This might be not Town of Salem related, but since my characters have many people named after people who were involved in Salem Witch Trials, I decided to add this here. The blog is all about the facts of my characters which are listed in "Fragment of Memories", an upcoming story that I'll post in my Wattpad. 

I hope you guys enjoy this!

General Info

  • The story itself was inspired by the song "Spring Day", a Korean song sung by the group Bangtan Boys (BTS). 
  • The story told about a friendship between a girl and a boy that started when they were a children. However, after they entered high school, the bonds between them starts to falling apart, mostly because the boy himself transferred school without telling the girl any farewell words. But something happened to them was very... Very twisted. What is exactly going on between them? 
  • The story took place in Massachusetts at the year 2015, where the medical and technology fields are advanced, but not too modern like the upcoming future days. Specifically at the city of Boston. 


Below are the list of the characters involved in the story. 

Annabella "Ann" Rose

  • The main female protagonist and also the heroine.
  • She was created at December 24th, 2016 initially for roleplay purpose. The roleplay name was Humanity, hosted by FirePyre (you'll always be missed ;-;).
  • She was inspired by Ann Putnam, but because I don't like the name, I changed the surname to Rose. 
  • Ann is the only daughter of the Rose family. She has a father who is a doctor, but died when she was fifteen years old, and also a mother who is also a doctor, who died when she was twenty years old. Since then, she lives all alone with financial support from her aunt. 
  • Her job is doctor. She decides to follow her parents' footsteps and took their words deeply inside her heart. 
  • Because she doesn't have siblings and her parents constantly moving, she always feel lonely. It only goes worse after her parents died and her friend transferred school. 
  • Ann has periwinkle purple hair and sapphire blue eyes.
  • Her name, Annabella means "loving", this suits her compassionate and selfless personality. 

Samuel Parris

  • The male protagonist and the tragic hero of the story. 
  • He was created on January 8th, 2017. He was also created for roleplay purpose, with the first roleplay where I used him was Discovery, hosted by ChickenPieNuggetz. 
  • His name was taken from the clergy Samuel Parris from Salem Village. 
  • Samuel has a family consisting a math teacher father, a journalist mother, and a half deaf sister who works as a secretary for a famous businessman. 
  • He transferred school the day before his sixteenth birthday. 
  • After reuniting with Ann and his family, he works as a bodyguard under his mentor John. 
  • His short temper and quick resort to violence was inspired by ChickenPieNuggetz in the Discovery RP. 
  • Samuel's name means "Asked of God". This is heavily implied in the first book of Samuel on the Old Testament. 
  • He has black hair and emerald green eyes. 
  • Samuel has another person lives inside him, indicating that he suffers from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). 

William Hobbs 

  • A villainous protagonist who makes his appearance after Samuel transferred school. 
  • He is unable to feel or show any kind of emotions towards people. 
  • His name was taken from William Hobbs from Salem Witch Trial, whose family was charged with accusation of being involved with the witchcraft. He and his family survived the trial after he paid several amount of money to free himself and also his family, 
  • He works as a Mafioso ever since he joined the Mafia at the age of sixteen. 
  • Although he was born on January 8th on the story, he was created on February 11th, 2017. Therefore, William shares the same birthday as the author aka me. 
  • William couldn't remember about his past life before joining the Mafia. All he remember was his name ,which is implied to be a fake name later thorough the story. 
  • He has black hair and emerald green eyes much like Samuel, although his eyes look dull and hollow compared to him. 
  • He himself couldn't even count how many lives he has taken by his own hands under the orders of his Godfather.
  • William means "strong protector" in German language.  

John Hathorne

  • The secondary character of the story, although his role makes a huge impact of the plot. 
  • His birthday is on January 30th, 2017. 
  • Much like Samuel, he works as a bodyguard, although he is much more experienced than Samuel. 
  • His name was taken from the judge John Hathorne from Salem village. 
  • Although he is much older than Samuel, he has a childish and happy-go-lucky personality.
  • John's past were a horrible one. 
  • His hair and eye colour haven't bee decided yet. 

Nathaniel Proctor

  • A secondary character who appears on the main story. 
  • He works as a head detective on the Boston police departement. Additionally, he is also a trusted inspector despite his young age. 
  • He and Ann used to be close friends during their college days. 
  • His name Nathaniel was taken from Nathaniel Saltonsal, a minister from Salem Village, while his surname was taken from John Proctor, a man who was lynched due to witchcraft. 
  • He has silver hair and topaz blue eyes. 
  • His birthday is on February 23rd, 2017. 
  • Nathaniel lived with his adoptive father because his mother died not long after he was born while his father abandoned him, and treated like a test subject by him. 

Dorothy Good

  • Dorothy is a supporting character who died some time after she appeared. 
  • Dorothy in real life was the daughter of Sarah Good, an accused witch who was lynched. She was interrogated often for witnessing her mother's activity that involved witchcraft, which led to her mother and her sister's death. By the time, Dorothy was only four years old. 
  • She is a spy who works for the government to infiltrate with the Mafia. Ironically, she falls in love with a member of the Mafia.
  • She has a mother who died prior the story, a father who works abroad, and a younger sister who is five years younger than her. 
  • Dorothy has white hair and kunzite pink eyes. 
  • She is actually inspired by Marry Kozakura from Mekakucity Actors. 
  • Dorothy works as a maid for the Mafia, her position is replaced by Lydia Dustin after her death. 
  • Her birthday is on May 5th, 2017. 
  • Dorothy is forgiving and kind, even towards people who hurts her. 

More Coming Soon! 

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