Link so you know what I'm talking about-


Poltician (-2)

You will appear to be evil when checked by the sheriff, but you are a town aligned role.

Sheriff (+2)

Each night the sheriff may check if a player is good or evil the moderator will show the sheriff the evil side of the Good/Evil if the player is a serial killer or member of the mafia. Otherwise, the moderator will show the good side of the good/evil card.


The sheriff can find the werewolf as evil on every second night.

Survivor (+4)

The survivor must find and kill all the evildoers (or the?) town, and cannnot be killed at night. This card should be added to the deck randomly by the moderator into the deck. Players should not know for certain if this card is included.


If the survivor is lynched, all town roles can not do their night abilities the following night.

Veteran (+3)

Each night, the veteran may choose to go on alert. When on alert the veteran cannot be killed and will attack anyone that visits them. The Veteran will have 2 alerts, for a 10-14 player game, the veteran will have 3 alerts, for a 15+ player game, the veteran will have 4 alerts. If the veteran is attacked by the mafia while on alert, the moderator will randomlty decide who died.

Top Middle Left


Each night, the Vigilante may choose to shoot a player, the vigilante has 1 arrow, for 10-14 players, the vigilante has 2 arrows, for 15+ players, the vigilante has three arrows.


The mafia represents the organized crime of salem. In order to win they must kill everyone who will not submit to the mafia. This includes the Serial killer, the werewolf, the witch and all town roles. They still will win if the executioner or the jester is still alive. Unlike the town, Mafia knows each of the players on their side. All mafia wake up and close their eyes together, but cannot kill on the first night. The blackmailer and consiglere do their abilty(if they are in the game) starting on the night mafia begins to kill. If there is a tie in votes of who to kill. Nobody dies unless there is a godfather, who's vote counts as the deciding vote. If only one mafia member alive left, they choose both a player to kill and use any other abilites they had. You do not need a godfather or mafioso to kill.

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