Spicy sighed as he stood up from the dock of the pond, he had caught nothing, no fish, no junk, no nothing except the bait on his rod.

“Well… that was a waste of time…” He said to himself as he began walking back to the dirt. He stood on a plank, the plank began to wobble.

“Heh, guess we need to fix this soon… don’t we?”

Spicy then took another step, if he payed closer attention to the ground, he would have noticed nails nearby the plank he was about to step on nearby. The plank he stepped on fell down as the other end flew up towards his face.

“OH S-” He began to say as the other end of the plank hit him in the face, knocking him unconscious as he fell into the water. Soon drowning to death.

“Cover me!” Addfire yelled as she reloaded her last clip into her gun.

Vertroyer fired a few shots, then a click was heard and Vert ducked behind cover, attempting to grab ammo but seeing he was out.

“Damn it, out of ammo.” Vert said.

Everyone was low on ammo or out, Uli was the first one out of ammo, due to the fact he had an assault rifle and he was shooting at the people running through the door, next was Ghosty, who had run out of ammo due to the fact he was focusing on headshotting after Uli ran out of ammo. Vert also ran out of ammo, and Addfire didn’t have much left.

  Addfire leaned up and fire the last of her clip at the anons running in trying to siege the building, then, the sound of clicking sounded.

“Oh great.” She said.

More anons flooded through the door. All armed with Assault rifles that their friends had.

Then, the sound of a breaking window sounded through the room, as Desert, armed with a Winchester Model 1200, jumped through the window and fired the shotgun and some of the anons in the room before rolling into cover.

“You guys needed a hand?” Desert asked.

“Well, yes, but you're the only one that has a gun with actual ammo.” Vert said.

“Good thing I bring spares” Desert responded as he handed everyone an Astra A-60.

  What then happened was the most effective way to stop a bunch of people from invading a closed room. Everyone gave Vert cover fire as he Pushed a few chairs to block the window in such a way that it could only be broken in from the inside. Soon, the anons then gave up the massive siege and ran away.

“Thanks for the help Desert.” Uli said.

“No problem, we’re all in this together.” Desert responded with.

I woke up in a small little room, seeing that I am restrained to a chair with a screen extending from it.

“Great… just freaking great…” I think to myself.

  Suddenly, a bright light turns on in the room, I blink a few times to get use to the brightness in the room that suddenly appeared. I see a shotgun on some sort of pole, connected to it is a bunch of mechanical things, like wires and gears, which I suppose turn the pole around and fire the shotgun. However, I see in two chairs there is Rex and Zed, both in similar situations as me.

“Oh this is just getting better and better….” I think to myself.

Playful sighed as she lied down on her bed, she was able to leave hospital, but she was unable to do much physical things for a while without pain, due to the gunshot. She knew it had to be done, she did it to save Uli, a higher member of the town, but was it really worth it? She shook her head, of course it was, there’s only two main ones left now, HAWAIIAN and Uli, and considering that HAWAIIAN is leading the investigating, someone else has to lead the town. Playful knew why she thought that it wasn’t worth it, because now she has less power to stop others from getting harmed.

“Well… any ideas of how we get out of this one, lads?” Rex asks.

“If we did, wouldn’t we be out by now?” Zed answered.

“Umm… I think I found a way out, but you’re not going to like it…” I said

“What is it?”   “Well… it’s a screen that says… ‘choose who to spare’ on it…”

Silence filled the room.

Then Zed said. “Are you kidding me…”

“Why would I kid about something serious?”

I look at the screen, there’s two buttons, one showing Zed and one showing Rex.   I slowly reach out my finger and press the “Zed” button.

The shotgun aims at Rex, who sighs. “Well, it was a nice run, see you on the other s-” Rex began to say as the shotgun blew his head clean right off. The straps on both me and Zed’s chair released us as we both ran up the stairs to freedom and see that we are both in the garden.

  “Well… seems like vertroyer wasn’t lying about that.” I muttered.

Tick… tock…

Mattbab’s clock ticked as he slowly rocked back and forward on his bed, he couldn’t sleep. Was it out of fear? Or was it due to the nightmares he had about killing FirePyre. Whatever it was, he wanted to sleep, but he just couldn’t… the murders had stopped, but had they actually stopped?

Tick… tock…

Mattbab sighed as he went to the pond, he then saw a floating body in the water, but he couldn’t make out who it was, but he new they were dead. He ran back to his house in a panic and went back to rocking on his bed. 

T ick… tock…

The murders were still happening, Mattbab laughed as he realised something.

He knew how to stop the murders from happening.

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