A town of Salem player challenges you to a battle.

Your town of Salem Pokemon are... Jailor Mafioso Mayor Retributionist Werewolf And amnesiac

Day 1 Player throws out Serial Killer 200/200 hp

Go Jailor! 300/300

Jailor uses jail

Serial killer cannot use any moves

Night 1 It is n1 so jailor cannot execute,

Serial killers move activates!

Jailor was backstabed by sk, it was a critical hit, it was also super effective!

Jailor has 0/300 hp left

You jailor has died

Player has changed his player to consort. 50/50 hp Day 2 Go mayor! 1/1 hp

Mayor uses vote up to lynch!

Consort was put up to trial

Mayor voted guilty Retributionist voted guilty Werewolf voted guilty Mafioso voted guilty Amnesiac voted guilty Sk votes innocent 4 unknown roles vote innocent

Consort was lynched 7-5

It was a critical hit, it was super effective! 0/50 hp

Player is changing his role to serial killer 200/200

Do you want to change? Yes Retributionist was picked

N2 Go retributionist! 1/1

Retributionist revived Jailor!

Sk stabs retributionist.

Retributionist has died. 0/0

D3 The jailor was revived.

The town have put unknown role on trial

Unknown role claims he is a survivor.

The 'survivor' was lynched 11-0

Everyone voted guilty

The 'survivor' was a witch

Jailor used jail on sk

N3 Jailor uses execute on sk

It's super effective, it was a critical hit!

Sk has died 0/200

Player has played Godfather

Because it's still night, godfather uses randomly fire

It was a critical hit on the jailor, it wasn't very effective on the dead sk

You choose mayor

Your mayor was doused


No one was lynched

You switched to werewolf 1/1


It's a full moon tonight

Werewolf ability responses

Werewolf uses chomp on gf

You also killed your mafioso

Your werewolf was doused


Your Pokemon left-werewolf, mayor, amnesiac

Player Pokemon, unknown and arso


Player chooses survivor

Survivor was lynched


Arso used ignite

Mayor and Werewolf died

Amne remembers he was a witch


Witch makes arso douse himself


Witch makes arso ignite himself

You win!

(Note this is impossible, witch wins with arso, so it would be a draw, though it would be funny as a after story for the witch makes arso douse and ignite, and anyway, this is a Pokemon battle, so only one team wins.)

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