(Warning this page is rated for badsh!t crazy people.)

This blog will show the around of feces that swim in the sewer we call ranked. enjoy

Racist feces 

AyyoChristopher: LYNCH SURVIVORS

Spyware: lets kill a black guy

Total nosense 

Spyware: why Rihanna always singing To the left?

Peachy: .-.

Jester and Cat:  Jester and Cat the sheriffNight 5: arsonist - mafia I was the amnesiac turn shriff

Jailor Swift: Best LO found a whole lot of nothing :3

Yolo Baggins voted innocent.

True true golded words

Ash Kechup: Town of leaver....

Seccuall ::::

Anonimuss: did he *** you?

Angry people

ailor Swift: This town is 1000% sh!t lets shoot and exe edm dude instead of killing the IMMUNE dude.. fa564TtTs

Fazeleafman678: Got killed by jailor and vig in the same night, these people need to be perma banned ffs

Jailor Swift: and your reported my friend

Yolo Baggins: Choc, reported for cheating


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