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  • LilMissCookiexo

    Some games I have had

    February 12, 2015 by LilMissCookiexo

    So, this one time, I was the Jester. Normally, my stratagy is to claim Lookout and get a random town lynched, making town want to lynch me. Well... The random person I chose and told town was the Serial Killer, was actually the Serial Killer. Town ended up lynching me anyway because I asked them to after my favour to them.

    Another game, there were two people plus me alive. A Veteran, a Lookout and I was Godfather. The Lookout had been proven, but I still tricked the Veteran into lynching them and ended up winning.

    Once as Transporter, I transported people and got the Mafioso to kill himself night one. I then transported myself night three, and dodged an attack. I was jailed night four, and attacked again. I then figured out who the Godfather…

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