• Luxak

    Role Ideas

    May 20, 2017 by Luxak

    1. Banner (Neutral Evil)

    Choose 1 person to ban every night, "banning" their account. Win conditions - None, Joke role.

    Attributes - If you are lynched you "ban"the whole town and live.

    If someone visits you he/she will be "banned."

    If someone tries to control your dead body he/she will be "banned." (Necromancer)

    2. Assassin (Mafia Support)

    Choose one person to assassinate every night. Mafia must choose to kill that person aswell. Win conditions - Mafia, Survivor

    Attributes - None

    Your assassination will ignore all night immunities except Invincible.

    When investigated you will show up to be Assassin, Secret Agent, Spy

    3. Idea for Forger - If they kill all mafia all the real wills will be found.

    4. (Kinda lame idea but here we go) 

     Secret Agent (Town Chao…

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