Uli shoves Yami's dead carcass off of her chair and sits on it herself.

"Never liked the Empire, I got a plan to obliterate them."

Ghosty looked mortified, he was gonna punch Uli if he said one more word. He bit his lip. "What is it?" He asked. He was desperate.

"I have a nuke."

"WHAT?" Everyone gasped in unison. "You'll kill us all!"

"I know, It will be what finishes the war."

"That's it," said Desert. "GET OUT, you have disrespected Yami, and us. GET. OUT!" He slashes off the right leg of Uli and throws him out into the wasteland.

Rubik comes out, felling slightly sympathetic, fixing his leg, saying "You better not make me regret this."

"Rubik, why did you go outside just then?" asks Desert, inquizitively.

"Um.... To check for Imperial forces?" He replies

"Lies!" He shouts.The blade he used on Uli's leg went Directly into Rubik's neck.

"STOP!" Shouted Ghosty. "We do not need us turning on each other, especially in a Civil War!" 

"Ghosty is right!" Chengsha agreed, with a swish of her hair. A searing pain went into Ghosty's side. As if he was hit by an arrow. He started to look at Chengsha a little differently, as if he was suddenly enlightened. He confrots Chengsha later, and confesses his feeling to her. She is very flattered but tells Him about her feelings for Desert. He becomes enraged, killing Uli as he tries to hop away from The HQ in a fit of rage. 

He leaves the HQ, claiming to return soon. Days passed and he never came back. he was presumed captured and killed by the Imperials. A shrine was madein his honour. Enraged by Ghosty's death.

Spicy finds a pink splodge on the ground. He recognised it instantly. Blood of the Kirby....