This blog post will describe the more unexplainable things (in my theory, anyway). What does 'unexplainable' mean? Well, you might be thinking stuff about Mediums, Witches, Retributionists, etc. But no, I'm gonna talk about the unexplainable stuff no one has actually cared to think about. Like, why is the Executioner night immune? Why would they have night immunity at all? It doesn't make sense. So here are some non-canon theories explaining why. This is technically a theoretical Q&A. Post your own questions to be awnsered in the comments if you liked this!

DISCLAIMER: These theories are not ordered at all, except corresponding theory accompanies corresponding role.


Q: Why does the Lookout never actually see what the people who visit their targets do?

A: The Lookout stakes out from outside the building, watching people as they go in. The Lookout knows their identity, but never actually strays inside to prevent being charged with trespassing.

Q: Why does the Lookout see the Medium's seance?

A: The Lookout is Illuminati.

OK, just kidding on that one: The Medium is reborn as their former self for the seance. They walk to the seance target's home and walk in to do the seance. The Medium would run out of energy to power the seance after the night ends, and would be permanently dead and energy revoked. Nonetheless, the Lookout sees the presumed dead person walk into the house.


Q: Why do the Survivor's vest disappear after being used, even after not being attacked?

A: The Survivor does not actually use vests, but adhesive-based kevlar that is molded into vests. When the adhesive weakens, the Survivor is forced to throw it out. The Survivor only has enough adhesive for 4 vests. This also applies to the Bodyguard.

Serial Killer

Q: Why does the Serial Killer kill roleblockers?

A: Because that's a reference to Jack the Ripper. I'm not kidding.


Q: Why does the Veteran have limited alerts?

A: The Veteran can only stay up a certain number of nights before he just straight up needs to sleep. You try staying up an entire 3 nights in the same week! You'd be messed up!


Q: Why does the Executioner need their target lynched?

A: The Executioner is getting cut from funding, and needs an excuse to stay in buisness; he actually conducts the executions of players, but is running low on money and needs to lynch their target to keep their job.

Q: Why is the Executioner night immune?

A: The Executioner owns a fire axe to defend themselves with.

That's about all the time I have now; I'll edit this later!

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