• Kirito1238

    pre ranked

    April 30, 2016 by Kirito1238

    yes yes yes they're announcing they're going to add it

    i hope to god it allows parties and scrolls thats all i need

    i cant wait to leave behind the times where if you tried to make a ranked like setup in custom you would get repick and told to go back to ranked

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  • Kirito1238

    how to win as mafia

    April 10, 2016 by Kirito1238

    ... in ranked

    Serious guide this isn't a joke.

    Given that town wins 80% of the time because of whisper games, voting up suspicious people for roles, everyone racing to confirm themselves, etc. there needs to be a guide on how mafia can win as well. This guide also applies to evil scum (witch, nk) but may be slightly more difficult.

    • Prepare a fake will and role the moment you see you're red. Preferably multiple wills and roles.
    • If someone asks you for a role, say your role and post your will.
    • If you're on the stand through circumstantial evidence ("he defended the last maf", "he didnt vote up maf" "we need to lynch for roles"), immediately say your role and post your will. Maybe add a few extra evidence that you're innocent like "I found the NK"…

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