After the remains of Venera's house stopped burning, a discussion happened in the town, a mixture of panic and anger spread through the town. The panic was due to the fire that happened, and the anger was due to the town getting angry that someone would start a fire, which rumors were already spreading about it being an arsonist attack.

Eventually, an anon volunteered to check the house, the anon went outside, and a scream confirmed what was already predicted to happen.

Venera was found dead in the house, the anon said that the body was majorly burned, blood splattered on the wall due to the explosion, and to top it off, the head crushed in as the debris from the roof.

I eventually found UlitheMuli in the crowd of pople, a mixture of anons already demanding to know what was going on. UlitheMuli was trying his best to explain to the paniced town, already, whispers of riots were happening, not good, due to the fact panic and vandalism are the two things we don't need right now.


​A bullet was fired into the wall an inch away from Uli.

"Sniper!' Playful yells. "Everyone get down!"

The town hid around in different spots, with the anons panicly running around the town, it was hard to know which way was safe. I ended up hiding behind FirePyre's house, along with Ghosty, Sondz, Desert and FirePyre.

Looking around the town, anons were running everywhere, I noticed between all the running from the anons that behind Matt's house was Matt, Yami, Rex and Zed. Between two bushes was Addfire. Uli is trying to use the speaker box as cover, I can't see Playful, Vert, 360NoScopeSweg or Spicy anywhere else.

"Can anyone see the sniper?" I yell.

A mixture of "No" or "I can't see anything" are spoken.

Suddenly, I hear running footsteps, and then "ULI, GET DOWN!"


Another gunshot was fired.

I peek, and see Playful lying on the ground, blood trickling down from a bullet wound in the stomach area, Uli on the ground, 2 feet away from her, shocked at what happened. Uli then blinks, and moves towards Playful, dragging both of them into a better cover, and puts pressure on the bullet wound that Playful has.

Then, I hear a scream from above, then a thud on the ground.

I look towards where the screaming stopped, and saw a man holding a sniper rifle on the ground, dead from impact. Then I look up at the roof, and see Spicy there, grinning.

Spicy says, still grinning "Sniper down, I repeat, Sniper down."

360NoScopeSweg woke up in a chair, across from him was Vertroyer, who was strappd and sitting in his chair, the straps were metal, meaning he couldn't pull them off, there was a strap holding each of his limbs, besides his head, to the chair. Near the chair Jim was sitting on, there was a table with an revolver on it.

"Well, isn't this a sticky situation we got ourselves into." Vertroyer said.

"Agreed" 360NoScopeSweg said, "Let's see if we can find a way to get you out of t-"

Suddnly, a speaker turns on, a muffled voice speaks.

"Hello 360NoScopeSweg and Vertroyer, I would like to play a game, of a simple matter of life and death, for one, or for both of you." The voice says "360NoScopeSweg, you have been injected with a small bomb that has made it's way into your stomach, in exactly 30 mintues from now, no matter what you do, the bomb will go off, exploding you from inside to outside. The only way to stop the bomb from going off is simple, your heart rate drops to 0, meaning you die. The straps holding Vertroyer into place are sound sensitive, if it hears a bullet fire, the straps holding Vertroyer will release themselves, allowing him to go, but the only way the doors are opening is if one of you two die, what choice are you willing to make? Killing your friend to give you an extra 30 minutes of life? Or ending your life here and allowing your friend to escape alive?"

The speaker turned off with a click, 360NoScopeSweg was shaking, he slowly walked up to the revolver and looked at it's clip.

One bullet, one singular bullet.

Vertroyer sighed "So, what's it going to be boss? I can't do anything, the decision is down to you, whenever you or I go free."

360NoScopeSweg Nodded, he raised the pistol up to his head...

"That's your decision?" Vertroter asked.

"Yes it is..."


​360NoScopeSweg fell to the ground, dead.

The straps restraining Vertroyer were released, he walked up to his now dead boss, and closed his eyelids before walking out the door to freedom, And he walked out into a garden.

"Okay, where is the town?"

Uli, Spicy, Yami, Zed and Rex were at the hospital, waiting for the status of Playful, who took a bullet for Uli, the doctor came out, and spoke to them.

"It didn't look good, there was a lot of blood, if there were any good things, it missed the stomach lining and went all the way through the body, do she will survive this."

They all sighed of relief, finally some good news.

Addfire and I were at the mafia's old base in the town, we had called the remaining four mafia to a private meeting, however, so far, we were the only two here.

"Do you think they got killed?" Addfire asked.

"Not likely." I answered, "If they were, then where were they killed, they weren't killed in their houses, and there's not many other places that one could hide a body safely..."

Vertroyer then suddenly ran into the room, his face was pale, his wrists were red, and he was sweating like crazy.

"Are you okay?" Addfire asked him "Where were you?"

Vertroyer sat down, trying to catch his breath.

"Are you just going to ignore me? Tell me w-"

"Just... give... me... a... damn... second..." Vertroyer said between breaths.

A few moments went by, eventually, Vertroyer looked up.

"He's dead..."

"Who's dead?" I asked.

"360NoScopeSweg... he sacrificed himself for me."

I sighed, this was not looking well for us remaining 3 mafia, two of us are dead, both our leaders.

"When... and how did he die?"

Vertroyer told us the story, of how he and 360NoScopeSweg went walking to the bakery, them both getting attacked and knocked out, them waking up in a room, 360NoScopeSweg committing suicide, and him running for a long time.

I then realised that during the time frame, it fit in with why I didn't see him during the earlier events, Addfire was already explaining to Vertroyer about Venera's death and the Sniper attack.

I sighed to myself, once again, as I thought back to the events, 3 deaths, 2 murders, and one suicide, lots of suspects, and not many clues to help us.

This was definitely not going well for us town...

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