Neutral Benign

Story: As a child, the messenger was the confident and charismetic, the center of attention. A long time back, two childhood rivals, the mayor and godfather, were argueing over the messenger. They both wanted him to pick a side. He never did, but he has to now. Now playing his part in the Town Of Salem, he'll deliver anonomys messeges to help one side win. The town or the mafia, who to choose...

Ability: Send a note to someone every night.


  • Use the sun icon to change your note at day or night.
  • You are immune to roleblocks.
  • If your target is neutral, your note is not sent and you are notified.

​Sheriff: N/S

Investigator: Your target smells of gas, they are a transporter, messenger, or arsonist.

Consigliere: Your target delivers messeges for a living, they must be a messenger!

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