It was another night to began with, a night where the full moon didn't shine its dim light. The sounds of droplets of rain could be heard as Spicy made his way towards the bar, black umbrella in hand. The fallen investigator had always been like that, hanging out at the bar to end his day, sipping a glass or two of wine while chatting with his friends there. 

As the door of the bar opened, he spotted a female playing the cup of her lemon ginger honey tea, her long black hair fell to the side of her cheek as she did so. Another male was sitting beside her, he wore a long black trench coat over his shoulder like a cape. He placed his folded arms on the table as his head was resting on them. The song Thinking Out Loud played softly on the bar. 

People near the bar were busy with their own business, from Desert playing blackjack and got beaten by the dealer due to his card only a total of 19, FirePyre offering his fresh batch of double chocochip cookies to Addfire and Eclipsa, until Vertroyer who was busy cleaning up the mess that Yes I'm Single and FireTiger made when they were drunk. So many people there, yet the bar was a little quiet for some reason. 

'A friend of her? Wonder who he is,' Spicy though to himself before he took a breath and spoke.

"Felicia! Nice to see you around here!"

Within a second, the female turned her hair and smiled a cheerful smile to the Fallen Investigator. Spicy eyed the male for a second, he was sleeping peacefully.

"Geez, William would always be like this. Hey, you sleepy dork, wake up! He's finally here!" She said with a childish tone, messing up with his wavy black hair and shaking his shoulder. It took a while for her to wake her friend, who only lifted his head and wiped his left eye. 

"Sorry about that, Spicy," said Felicia, who called Playful with a embarrassed tone, she ended her sentence with a giggle. 

"Nah, it's okay Playful. So... I'm not meant to be rude to you, but is he your boyfriend?" 

"Boyfriend? Awe, c'mon Spicy! He isn't one! He's a friend of mine!"

The black haired man next to Playful only turned his head to Spicy, bandages covering his right eye and also left cheek. His left eye showed no glisten at all, but Spicy didn't get shocked with the gaze from 'friend' of hers. 

"Name's Spicy," said Spicy to him. The male smiled a little before he spoke.

"It's William. William Hobbs. Nice to meet you, Spicy." 

As they were about to handshake, a male with blonde hair as a banana broke in and prevented Spicy to handshake with William. Sondz glared at William, who in return only looked at him emotionlessly. 

"I won't let you touch him, you bastard..." Said Sondz with a low tone, barely a whisper. 

"Like I would kill him, Felicia told me to not kill anyone here," replied William to Sondz. 

This started to make Spicy wondering why he would say something like that, Playful was busy mediating Sondz and William to stop fighting. Spicy went closer to Playful and started whispering.

"Hey, Playful, why did William said something like that?"

"Oh, he? It was his attitude. You know, before coming to here, William was someone who worked under his Godfather. In other words, William is a Mafioso."

"Are you kidding Playful?! He is a dangerous person to be involved with! Who might know he can just simply kill you in a blink of an eye!"

Playful only smiled at Spicy, she knew it very well that involving with a Mafioso was very dangerous. But for some reason, Playful couldn't shake it off, she wanted to help him. After all, Playful was too kind towards people, even if it was the one who keep hurting her. 

She sighed as she took a sip from her cup, feeling a bit nauseous. Her world suddenly went blur, she felt like her tea had been poisoned. The cup she was holding fell to the floor, shattered. The atmosphere went from tranquil to a sudden panic as Playful's body fell, blood coughed up from her mouth. 

"Hurry and call the doctor! She's slowly losing her consciousness!"

William took a shard of the glass, which once stored her favourite lemon ginger honey tea and smelled it. It smelled sweet, something that was very unnatural. Zed, a local Sheriff immediately came in and carried the female Bodyguard to the clinic. 

The silence deafened the bar entirely. Everyone didn't even moved a muscle, nor even touched their glasses due to the poisoning of Playful. Rex and Hawaiian were busy investigating the scene, Chengsha was keeping eye on her friend, while the rest of the people were either busy on their own home or sleeping. 

"You poisoned her, didn't you?! Answer me!" Roared Spicy as he grabbed William by his collar, breaking the silence at the bar.

"I didn't. Why would I do that anyway? There's no point for poisoning her, after all," replied William with a nonchalant tone. It only pissed Spicy more that a fist was landed on William's already bandaged cheek. The black haired male only wiped his mouth calmly as blood flowing down from the corner of his lips. 

"You fucker! Don't ever you lied to me, you bastard!" Spicy screamed to William, he tried to punch him again but Desert stopped him by grabbing his skeleton wrist. Spicy's red eyes were flaming as he glared at Desert. 

"Calm your nerves down, Spicy! Will Playful be happy if she finds out that you are hurting her friend?! She would be pissed! Besides, William didn't do it-"


The words Spicy screamed at Desert shocked everyone, Spicy only snatched his hand off Desert and walked away from the bar, slamming the door as Sondz followed him. Eclipsa extended her hand towards William.

"Are you alright?" Said Eclipsa as she helped him stand. Much to his surprise, Eclipsa also sutured the bruise on his face with an ice. 

"Yes, thank you for your help..."

"Eclipsa, but you can also call me Snowy if you want, William." Eclipsa said with a cheerful tone, "Spicy is easy to get mad if his friends are hurt, so forgive him, okay?"

The Mafioso only nodded his head, he grabbed his black trench coat and walked away from the bar, leaving anyone else there. He gazed at the night sky, which already replaced by a starry one after the rain. It somehow calmed him, he wanted to be alone for now, thinking who the hell dared to poison someone who was very precious to him. 

"I'll never forgive anyone who harmed her..." William muttered lowly under his breath. 

Little did the Town knew what would happen next to each of the citizens there.

But it was sure that they were not going to sleep soundly every night... 

[Next Chapter]

I knew my writing sucks, but at least I'm trying ;-; I hope you guys like it!

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