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Jailor Bodyguard
  • I live in In Earth, on the land of Germany
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is An Admin of the town of salem wikia, and a host of Dangan Ronpa games
  • I am Male.
  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    This is still being made.

    Welcome to role debating, where you take Town of Salem roles and debate of which one is the best.

    These can be added to or changed when required.

    Rule 1: No picking jailor. It is too broken.

    Rule 2: Depending on whatever it is, you might be able to debate over any role you pick or one picked for you (depends on host(s)'s choice). You can not have the same role as someone else

    Rule 3: You must debate why your role is better than another player's role, this will be on multiple rounds. There might be multiple winners or one winner.

    Rule 4: Winner of debates will be decided on multiple judges.

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    Day 2:

    Claim lookout and that you got controlled to visit yourself and saw the witch visit you.

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    1) On night 1 if he does nothing, RNG randomly changes his role into one of the other 3 TP.

    2) Done.

    1) Make crusader allowed to visit himself.

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    Now I know what some thoughts you might be having.

    How drunk/high are you?


    Oh dear lord he's bored again.


    But now, here me out please, I know that while this is literally one of the worst claims you should ever claim. But you're the framer, one of the more s**t roles in the game, you gotta live a little and not instantly alt+F4 out of the game. If you die it's not a big loss if you managed to confuse the rest of the town.

    1) There's a mayor.

    2) Jailor gets quickly confirmed.

    3) TI gets quickly confirmed (preferably not spy)

    4) TP doesn't instantly get killed early.

    1) TP dies pretty much instantly.

    2) There's a spy.

    3) You getting killed.

    4) There's a sheriff.

    1) Wait for a role to confirm themselves, Mayo…

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    This is 100% in my opinion, do not be that one person who whines that "(role) should be ranked higher/lower" because that won't do any good.

    ​Shall add reasoning later

    There's a few different teirs, each with different meanings.

    ​A Teir- ​A really good role that's made for supporting under any situation for the team.

    ​B Teir- ​While not the best, will usually help the mafia more likely than not

    ​C Teir-​ Normally helps mafia... but not dependable.

    ​D Teir-​ MIGHT help mafia... just don't get your hopes up.

    Consigilere- The consigilere is the true leader of the mafia, able to tell who everyone needs to go after and make plans for the mafia. While it's probably going to be caught eventually, it should usually put the mafia in a good spot.


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