• Jerbear155

    Town of Salem Role Ideas

    February 21, 2015 by Jerbear155

    Auxiliary: Mafia Support

    Attributes: You will sacrifice yourself at night for the Godfather/Mafioso if he is to be killed.

    Night Ability: None

    Day Ability: You may choose to disguise yourself as the Godfather/Mafioso once they are put up for trial. If voted guilty you may activate this and take their name, role, will and be lynched. It will show you as the Godfather, the name of the player and the player’s will.

    Sheriff: Your target is suspicious

    Investigator: Your target has many connections with other people. They are either a Secretary or Auxiliary

    Goal: Make sure the town loses at any costs

    Secretary: Town Support

    Attributes: Your votes count as 2 however will not add the second until 2 seconds following. You will know who the Mayor, Retributi…

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