer, the man who he was absolutely certain had been a murderer, and that's when he realised.

His mother and father had died, making him the man he was now. Before him the Jester's mother and father had died, making him the way he had been then, and before him the same process happened.

He realised the truth, how everything had happened the same, cause and effect, how history had repeated itself over and over again. The path was a circle.

"No." The investigator said, and he changed it.

And as he descended to hell, he allowed a small smile, a small bit of happiness into his heart which had so long been filled with hate.

The wife and her son were in the kitchen. The wife was chopping meat with a large knife. So many times before, the same scenario had happened, and every time the wife had suddenly plunged the knife into her heart, and the boy had become the future Jester.

The wife finished chopping the meat, put the knife in the wash, and began cooking the meat on the stove. That night she and her son buried her husband in the backyard, and neither of them died.

The path was a circle, and after all these years, someone had changed it.

Serial Killer

CREDIT: Playful Trickser 101

Every monster was not born, but they were made. That quote seemed to be true, especially to him. He was born into a normal family, where he lived happily with his parents until their death, which was caused by car accident. Ever since then, he had such a large hole inside his heart. People that used to be nice to him now betrayed him and bullied him; from taunting, revealing his secrets, abused him, up to the point they tortured him. He head no choice since he always screamed for help, but no one ever wanted to. As the long torture went, he no longer cried, but he grinned every time they tortured him, seemed to enjoyed them.

"A trash like you shouldn't be alive." One of his torturer took a Bowie knife and raised it at him. As he looked at his reflection, his sanity snapped and he began to laugh; a laugh mixed with insanity and joy. Before the torturer about to kill him, he managed to get off of the chain that restrained him and beaten them, before finally took the knife... And stabbed them repeatedly until they were died. As a finishing touches of his masterpiece, he burned the house where he was tortured and left the Town.

He was demanded to be worse than the Mafia, but the Townie never be able to find him. He lived with two different faces every night and day. In the day, he acted like a kind Doctor who wished to help the others, but in the night, he made every single of the Town suffered to their death. He refused to teamed up with anyone, except for fellow insane person like Witch, Survivor, Executioner, and his fellow psychotic one. He would make sure that everyone else would suffer the same fate like he did in the past. There was no turning back.

CREDIT: VeneraSurvivalGuid101

He crept through the streets, a broken man with a broken heart. To him, this wasn't an act of murder. It was...a bad habit. A form of vengeance. A way to filter out his anger on the rest of the world. All of the townies had their struggles. He just dealt with his differently.

He liked the feeling. The power to take away a fellow mortal's life with the simple stroke of a knife. The horror in their eyes as they take in what happened, the last movements of their chest as they draw their final, horror-filled breath. It made him feel powerful. It tossed away the thoughts of feeling powerless. At least he had the power to end entire lives. Too bad violence can't solve all problems.

While he did feel alone, he knew he had others to help him. There are always others that despise the town, even those that were like him. But the Mafia didn't hate the town. They just did business. It was their jobs. They didn't have the same passion for killing like he did. But he didn't have to worry. To him, they all were targets.

Life is cruel, but so are people. It's about time he dealt his fair share of pain.

One. By. One.

CREDIT: Addfire

They said I was crazy. Who's laughing now?

It was her calling card. Each time someone's body hit the floor, that criptic note would never be far from the crime scene. And it wasn't that she relished each kill. The adrenaline that made her soar after each stab was a nice side effect, but the truth of the matter was that she was caught in a cycle.

The doctors had diagnosed her, and said she had a complex. If she wasn't killing someone each night, she knew that the cycle would fall apart and something inside her would break. The doctors said she never should be allowed outside. That last sentence was in the past tense for a reason.

That day, people had accused one Giles Corey of being inhuman, a vampire. That was fine, she loved a challenge. And to free someone else of the cycle, to keep one more person to perpetrate the bloodshed... It was a win-win. She might be nuts, she reasoned, but at least she was nuts with a purpose.

The night was oppressive, the night before a full moon. Giles, sadly, yielded an easy death, although there was no blood. She needed someone to break the cycle for her.

She didn't see the lookout, Edward, but she heard him the next day. People were scared of who she represented, she knew, and claiming anything that was plausible would be suicide. Normally she would pretend to be a venerable doctor, but the cycle didn't like that. The cycle knew that would kill. The cycle wanted her to play the long odds.

