Town of the Assassin is a book where, in the small town of town of salem wikia, an assassin is on the loose, the 17 town members battle it out in a battle of trust, betrayal, wits, strength, logic and deduction as they try and figure out who the mastermind is, before it's too late, when the mastermind kills them all.

​Major note

This MAY ​seem similar to Spicy's Story, but it is not, the plot is similar (1 murderer vs a ton of innocents) but it is not. Spicy's story is more of an emotional based story while mine is more in the physical based story, so don't go start saying this is a rip-off of it, don't even go there.

​Minor notes

  • There is no real "upload time" to the chapters of the story, I'll upload them whenever I like.
  • There are 17 main plot characters, the other minor characters (examples:anons) are either for adding in for the plot or for other minor purposes.
  • Death WILL be a thing here, don't be upset if you die, it's all in the sake for a good story
  • If you find any spelling mistakes, feel free to note them in the comments, I'll try to fix them as soon as possible, after all, I'm not the best speller in the word, there will be mistakes.
  • Some deaths will be more brutal, so you might wanna try not to image deaths if you have a bad stomach.
  • I'm expecting the book to be Ten chapters long, but there may be more.
  • I will not spoil who the mastermind or any deaths that are not revealed to the people yet. So do not ask.
  • All the people in this town are humans, not anything else.
  • If you want me to do a minor change to the story (Like changing diologoue to make it more sound like you), tell me, but if it's a major change (like making it so you don't get killed) I'll refuse.
  • The mastermind does not know who they are, nobody asked for if they wanted to be the mastermind, I picked the mastermind by myself, so only I know who the mastermind is.

​Chapter guide (10,483 words in total)

​Chapter 1: (1556 words in total)

​Chapter 2: (864 words in total)

​Chapter 3: (1143 words in total)

Chapter 4: (1432 words in total)

​Chapter 5: (1094 words in total)

​Chapter 6: (1560 words in total)

​Chapter 7: (984 words in total),_chapter_7

​Chapter 8: (878 words in total),_Chapter_8.

​Chapter 9: (986 words in total),_chapter_9

​Chapter 10:

To be added,


I used deepnight to make the map, which is fairly common for me to use, due to the fact it's easy to use to draw maps.
My story map

Le map of le town

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