So, this one time, I was the Jester. Normally, my stratagy is to claim Lookout and get a random town lynched, making town want to lynch me. Well... The random person I chose and told town was the Serial Killer, was actually the Serial Killer. Town ended up lynching me anyway because I asked them to after my favour to them.

Another game, there were two people plus me alive. A Veteran, a Lookout and I was Godfather. The Lookout had been proven, but I still tricked the Veteran into lynching them and ended up winning.

Once as Transporter, I transported people and got the Mafioso to kill himself night one. I then transported myself night three, and dodged an attack. I was jailed night four, and attacked again. I then figured out who the Godfather was, when there was me, a Doctor, Godfather and a Consort left. I knew who the doctor was and so, I transported the Consort with the Doctor every night while the Doctor healed me. We won the game because the Godfather killed his Consort and then we lynched him. 

Last one. As a Vigilante, witch controlled me to someone immune, so I told town I was doctor and the witch controlled me to themselves. They basically shot themselves, I then revealed who I really was to avoid town lynching me.

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