As she walked up, she thanked everyone. She was overjoyed, and she wasn't faking it. She would get the pleasure of breaking the cycle out of death. So she smiled. But she knew of rumors, whispers that lynching the wrong person would rend them to pieces with guilt. And when she smiled, she knew she would live.

The town quickly turned on Edward. Obviously, he must have been a member of organized crime, there to send someone to their deaths in order to keep up the body count. Or maybe he himself was the killer! The possibilities were endless.

When it was clear that she would live, her smile slipped. For a second. Then it was back, wider than ever. She would have to end Edward to shut him up, she knew this much.

Then night fell and it was silent. It was a bright night though, the moon shining proudly in the sky. She would have to hide better, but she was still careful. She would laugh, in the end. Oh would she laugh.

When she returned, she saw the mafia's consigliere, the town sheriff, and a vampire. She drew her knife to enter the Mexican standoff, when she heard a howl.


The godfather was in a good mood. "Half the town!" The don roared, slapping his knee as he puffed a pipe. "What a stroke of luck for us, and what misfortune on the wolf-man's side! Half the town..."

"You tink I should take care of da dog or what?" Inquires the mafioso.

"I'm in a good mood tonight. We lynch him tomorrow."

"I'll shut him up though," chuckles the blackmailer.

"I wish I could go home..." Moans the Janitor.

"Well, the town is ours! Just a couple more feet to step on and we are free!" The godfather is in a good mood, tonight.

CREDIT: FirePyre

Some people call the serial killer insane. Some call her a menace. Some call her an associate. Some call her a hero.

In reality, she's just bored. It takes a special kind of boredom, she realises, to start killing people, to earn yourself the title 'Serial Killer'. But she's earned it.

She began her life in a rich family, the kind that had the resources and the money to let their kids do whatever they wanted. She had stayed in school, gotten straight A's, and she had gone to medical school.

But right now, medical school was boring, and so while she waited to get out of school, she was killing for fun. And while it had started as a way of passing time, it had quickly developed into an obsession, and then into a way of life.

Tonight, her target was the jailor. He was talking to a doctor, keeping the man locked in a cell, which would be his own undoing.

When the serial killer appeared, the jailor was about to execute the doctor. The serial killer grinned and waited, and watched as the jailor put a bullet in the doctor's head. And as he did, the serial killer snuck up from behind and slipped a blade into his heart.

That night, the serial killer got home, adrenaline rushing through her veins. But the next night, she was bored again.


“Kind of late to be wandering outside, huh?”

He whirled around quickly, heart thumping. A young lady stood in front of him, hands on her hips.

“Oh, um...” he stammered. “I was going to visit someone. A someone… yes, yes, someone by the name of John. John - er, John Smith. Yes. That’s right. Yes, um, I think. Ahem.”

“Yeah yeah yeah. Old excuses.” She huffed loudly.

A bang followed by a scream tore the apart the silence like a tiger tearing apart a deer. The two people whirled around. The lights in the house across them swayed and flickered. There was a crash of breaking china and another scream.

“Isn’t that Rupert’s house?”


Silence. The screams faded away. A second later the door opened and recoiled off the wall with a terrific bang. The two of them ducked into the shadows of the house. Footsteps approached, then passed, echoing into the distance. A door opened and closed, followed by muffled angry talking.

“So… I take you’re Willard?”

“Yes,” he answered. It was not possible to hide his name, anyways.

“What’s your occupation?”

His eyes flashed. “Not for you to know.”

“Of course,” she answered smoothly. “My mistake, I apologize.”

He could not be fooled by simple words. His hand went to his pocket subconsciously.

“So… are you the Escort, Mary?” Deception was vital.

“Of course. Who else would be as charming as me, hmm?”

Running footsteps suddenly echoed outside of his house. Silence fell over them like a blanket. There was a creak as the door opened. No one moved. Papers were shuffled, and he was glad he has hid his most important and secret belongings under the trapdoor.

Finally, whoever it was left, shut the door with no gentle force and strolled casually back, their face obscured. They ducked behind the house again.

“Well, I suppose my job is done.” She sighed over dramatically. “I shall depart now.”

“Please do.”

She turned to leave.

