Role: Bounty Hunter (Neural Killing/Benign)

Attributes-Once, you can call upon a town member and a mafia member into an anonymous discussion.

             -Both members can offer you a contract that you must fulfill

             -After accepting, you will kill your target, piercing Night Immunity, Jailor's Jail, Doctor's Heal, Bodyguard's Protect, any Bulletproof Vests (So goes through everything)

              -After your target is dead, you will leave town


Sheriff-Not Suspicious

Investigator-Your target owns weapons, they must be a Veteran, Vigilante, Mafioso, or Bounty Hunter

Consigliere-Your target is a gun for hire, they must be a Bounty Hunter

Goal- Fulfill a contract and leave town.

Additional Notes-

  • When a Bounty Hunter kills you it says "You have been assassinated by a Bounty Hunter hired by the town/mafia!"
  • When you leave town, the town is notified with "A (name) the Bounty Hunter has left town!"
  • The town sees "He/She was shot by a Bounty Hunter hired by the town/mafia!" when someone dies to Bounty Hunter.
  • When a Bounty Hunter talks to you it says "A Bounty Hunter wants to talk..."
  • You use the sun icon (jailor's jail, mayor's reveal, etc.) to call forth a meeting.
  • If neither player offers a contract, the Bounty Hunter will kill both with the message "The Bounty Hunter killed you for your refusal!"
  • If possible, you must accept a contract.

I'm open for suggestions!

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