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  • Octometaknight

    I'm sure you know by now that people like to review roles. Some people like to make guides on reviewing roles. So why do so many people have so many different guides to reviewing roles?

    Easy; Reviewing roles is a lot like philosophy. There is no definitive, 'correct' answer. Everyone has their theories, and are entitled to them. We all struggle to find and create the perfect guide, the one that most effectively shows a role's viability in a civil and direct manner. But it's not that simple. We're all different, we have different ways of viewing issues.

    So I guess I should show my view on this topic.

    You'll find that my view on this topic is a lot like other people's. To understand how to critique a role, we first need to determine what makes …

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  • Octometaknight

    Because people may or may not want these, here's a collection of YuGiOh cards for every role in the game. (will be updated sometimes.)

    This entirely for fun and made using the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker. If you know how Yu-Gi-Oh! works, and wish to make suggestions for more cards, I'll be happy to hear them. Thanks!

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  • Octometaknight

    Scrapped Ideas

    September 8, 2015 by Octometaknight

    This is a list of ideas I scrapped because I deemed them not good enough to enter my list of role ideas. Go ahead; take a look around. You might find something good and make it better.

    Role: Mechanic

    Alignment: Neutral (Benign)

    Summary: You are a genius mechanic, working on your probe to find your path in life.


    Augment your mechanical probe during the night, giving it abilities.


    Use your probe's current augment during the night.

    Special Attributes:

    You may choose between three sets of augments: Killing, Protecting, and Investigating. Cycle through these with the sun icon.

    Your augment fails if you have visitors during the night.

    You may go up to 3 levels of augmentation.

    Once you choose an augment path, you cannot choose another one.

    If you…

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  • Octometaknight

    This blog post will describe the more unexplainable things (in my theory, anyway). What does 'unexplainable' mean? Well, you might be thinking stuff about Mediums, Witches, Retributionists, etc. But no, I'm gonna talk about the unexplainable stuff no one has actually cared to think about. Like, why is the Executioner night immune? Why would they have night immunity at all? It doesn't make sense. So here are some non-canon theories explaining why. This is technically a theoretical Q&A. Post your own questions to be awnsered in the comments if you liked this!

    DISCLAIMER: These theories are not ordered at all, except corresponding theory accompanies corresponding role.

    Q: Why does the Lookout never actually see what the people who visit their t…

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  • Octometaknight

    This is a decently-organized list of all the role ideas I wanted to show everyone. All of these roles have been posted in the Roles page comments section, but are lost in time. This page resurrects them all for everyone to see!

    Role: Witch Doctor

    Alignment: Neutral (Evil)

    Summary: You are a malicious psychic who curses words of the forbidden.


    Click on the sun icon at night to make a small text box appear. Enter a word. Your word must not be longer than 8 letters.

    Special Attributes:

    The first person to say the word you type in will execute an effect based on the number of letters in the word you typed.

    3: Your target will be blackmailed for the rest of the day.

    4-5: Your target will be blackmailed for the rest of the day and die the followi…

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