The knife slipped out like butter. With one, quick movement, he stabbed her straight in the back with deadly accuracy of those who killed one too many times. Before she could register what happened, before she could scream, he stabbed her, again and again, till her corpse lay bleeding into the ground. Blood splattered. A bloody letter dropped out of her pocket, sealed with a red insignia, a red rose crossed with a gun. The Mafia’s mark.

“Sorry,” the Serial Killer said calmly, wiping his knife on her already stained dress. He picked up her limp body with perfect balance, and carried it down the road. Dawn was coming, and with it will be the cries of the dying. Those who defied him will perish, like they made her perish.

“You wouldn’t have died today if you visited someone else.”


CREDIT: Addfire

People say power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. That's true. They also say money is the greatest power. That's false. The greatest power is fear. Going through the war and coming out again, just your average village-person... And then the bombs fell.

The thundering of the bombs made me a coward, not a hero. And huddled in a small basement made for five people but packed with twenty, I knew that I never wanted to die. Death was the enemy here in this war. If only I escape that I will be fine.

Security in a new town. No thatched roofs, none of the culture of my homeland, but it was safe. I had escaped. And then I hadn't.

There wasn't an escape. There is no escape, I know that now. But maybe, just maybe, if I close my eyes and pray... Maybe. Maybe, maybe, maybe... Oh plea-


CREDIT: FirePyre

It's a nice night out. Cool and breezy, the full moon illuminating the entire town in a nice sort of blue glow.

The vampire strolls along. Her target is a strong, teenage girl about to become a woman. This girl lives further away from most, in a large house over the largest hill. This just makes it a better conversion for the vampire, because if there is a struggle no one will hear her scream.

The mafioso also walks, but at a slightly more urgent pace. The Godfather has given him his target - a girl who has taken lead in the town, who most believe to be their future mayor, someone who will bring them justice, fight against the mafia, and set the town right. The Mafioso has been sent to make sure this never happens.

The Vampire arrives first. She uses her boot to kick down the door, and from inside is a startled sort of shriek, followed by a sound more like annoyance than like fear.

"Edward?" The girl asks. "Is that you?"

The vampire moves silently, her feet making no sound, and she looks in the bedroom, hiding behind the door frame and the wall. The girl is standing up and stretching, reaching for a cupboard, and the vampire strikes.

She leaps through the door, tackling the girl and throwing her against the wall. She leaps in, her teeth enlargening, ready to tear this teenager's throat out and watch her turn.

Instead, the girl draws back her fist and hits the vampire in the stomach.

It's like a sledgehammer; no, a sledgehammer would not be this strong. It's more like a car has just hit her, slammed into her body so hard that she literally goes flying. And oh, she goes flying. She is sent through the door, her head smashing against the top of the door, and she somehow makes it through without breaking her neck. She hits the wall, and she lies there as the girl advances slowly.

"I was hoping to have some fun." The girl says, her voice husky, her face grinning. "This'll do."

The vampire kicks off the wall, trying to tackle the girl, but she's learned and she ducks, grabbing the vampire around the waist and slamming her body against the wall.

Then, the girl carries her outside, slams her on a couch opposite a window, and grins.

Outside, the mafioso fires a single bullet. It travels over a stretch of grass, smashes the window to pieces, and hits the girl in the head.

The girl does not move. Beneath her, the mushroomed bullet hits the ground. Behind her, the moonlight's glow shines on her for the first time. The change happens instantly. There is no wait, no time to run like in movies. One minute she's a normal girl, and then the claws and the fur sprout, the bones enlongate, the snout widens and stretches out, and too the horror of the vampire and the mafioso, the girl is suddenly a werewolf.

The vampire tries to run. She does. The werewolf reaches down and slashes her across the throat and the chest, killing her instantly. Then, the monster bounds through the shattered glass, quickly closing the gap between it and the terrified mafioso.

The mafioso slips on some muddy ground and falls. He lets out a single shriek as the werewolf slices his face open and tears a chunk of meat off of his chest. The mutilated body is left lying there as the werewolf begins its search for idiots who would dare to challenge it,

CREDIT: Addfire

William was confused. The day had gone and went, and then another, and no one had acted any different. No one was revealing his secret, no one was calling him out. Although only he and Lydia, or Edward as people called her now, remained, he was reasonably sure that he could return Salem to the grip of the mafia.

