I'm sure at least one of y'all has had this moment but....... I was playing as sheriff once, and I was accused of being, well I think mafia or sk I dunno, so....... I got lynched. I put in my will before I died and I quote " p.s. I told you idiots" and when my rank was revealed the retards who lynched ME, a bloody INNOCENT, said they messed up. I actually said in chat and real life "I told you idiots" Woa, I read over my blog post thing, I need to calm down. No wonder I have anger issues. I really need to get a shirt that says "I am always so angry because of the idiots I have to deal with everyday" Before this becomes a book, I will have to stop this post. If you are wondering why I'm posting at almost 3:00 AM, its because night owl

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