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    Some role ideas

    April 4, 2015 by Mister Waffle

    ToS Role Ideas

    Role Name: Fireman

    Short Bio: Your role is Fireman. You are a volunteer firefighter who has been alerted about an outbreak of arson cases in the area.

    Alignment: Town (Protective)

    Night Abilities: Choose a target to spray with water each night.

    Day Abilities: N/A

    Attributes: Spraying with water removes all traces of an Arsonist's gasoline. It also ensures that the target cannot be doused again. Targets will know they were sprayed. An Arsonist will receive an immune message if they attempt to douse someone you have sprayed. You cannot spray yourself. The Fireman can only spawn in games with an Arsonist in them.

    Sheriff results: Your target is not suspicious.

    Investigator results: Your target works with water. They must be a Fireman o…

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