As he left Abigail's house, gun smoking, he spotted a figure. All kinds of bad memories returned. He tried to steady his gun, but it was pointless. By the time he had a lock on this person, the person was in front of him. An impossibly wide grin was on its face.

"Have a nice life, Mr. Phips."

CREDIT: 101_Playful Trickser 101

On the day, the Vampire was a normal Townie. He was a kind and young handsome man who the females adored so much. However in the night, he showed his true nature; a blood lust monster who could find nothing to quenched his thirst other than consuming the blood of human. He knew that he didn't wish to live by consuming his friends, but he had no choice. It was all eat or be eaten for him. He still remembered that he was a Vigilante back then, however he stopped after he shot a Townie and was bitten. He didn't feel anymore guilt, instead he enjoyed it. The Vampire visited the house of the Medium, his former friend. He knocked the door, and the Medium greeted him with the warmest greeting, happy to see her friend.

When she closed the door, the Vampire hugged her. The Medium wondered what's going on with him, but he just said that he was glad to see her. The Vampire's fangs grew and he sank those sharp fangs onto the Medium's neck, sucking the blood out of her, before he put the corpse on her couch and kissed her forehead. "Farewell, my friend..." The Vampire whispered to her, and immediately left her house.

The next morning, the Transporter had been killed by Mafia and the Bodyguard died protecting the Mayor, taking down the Serial Killer with him. No one knew what happened to the Medium as she was alive, but she did aware that she had become a blood lust monster similar to her old friend...

CREDIT: VeneraSurvivalGuid101

By day, they were part of the town's mob, eager to lynch anyone that stands in their way. They didn't care who. Just as long as it wasn't one of them.

By night, the prowled the forests, far from prying eyes. They thirsted for blood. Unlike the mafia, however, they could make more. No use for needless Amnesiacs when you can simply bite someone on their exposed flesh. But they had to be careful--the magic that this town contains can only keep so many of them alive. And they couldn't overload it. They were given a second life, but with so many constrictions, they might as well have been gone and buried.

They send the youngest Vampire to see if the new member deserved to be given a second chance. The lackie beams with pride as he dashes through the night to their target. He thinks he's ready as he sneaks through the door.

He sees the Consort, getting ready for a night with the lowly Sheriff. The consort may not have been as lethal as the other Mafia, but she knew how to defend herself. As the lackie crept up on her, she lashed out in self-defense, and the vampire was taken aback. Struck by panic and nerve, he had no choice but to bite down on her neck. She refused to give up, and using the last of her energy died on the floor covered in blood. The vampire panicked. The town would recognize these marks. They would cry out for Vampire blood. With nowhere else to run, the Vampire hastily retreated into the forests.


CREDIT: 101_Playful Trickser 101

He wasn't fully aware that he was a beast in the skin of a man, but the Townpeople were so scared of this beast, or known as the Werewolf. Taking a gaze at the full moon, the man's eyes glowed red. He never wanted to become a monster, he just wanted to live as a normal Townie. But ever since that day, he cursed himself and regretted that day happened, changed his life.

Back when he was a teenager, he was a son of a noble and respected family. He was a kind and gentle child, everyone loved him and adored him. However, on his seventeenth birthday, his family was killed by a Werewolf. He was the sole survivor, and as the Werewolf attacked him, he couldn't do anything about it. He was dying, and as he knew he would die, he closed his eyes. The Werewolf killed him, but not before it placed a curse onto him.

He found himself awoke on the Doctor's place. He had no memories of his family, only left with the memories when he was attacked. The Doctor said that he managed to be alive, but he wasn't aware of the curse. When he finished his thought about his past, rage suddenly filled him, he transformed onto a massive beast, covered with grey fur and had a razor sharp claws.

The Werewolf went on rampage at the Godfather's house, killing the Godfather, Investigator, and Lookout. It tossed their already numb body on the Town's square with a brute force, and let out a loud howl. But as the full moon disappeared into the light of the dawn, he returned back onto his kind and gentle human form. He watched in horror as he saw the three dead bodies, unaware that he was the one who responsible for their deaths.

Every full moon night, he transformed onto a massive beast and went on rampage at his victim's house, killing anyone who visited his victim. The only person who could stop this massive beast were the loyal Bodyguard, sacrificing his life to protect his target, and the paranoid Veteran who was brave enough to raise his gun at this massive beast.

