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Only few people who truly cares about him in such a dark world. Only few who is willing to reach out to him, and accepts him, not as a killer, but as a whole person. 

For the first time, the emotionless look from his face turns into a sad one. 

He never feel warmth like this all of his life. Nobody has ever done something like Johanna does to him, it's true that within the Mafia, there must've been someone like her. There is someone who cares about him, and accepts William for who he is. 

But his ignorance towards emotion is too much. He hurts his own partner, who truly cares about him, without even realising it. All he can do is to obey his master's orders without thinking twice, without even knowing that he is only a puppet for him who can be disposed had he disappoint him. 

It is pretty ironic to find out that the person he has been trying to kill is actually the one who makes him realise that he is a human, not just a sort of killing machine. 

"I... I'm sorry..." 

Only those words that comes out of his lips as he keep crying. He doesn't get why Johanna shows any compassion towards him, who has tried to kill her back then.

Why did she shows such kindness towards someone whose path has been painted by so much blood of sinners and innocents?

This question inside William's mind tortures him badly. Johanna is supposed to hate him, wishing him to be dead, or she can just kill him the same way he did towards her. 

After all, many people will be happy if William is dead rather than him being alive. 

The answer he receives from Johanna, however, is very different from what he thinks. She doesn't show any resentment, but instead, she says that she loves him. She shows kindness, she shows love for him.

It makes William cry even more in Johanna's embrace, and he embraces her in return. It's very true that he is a Mafioso, a person who kills people, a person who reaps and steals other people's lives in order to get praises from his Godfather. As such, he doesn't show mercy towards his enemies.

Not even slight of emotions shown in his face.

He still remembers it clearly, when he was ordered to stab his own teacher, who was also his master's ex-wife. She could only look at him in utter horror as he brought the knife to her abdomen, but as her blood spilled to his hands, William could do nothing but apologise.

As time goes by, he no longer apologise towards his victims. Instead, he takes delight in torturing them like a toy, slowly but painfully, before ultimately killed them when he has enough.

But William is human, he makes mistakes, and therefore he can also feels emotions. The Mafia just being very cruel to messing up with his mind and body.

They has killed him several times. They killed his emotions, they killed his mind and free will, thus turning him into someone who is very different from his past self.

It's too much, it's just already too much.

He never killed people on his own will.

He must've been enduring all of these, for hours, days, or even years... Just look at him now, he is crying like a children.

"Shh... It's okay, you don't need to endure this anymore, William. You don't have to be sad," whispered Johanna gently as she keeps rubbing the male's back. William only let out soft sobbing from his lips, and hugs Johanna tighter.

Johanna herself can feel tears on her eyes, but she can't let them fall. She fully understands him. She knows that she musn't cry, he needs someone for a shoulder to cry in.

And she offers her shoulder for him.

He keeps crying, until eventually he feel all of his tears are drained. When it happens, he only wipes his eyes, letting go Johanna's embrace of him. Johanna feels relieved to see him calm after he cries. She smiles at him, petting his head.

"Have you feeling better?" Asked Johanna with a gentle tone towards the younger male.

"Yes, thank you," he responds with a slight smile.

No one knows how happy she is to see him smile. His smile, who has been concealed for almost five years under those emotionless face, still stores some kind of warmth that manages to soothe her wounded heart.

Maybe it is the work of fate, who would always reunite people despite after a long years?

Johanna herself isn't sure about that, but fate always has its way to do so.

"I don't want to be rude to you, William, but you should return. Your master will punish you if you takes too long," said Johanna with somewhat worried tone.

"I guess that was for the best," he said nonchalantly.

What Edward said is very true... Each person I killed has a family waiting for them to come home.

He stands up from his chair and walks to the door, but before he steps out of the room, he glances at Johanna with a smile.

"See you later, Mother."

Her long wish has been granted. All of her efforts for reaching out to him aren't useless at all. Her eyes becomes glassy, and she wants to tell him how much she misses him.

"Wait! Don't go yet! Samuel!"

Johanna yells as she tries to get up and follow him, but the stab wound on her nape prevents her from doing so. She flinches in pain, and lays herself back to her bed slowly. Despite being in pain, she doesn't feel it at all.

"I'm so happy that you remember me. After all of this finishes... Come home, okay? I'll always waiting for you," she says to herself with a smile, staring at the photograph which she sets aside during her talk with William.

Time has fly to a year since that incident. Johanna is hanging around on a park, enjoying a serene Saturday morning. Some people there are sitting on a bench, feeding pigeons with hrains, or just taking a photo with friends or lover. Writing her findings on her red notebook, she remembers about William.

"Come to think of it... It's been a year since I last saw him. I wonder if he's alright," Johanna mumbles to herself, spinning her blue pen. It has been a habit of hers since she is on school, everytime she thinks of something else while writing, she would always spin the pen on her hand.

"Ah yes! I need to meet Bart soon! How come I forget about it?!" Exclaimed her as she remembers the promise with her boss, Bartholomew Gedney, or she always call Bart. She immediately packs her belongings; her phone, camera, writing supplies, journalist files, and earphone, before leaving the park.

She seems to be in rush that she drops her red notebook without noticing it. One man, who is having a good walk with his friend notices the notebook and pick it up. He observes the cover, seems to admiring the notebook.

"This is such a nice notebook. The owner must be really cherish it," murmured the male, who has orange hair and bright, reddish chestnut eyes, with a smile plastered on his face. Adjusting his glasses, he opens the book and finds the name of the owner.

"Johanna Parris?"

"I think I ever heard that name somewhere before."

Hearing the response, he turns his attention towards his friend.

"Sounds interesting, she was the person who Godfather asked you to kill, right?" Asked him, his soft stare turns into a sharp one. The friend of him only sighed gently.

"Not worth mentioning, but yes. Sadly, I didn't manage to kill her," he drifts his hollow gaze away.

"I'm glad you didn't manage to do that, William."

'Author's Note: Took a long time for me to finish this part haha (Editing in Source Mode sucks). Graduation day is coming and I have to practise poem for the celebration. So, yeah. I hope you enjoy this part, and I can't wait to publish more! See you on the next part!

-Elizabeth Nursalim (Felicia)'

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