Mafia Deception

Story: The deciever grew up as a vandal. Except he was great at it, going to extreme extents. He was successful, until one day, a man knocked on his door. The sheriff. He deducted that this deciever was in fact the vandal, and had him sent to prison. The mafia noticed. The mafia silently broke him out, not notifying the deciever. The wanted to know what he would do next. Two days passed, and the deciever had finished his plan. He placed fake evidence at the sheriff's house. The investigator thought he was a member of the mafia. The sheriff was lynched. The next night, the mafia came to the decievers door.

Ability: Make someone recieve false information.


  • Target will get false information. (e.g a sheriff might see a mafia member as N/S and vice versa)

Sheriff: Target is a member of the mafia.

Investigator: Your target enjoys fooling others, they are a disguiser, deciever, or jester.

Consigliere: Your target tampers with evidence for th emafia, they must be a Deciever

Like a reverse framer. Name could use some work, also achievment idea for messing with a consig's investigation XD

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