CREDIT: FirePyre

"This was my grandfather." The investigator points at an oil painting of a man with dark hair and blue eyes. Young. "He was murdered right before he turned forty. Sleeping in his bedroom, and the next day they found him with his throat torn out. He'd drowned in his own blood. The day after that, some sick bastard had taken the body from the morgue."

The escort's eyes gaze over the picture. Normally when a man pays for her services he wants sex or company, or something else. The investigator needed a townie on his side, so he paid for her to come to him. This way, he could explain his intentions, and what he had found. He had no interest in sex. So long as the escort got paid, she didn't care what he wanted. But she listened because it was her job.

"So you want revenge." She said. "And you want me to help you?"

The investigator's eyes glimmered. "I need someone who can vouch for me as a member of the town when I go public. There have been too many killings like my grandfather's, and although the original killer is probably dead, there is definitely a copycat. Tomorrow night, bring someone you trust absolutely. That way I can continue spreading the word."

The escort nodded. "And have you found anything yet?"

The investigator shook his head. "I'm following up a lead, but so far I haven't found out who the killer is."

The escort turned and began to leave the building. Just before she was out the door, she said; "I'll send someone I trust tomorrow."

"How much do you trust them?" The investigator asked.

The escort smiled knowingly. "A lot."

The next night, the investigator waited at his home. There was a knock on the door, and so he went to open it. A man stood outside, wearing a wide-brimmed hat that hung low. The investigator couldn't see his face, but he noticed the odd way he was standing, like he was leaning away from the house. His hand moved to adjust his hat, and at no point did it cross in between the sides of the door frame. It was like he was unable to enter.

"Are you the escort's contact?" The investigator asked.

The man shook his head. "I'm a sheriff, and I'm here to take a look around."

The investigator frowned. "Ok."

The man nodded. "May I come in?"


In an instant, the man was on the investigator, and with hands like claws he grabbed his neck and ripped it out.

The investigator cried out as the man put his face in the blood, drinking it and slurping it down like an animal. He laughed as he drank, and when he was finished he stood up.

"You aren't going to die, but you'll feel dead. In two days we'll collect your body and complete the ritual."

The investigator's eyes would've widened, but he couldn't control them. He tried to choke in a breath, but there was no blood in his body, and so his normal functions wouldn't work.

The next day, they said he was dead. He tried to tell them no, but he couldn't.

The day after that, he was put in a morgue. And just like the man had said, a few people came and stole his body. They brought it out into the woods, and laid him on a wooden slab. Words that the investigator couldn't understand were exchanged, and then he was gasping for breath and sitting up. And above all, he had a desire for blood.

"I'm a... a vampire..." He managed, and the men around him laughed.

"A newly born one too. It doesn't take long to get used to the hunger, trust me." One of them said.

"Bring him to the leader!" Said another. They grabbed him and forced him over to a throne of wood, where a man languished with a knowing smile. The investigator saw him and gasped.

"Hello, grandson." Said his grandfather, looking just the age he had in the painting, even though dozens of years must've passed since it was made. "Welcome to the coven."


CREDIT: Secretive Gurl

Every day,A woman with bleached green and white dress.Cleaning the dead body around Town Of Salem.Dig their grave,displayed the wills and the deathnote for the Investigator or anyone want to make it as prove their innocent againts the Town.Or even make it as their defence when them on a trial againts the Town.

But one faithful day,She noticed that her skin turn into pale green.As she goes to her working station like always,a Lookout observe her house.The Lookout noticed that her skin turned to green,which make most likely a Witch stay their Town.As soon all Towns person wake up from their sleep.The Lookout blame the woman who always cleaned up their friends body,or their enemy as their enemy againts the Town.As soon the woman hear the Lookout blame her who is just an innocent old woman.

A spark,which a woken up the old woman special abilities.A magical power perhaps?The old woman just remembered her mother,wearing black hat and a black dress.Goes out every night with her broom.Mumbled something before goes to other person house.And she visited the Serial Killer house.Try to attack her,but stopped as soon her throw a sparkling dust on him.

And she know...She know what to do next...For her mother...

I Honestly Dont Know, Please Clarify in The Comments

CREDIT: Secretive Gurl

"Its all YOUR fault!"said all the Town`s member to the innocent man.*confused face* What?As the Town blaming to the man.The man goes to his house...The innocent man..crying as he remembering what he done to the Town`s and blame him for it.

