Name: Menis

Aligment: Mafia support

Summary: A little boy who always wanted to be a spy as a kid, taken in by a criminal club.

Goal: Kill anyone who would not submit to the Mafia

Has Night Ability: Yes

Abilities: To switch a persons target with someone else avoiding the eyes of a pesky lookout.

Catergories: Lookout immunity [cannot be seen by lookout]

Sheriff: Your target is a member of the Mafia!

Investigator: Your target enjoys tricking people, they must be a Menis, Jester or Disguiser!

Consigilere: Your Target switches peoples victims, they must be a Menis!

Story: A 5 year old boy runs across the sidewalk and suddenly trips right next to a magnifying glass. He quickly runs home and tells his parents and all his friends how he wants to be a spy when he grows up, but in the future, everything changed. He became a emotional boy adopted by the Godfather and started switching important information.

Other info: Your target will not know their information was switched

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