As he remember...He remember it...His first true love.(please don`t hate me Venera..)

He remember,he was a soldier with trauma to get killed.And the one who give him the treatment,the Doctor.As she give treatment to his trauma after he survive the war.He slowly got his sanity back and cured from his suffering.The doctor said" you can go back to your family".The man answer "No...i don`t have my family or my friend.."The doctor was shocked."Then,you can lived with me instead then?".The man happily lived with her.

One night,the arsonist doused the doctor and she said "i will going to the clinic because i have business with other doctor for the rest of night.."As the man confused why she being weird and go to the clinic and stay there overnight.As she put it in her wills,seeing her...lover...stay here by himself,alone.As she worried about that man safety."Will he be alright..Without my care?.."

As she going to the clinic,alone with her trusty old emergency aid pack."Oh i hope the Town will lynch the arsonist tomorrow."

But its to late,as the Mayor sadly told the Town`s member their doctor died from the fire at the clinic.And the Investigator explained whats happened.It was a fire accident and the cause was the arsonist doused her and killed her at the clinic.

As the Town`s most likely suspens who is the killer.The man who lived with her,the poor innocent man.Put a trial as he calimed he is innocent told the truth."Yes,he is right about it.Our doctor have meeting with other doctor from other Town.As the Mayor most likely hate it.Put the man to his innocent.the man wasn`t lynched.

But,the Town hatred most likely put justice againts the man.Who most likely the killer.As they put their investigating result,what most likely the dead thought about him and their last entry doctor wills.And their hatred grew stronger by days to days.

"Thats it."said the man.The man open the door,smiled.The insanity grew stronger as he remembering whats it used to be hatred and despised by the Town.As he make his announcement."Yes,i am the killer who killed our Town`s doctor a long time ago."The Mayor heard the announcement."YOU,you should be the one got lynched to day!"said the Mayor with his anger tone.

The man put again in a trial againts the Town.The man stay silent..thinking about his last moment on this filthy Town.Being the one who to blame they beloved doctor death.

The Mayor said,"Who vote guilty for this man action againts our beloved doctor death along time ago?"All the Town voted guilty,except the Investigator who defencing him along time ago."Who vote innocent for this man?"The only one who voted innocent was the Investigator.The one who knows he is not guilty for his actions.

The man smiled,"You all will know what will happen to your beloved Mayor next day."The Mayor shocked.All their doctor and bodyguard protecting their beloved Mayor on the night after the man got hanged.

The next day,all the doctor and the bodyguard shocked.Their beloved Mayor got killed,and the same deathnote with the man signature.All the Town do not know who to blame for their beloved Mayor death.

Is it the man who killed their beloved Mayor?or somebody killed him and frame him?

Maybe we should be careful who we see as guilty person?

CREDIT: Secretive Gurl

`Now,where do I put that file again?'said a man while smoking a cigarette.As the detective searching his file,he found an old looking book.`Now,do I borrow this from someone?'ask the detective as he slowly turns the page.Then,something caught his attention.A letter from the previous Mayor.The detective knew well the previous Mayor of this Town.But why the old book in his apartment?And why the letter from previous Mayor in it?

The detective open the letter,it contains several names who could be one of the mafia members.Then,luckily he found the file.He opens up the file and makes his investigative with his listed name who could be a member of the mafia and the letter.

The letter and the file contain several same-named people who got listed in it.Then,the detective made his move.He arrived the house who could be the Forger who change other people wills for his play.The detective knocks on his door.The Forger panicked,`Who is it?'said the Forger.`It is me,the detective'.said the detective .The Forger dashed from his room,and open the door.`Oh it the detective'.said the Forger.The detective makes his move to investigate this man who could be the Forger.

Then,the detective found a file which contains previous Mayor wills.The detective sure this is the man who changes all Mayor wills.

On the next day,the detective accused the Forger as a member of the mafia.The Forger got lynched.The detective won his ever last winning.

The night has fallen,the detective prepares his wills with the letter .`Maybe just for safe keeping.'the detective hide the file at where his found the old book.

The detective heard door knocking.`Well,it time to said goodbye'.The detective opens the door.The Mafioso was waiting for him.The Mafioso shoot the detective.The detective died.

The next day,the Mafioso and the rest of mafia members got lynched except the Godfather.The Godfather made his promised to get his revenge against the Town someday.

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